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  • Photo: University of Providence athletics

    Photo: University of Providence athletics

    Three Takeaways from Week Six of the Women's Collegiate Season

    by Morgan Kopitsky; Erin Hikiji photo courtesy of University of Providence athletics

    1. Ranked Missouri Matchup

    #18 Central Methodist University made the quick trip across the state to compete in the #17 Missouri Baptist Duals featuring the two aforementioned teams along with Trinidad State and Westminster. While the two Missouri teams fared well against their other opponents, fans were eager to see the two closely ranked teams face off.

    After a forfeit at 101 lbs, the two teams exchanged pins with #17 Alyssa King for Missouri Baptist getting one at 109 lbs and Karlee Lachance returning the favor for CMU at 116 lbs. At 123 lbs, #7 Juliana Diaz got a ranked tech fall over #14 Allison Hynes to extend Missouri Baptist’s lead. #16 Nonnie Justice bounced back for CMU getting a third-period pin at 130 lbs. #15 Lilly Gough kept things rolling for the Eagles with a tech fall at 136 lbs. However, after a pin at 143 lbs from Tiyahna Askew, the dual was all Missouri Baptist. They followed Askew’s lead earning two more pins at 155 lbs with #14 Josette Partney over Annsleigh Alexander and at 170 lbs with Anastasia Hardin over Tambria Wilson. MoBap earned 5 more team points from a forfeit at 191 lbs to close out the night making the final team score 34-14. 

    While the final score was a bit lopsided, each team showed dominance at particular weights even against some ranked opponents. While I do not know how much this could affect team rankings given how close these two teams are, I think either has the potential to show out against an even higher-ranked team to really shake things up.

    2. Cardinals and Tigers and Argos, Oh my!

    The North Central Invite featured wrestlers from 25 different NAIA and NCAA-sanctioned programs as well as several talented unattached competitors as well. The North Central Cardinals took home first place with 177 team points and three champs. #1 Amani Jones defended her top seed with three pins and two techs to claim the title. Among her wins, Jones took out two tough unranked Iowa wrestlers. Freshman Alondra Morales also claimed a title spot over an Iowa wrestler after a dominant 8-0 decision in the finals against Anayka Besco at 136 lbs. The final champ for the Tigers came at 191 lbs where #1 Brittyn Corbishly whose biggest win came against 2x national runner-up Jaycee Foeller from Iowa who was wrestling unattached.

    In second place was the University of Providence Argos, led by their lone champ on the day #1 Erin Hikiji. Hikiji had a tournament full of ranked opponents from NAIA and NCAA schools. Early in the day, she faced #10 Riley Banyas of Campbellsville, followed by #6 Esther Walker of Midland. In one of the most exciting finals matches of the day, she took on #4 Maddie Avila of North Central in the championship. The two went back-and-forth exchanging takedowns and 4-point moves. After review, a second 4-point move call for Avila was revised to a regular takedown. From there, Hikiji skillfully worked the edge of the match for a push-out and another takedown, eventually winning 13-8 over the former NCAA national champ.

    Campbellsville did not have any champs, but two third-place finishers put up some serious team points to help the Tigers claim the 3rd place team spot as well. At 116 lbs, #4 Icart Galumette had a pin and tech to start her day, followed by a decision over Arianna Hernandez of North Central. Her only loss on the day was in the next round to North Central's Jenessa George. In consolations, Galumette got another pin and tech to finish 3rd. Teammate #2 Emma Walker at 143 lbs had a similar day, pinning her first two opponents before losing in the quarterfinals. However, Walker wrestled back with three straight techs on the back side to finish in third as well.

    3. Upset win for OCU

    #12 Oklahoma City University picked up the upset win in their dual against #7 Texas Wesleyan winning 26-20. Each time won 5 matches, but the key for OCU was earning pivotal points for scoring in matches they lost by tech fall. As a reminder, if the losing opponent scores any points in a match they lose via tech, they earn 1 team point while their opponent earns 4. After a forfeit at 101 lbs, #8 Eliana Martinez got the 10-0 tech over Texas Wesleyan's #14 at 101 lbs Arianna Rodriguez. In a rematch from last season, #2 Avery Ashley went 2-0 with another 10-0 tech over #1 Camille Fournier at 116 lbs. #3 Sophia Smith for OCU had a string of big moves to beat her opponent #16 Carolina Rios 16-0 at 123 lbs. Then the Rams started to score some points of their own with #5 Elizabeth Duvall, #5 Mattison Parker, and #4 Mea Mohler earning techs at 130 lbs, 136 lbs, and 143 lbs respectively. #8 Taydem Khamjoi scored a 16-6 tech over #9 Presley Givens in one of the closest-ranked matches of the night. At 170 lbs, Aalyah Villarreal scored a tech as well to almost even out the team score 21-20 going into the final match of the night. However, the Rams forfeited at 191 lbs as well giving the edge to OCU.


    Results this week in major NCAA, NCWA, and NAIA competitions

    #3 Grand View over #19 Baker (32-8)

    #12 Oklahoma City over #7 Texas Wesleyan (26-20)

    #8 Missouri Baptist over #16 Central Methodist (34-14)

    North Central Women’s College Open: VIEW BRACKETS


    Upcoming Events:

    December 15th-17th: Senior Nationals - SCHEDULE

    December 15th: Eagle Duals (Avila University)

    December 15th: Women’s West Coast Tournament of Champions (Duals)

    December 16th: Women’s West Coast Tournament of Champions (Open)

    December 17th: Desert Duals (Wartburg College)

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