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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    Recruiting Rankings for All 330 Ranked Wrestlers

    A few weeks ago, we took a deep dive into the 125 lb weight class and discovered that during the last six or seven years, there haven’t been “that” many elite-elite recruits at the weight class. That could be a reason for some of the chaos that we’ve seen on a weekly basis. 

    With that in mind, I thought it may be pertinent to look at every single weight class and how their wrestlers were ranked coming out of high school. Higher or lower than 125? 

    For this exercise, we’ve used MatScouts final Big Board rankings for each class. Not all classes had the same number of wrestlers on the Big Board, so that may lead to some unusual-looking “Not Ranked” labels from the Class of 2019. 

    This also looks at just wrestlers who are in InterMat’s rankings as of January 30th. Rankings will be updated tomorrow to account for the action occurring over the weekend. Don’t focus on that as much as the pre-collegiate rankings. 

    The weight class with the most “top-five” ranked recruits was, not surprisingly, 285 lbs (three). However, 174 lbs also had that same number; though two are true freshmen. Going down a notch, 149 and 165 had the most top-ten recruits (five). For shear depth, 133 and 141 had the most top-100 recruits (22). 

    125 lbs

    1. Matt Ramos (Purdue/Minnesota)  - Not Ranked: Class of 2019

    2. Eric Barnett (Wisconsin) - #36: Class of 2019

    3. Braeden Davis (Penn State) - #46: Class of 2023

    4. Luke Stanich (Lehigh) - #74: Class of 2023

    5. Drake Ayala (Iowa) - #4: Class of 2021

    6. Cooper Flynn (Virginia Tech) - #20: Class of 2021

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