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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Where do Junior Freestyle Champions Sign for College?

    As Fargo-week winds down, we have a newly-minted set of Junior freestyle national champions to add to the list of all-time greats in our sport. In the lead up to the competition, we’ve looked at how the 2023 NCAA All-Americans fared in the FargoDome and how often do Junior freestyle champions become DI All-Americans

    Now, we’re taking it a step further and looking at where Junior National champions sign on to continue competing in college. 

    For this exercise, we have looked at wrestlers that competed at Fargo from 2008-23. Also, only wrestlers in the Class of 2023 or before have been considered. Wrestlers in the Class of 2024/25 and beyond haven’t officially signed with their respective schools yet. 

    Arizona State: Brandon Courtney (113 lbs/2015), Tyler Liberatore (130 lbs/2010), Tanner Hall (215 lbs/2010)

    Boise State: Carson Kuhn (119 lbs/2010), Jake Swartz (189 lbs/2009)

    Bucknell: Noah Mulvaney (170 lbs/2023)

    Central Michigan: Ben Bennett (171 lbs/2008)

    Clarion: Joey Fischer (100 lbs/2018), Tyler Fraley (98 lbs/2008)

    Columbia: Angelo Rini (126 lbs/2019), Markus Schiedel (160 lbs/2013)

    Cornell: Joshua Saunders (138 lbs/2018), Ben Darmstadt (195 lbs/2016), Brian Realbuto (145 lbs/2011)

    Drexel: Ty Smith (113 lbs/2017)

    Fresno State: Jace Luchau (152 lbs/2019)

    Illinois: Kannon Webster (120 lbs/2021, 145 lbs/2023), Braeden Scoles (160 lbs/2023), Danny Braunagel (160 lbs/2018), Luke Luffman (220 lbs/2018, 285 lbs/2019), Jered Cortez (126 lbs/2013), Isaiah Martinez (160 lbs/2012), Zac Brunson (152 lbs/2011), Zane Richards (130 lbs/2011)

    Indiana: Elijah Oliver (113 lbs/2013)

    Iowa: Ryder Block (138 lbs/2023, 138 lbs/2022), Nate Jesuroga (120 lbs/2022), Aiden Riggins (160 lbs/2022),  Bradley Hill (220 lbs/2022), Drake Ayala (113 lbs/2019, 126 lbs/2021), Patrick Kennedy (160 lbs/2019), Cullan Schriever (113 lbs/2018), Abe Assad (182 lbs/2018), Jacob Warner (195 lbs/2017), Tony Cassioppi (285 lbs/2018, 285 lbs/2017), Seth Gross (132 lbs/2013), Thomas Gilman (119 lbs/2012), Cory Clark (126 lbs/2012), Sam Brooks (195 lbs/2012), Jake Ballweg (140 lbs/2010), Nick Moore (160 lbs/2010), Josh Dziewa (135 lbs/2009), Derek St. John (160 lbs/2009), Ethen Lofthouse (171 lbs/2009), Nate Moore (130 lbs/2008)

    Iowa State: Tate Naaktgeboren (182 lbs/2023), Cody Chittum (152 lbs/2022), Manny Rojas (170 lbs/2021), David Carr (160 lbs/2017), Austin Gomez (126 lbs/2016), Ian Parker (132 lbs/2016), Sammy Colbray (220 lbs/2016), Gannon Gremmel (285 lbs/2016), Danny Vega (106 lbs/2014), Marcus Harrington (220 lbs/2014), Ryak Finch (112 lbs/2009), Eric Thompson (285 lbs/2008)

    Lehigh: Jordan Wood (220 lbs/2015)

    Little Rock: Kyle Dutton (145 lbs/2022), Nasir Bailey (132 lbs/2021)

    Michigan: Drew Mattin (126 lbs/2017), Ben Freeman (138 lbs/2017), Will Lewan (152 lbs/2017), Austin Assad (120 lbs/2014, 126 lbs/2015), Adam Coon (285 lbs/2013, 285 lbs/2012), Ben Whitford (135 lbs/2011)

    Michigan State: Freddie Rodriguez (112 lbs/2010)

    Minnesota: Tagen Jamison (138 lbs/2021), Brayton Lee (152 lbs/2018), Patrick McKee (120 lbs/2017), Jake Allar (160 lbs/2016), Fredy Stroker (145 lbs/2015), Larry Early (152 lbs/2015), Mitch McKee (126 lbs/2014), Bobby Steveson (195 lbs/2014), Hunter Marko (106 lbs/2013), Tommy Thorn (113 lbs/2012, 132 lbs/2014), Logan Storley (171 lbs/2010), David Thorn (125 lbs/2009), Tony Nelson (215 lbs/2009), Mario Mason (152 lbs/2008)

    Missouri: Keegan O’Toole (138 lbs/2017), Zach Elam (220 lbs/2017), Canten Marriott (170 lbs/2016), J’den Cox (220 lbs/2012)

    Navy: Atilano Escobar (132 lbs/2017)

    NC State: Nick Reenan (182 lbs/2015)

    Nebraska: Dominick Serrano (132 lbs/2019), Beau Breske (170 lbs/2015)

    North Carolina: Wil Guida (100 lbs/2017, 106 lbs/2018)

    Northern Colorado: Jacob Seely (195 lbs/2015)

    Northern Illinois: Kirk Johansen (100 lbs/2013)

    Northern Iowa: Cory Land (132 lbs/2022), Adarios Jones (285 lbs/2014), Tanner Rohweder (100 lbs/2012)

    Northwestern: Lucas Davison (195 lbs/2018), Jack Jessen (182 lbs/2018), Mitch Sliga (195 lbs/2013), Bryce Brill (138 lbs/2012), Jason Tsirtsis (140 lbs/2011), Greg Kuhart (285 lbs/2010)

    Ohio: Jeremy Johnson (285 lbs/2009)

    Ohio State: Andre Gonzales (106 lbs/2019), Anthony Echemendia (145 lbs/2019), Paddy Gallagher (160 lbs/2019), Jordan Decatur (132 lbs/2018), Carson Kharchla (170 lbs/2018), Malik Heinselman (100 lbs/2016), Myles Martin (182 lbs/2014), Nathan Tomasello (112 lbs/2011, 120 lbs/2012, 120 lbs/2013), Derek Garcia (152 lbs/2009), Logan Stieber (125 lbs/2008)

    Oklahoma: Justin Forrest (119 lbs/2008), Matt Lester (145 lbs/2008)

    Oklahoma State: Jordan Williams (145 lbs/2021), Christian Carroll (220 lbs/2021), Daton Fix (120 lbs/2015), Joseph Smith (160 lbs/2015), Anthony Collica (145 lbs/2013, 145 lbs/2012), Chander Rogers (170 lbs/2014), Ryan Blees (152 lbs/2013, 160 lbs/2014), Kyle Crutchmer (170 lbs/2012), Jordan Rogers (182 lbs/2012), Eddie Klimara (125 lbs/2010), Austin Ormsbee (135 lbs/2010), Alex Dieringer (145 lbs/2010, 160 lbs/2011), Chris Perry (189 lbs/2008)

    Old Dominion: Anthony Molton (120 lbs/2019)

    Oregon State: Aden Attao (285 lbs/2022)

    Penn: Michael Colaiocco (126 lbs/2018), Anthony Artalona (145 lbs/2017, 145 lbs/2016)

    Penn State: Braeden Davis (113 lbs/2021), Josh Barr (160 lbs/2021, 170 lbs/2022), Aaron Brooks (170 lbs/2017), Gavin Teasdale (120 lbs/2016), Nick Lee (138 lbs/2016), Mason Manville (152 lbs/2014), Bo Nickal (170 lbs/2013), Zain Retherford (132 lbs/2012), Morgan McIntosh (189 lbs/2010, 215 lbs/2011), Andrew Alton (140 lbs/2009, 140 lbs/2008), Dylan Alton (135 lbs/2008, 145 lbs/2009)

    Princeton: Matt Kolodzik (138 lbs/2015)

    Purdue: Max Lyon (182 lbs/2017), Griffin Parriott (152 lbs/2016), Cashe Quiroga (130 lbs/2009)

    Rutgers: Nic Aguilar (113 lbs/2016)

    South Dakota State: Paul Mascarenas (106 lbs/2012)

    Stanford: Matt Garelli (98 lbs/2010, 105 lbs/2011), Ryan Mango (112 lbs/2008)

    Utah Valley: Taylor LaMont (132 lbs/2015), Matt Findlay (138 lbs/2014), Roy Nash (220 lbs/2013), Jade Rauser (105 lbs/2009)

    Virginia: Louie Hayes (106 lbs/2015), Jack Mueller (113 lbs/2014)

    Virginia Tech: TJ Stewart (182 lbs/2021), Caleb Henson (152 lbs/2021), Bryce Andonian (145 lbs/2018), Sam Latona (106 lbs/2017), Joey Dance (125 lbs/2011), Ty Mitch (119 lbs/2009)

    Wisconsin: Daniel Sheen (100 lbs/2019), Braxton Amos (220 lbs/2019), Eric Barnett (120 lbs/2018), Connor Medbery (285 lbs/2011), Destin McCauley (152 lbs/2010), Andrew Howe (160 lbs/2008)

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