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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    How Often do Fargo Junior Freestyle Champs Become DI AA's?

    Fargo aka the 16U and Junior National Championships is only a few days away and it has long been a place to watch the future stars of our sport in action. Today’s best at Fargo are typically superstars on the collegiate scene. 

    Just how frequently does that success in the FargoDome translate to developing into one of the collegiate greats? We had that question and figured many others out there did as well. 

    As with any Fargo-related history project, with the help of Jason Bryant’s awesome Fargo Almanac, we looked at a ten-year period between 2008-2017 to see how many Junior freestyle national champions went on to make the NCAA DI podium. We chose Junior freestyle because the competitors are closer to the collegiate age and freestyle because there is less of a gap between it and folkstyle; as opposed to Greco-Roman. 

    Why 2008-17? For the most part, wrestlers that finished their high school careers in 2017 have now finished their collegiate careers and it gives us a more accurate picture, rather than use years that include dozens of wrestlers still chasing All-American dreams. 

    Below you’ll see each Junior weight class (they have changed once since 2008) along with the number of DI All-Americans that captured a Junior National title at that particular weight, in the time period. Those AA’s have been listed along with their college choice(s). There may or may not be “other notables” listed as well, in the instance that there was a high-profile wrestler that never AA’ed or was close to it from that particular weight.

    100 lbs

    Zero out of 10

    Other Notables: Malik Heinselman; 2x top-12 seed at NCAA’s 

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