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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Fargo Junior Men's Freestyle Quarterfinal Results

    2023 Junior Men’s Freestyle Quarterfinal Results

    100 lbs

    Caden Smith (Virginia) over Alexander Diaz (Pennsylvania)  18-6

    Kiyan Simon (Alabama) over William Jakeway (South Carolina)  13-2

    Brady Byrd (Indiana) over Gabriel Rosales (Idaho)  11-7

    Rocco Hayes (Illinois) over Kole Davidheiser (Pennsylvania)  12-1


    106 lbs

    Aydan Thomas (Oklahoma) over Tyler Garvin (Maryland)  9-2

    Haakon Peterson (Wisconsin) over Erik Egstad (Missouri)  Fall 3:58

    Nathan Rioux (Indiana) over Damian Moreno (Arizona)  7-6

    Tyler Harper (Iowa) over Ayden Dodd (Ohio)  10-10

    113 lbs

    Jake Knight (Iowa) over Mack Mauger (Idaho)  7-5

    Christopher Kiser (Oklahoma) over Johnny Green (Ohio)  9-2

    Dru Ayala (Iowa) over Davis Motyka (Pennsylvania)  9-7

    Aaron Seidel (Pennsylvania) over Cadell Lee (Virginia)  9-0


    120 lbs

    Beric Jordan (Oklahoma) over Cam Stinson Jr. (North Carolina)  Fall 1:21

    Isaiah Cortez (California) over Seth Mendoza (Illinois)  6-4

    Leo DeLuca (New Jersey) over JJ Peace (South Carolina)  10-0

    Ethan Rivera (Florida) over Edwin Sierra (California)  Fall 4:02


    126 lbs

    Brady Roark (Missouri) over Moses Mendoza (California)  14-1

    Jax Forrest (Pennsylvania) over Dillon Campbell (Ohio)  13-4

    Adrian Meza (Arizona) over Gage Walker (Oklahoma)  3-2

    JJ McComas-Rogers (Oklahoma) over Gavin Jendreas (Indiana)  12-2


    132 lbs

    Kale Peterson (Iowa) over Matthew Botello (Massachusetts)  9-6

    Dalton Perry (Pennsylvania) over Giosue Hickman (Arizona)  11-0

    Sergio Vega (Arizona) over Cooper Hilton (Tennessee)  5-0

    Kyler Larkin (Arizona) over Matty Lopes (New Jersey)  4-3

    138 lbs

    Ryder Block (Iowa) over Paul Kelly (California)  13-2

    Landon Robideau (Minnesota) over Tyson Charmoli (Minnesota)  4-1

    Omar Ayoub (Ohio) over Kane Naaktgeboren (Iowa)  15-11

    Daniel Zepeda (California) over Elvis Solis (Florida)  10-0


    145 lbs

    Kannon Webster (Illinois) over Christopher Coates (Indiana)  4-2

    Jaxon Joy (Ohio) over Layton Schneider (Oklahoma)  10-0

    Logan Paradice (Georgia) over Casper Stewart (New York)  15-5

    Cross Wasilewski (New Jersey) over Gavin Linsman (Missouri)  10-0


    152 lbs

    Vince Bouzakis (Pennsylvania) over Zach Hanson (Minnesota)  3-1

    Kody Routledge (Oklahoma) over Laird Root (California)  10-7

    Collin Gaj (Pennsylvania) over Paul Ognissanti (Maryland)  14-4

    Grigor Cholakyan (California) over Claudio Torres (Florida)  13-0


    160 lbs

    Braeden Scoles (Wisconsin) over Cory Thomas (Michigan)  10-0

    Ethan Birden (Ohio) over Michael Myers (Nebraska)  10-0

    Charlie Millard (Wisconsin) over Thor Michaelson (Washington)  17-7

    William Henckel (New Jersey) over Philip Lamka (Michigan)  12-1


    170 lbs

    Ryan Burton (New Jersey) over Angelo Posada (California)  11-0

    Noah Mulvaney (Wisconsin) over Adam Waters (Pennsylvania)  10-4

    Holden Garcia (Pennsylvania) over Talon McCollom (Oklahoma)  10-0

    Chris Moore (Illinois) over Jasiah Queen (New Jersey)  3-2


    182 lbs

    Tate Naaktgeboren (Iowa) over Peyton Westpfahl (Missouri)  14-2

    Hoke Poe (Georgia) over Marco Christiansen (Minnesota)  10-2

    Justin Rademacher (Oregon) over Cole Han-Lindemyer (Minnesota)  17-7

    Orlando Cruz (Indiana) over Savoy New (North Carolina)  10-0


    195 lbs

    Connor Mirasola (Wisconsin) over Aidan Ysaguirre (Arizona)  10-0

    Joey Novak (Minnesota) over Tucker Hogan (Pennsylvania)  11-0

    Jersey Robb (Oklahoma) over Dillon Bechtold (Pennsylvania)  11-0

    Karson Tompkins (Texas) over Kingsley Menifee (Virginia)  10-0


    220 lbs

    Cody Merrill (California) over Nick Nosler (Illinois)  11-0

    Aidan Schlett (New Jersey) over Zachary Evans (Pennsylvania)  15-3

    Cole Mirasola (Wisconsin) over Coby Merrill (California)  8-4

    Jay Henderson (Utah) over Cole Carter (Alabama)  110


    285 lbs

    Aden Attao (Idaho) over Nick Pavlechko (Pennsylvania)  14-4

    Rocco Dellagatta (New Jersey) over Marko Ivanisevic (Illinois)  13-1

    Navarro Schunke (South Dakota) over Shilo Jones (Idaho)  14-2

    Koy Hopke (Wisconsin) over Wyatt Schmitt (Illinois)  10-0

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