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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Fargo 16U Men's Freestyle Quarterfinal Results

    2023 Fargo 16U Men’s Freestyle Quarterfinal Results

    88 lbs

    Brandon Bickerton (Ohio) over Eric Bice (Nevada)  10-0

    Niko Odiotti (Illinois) over Landon Thoennes (Minnesota)  7-6

    Edward George (New Jersey) over Loc Webber (Ohio)  8-6

    Hudson Chittum (Tennessee) over Cooper Sandoval (Nevada)  10-0


    94 lbs

    Cason Craft (Oklahoma) over Nico DeSalvo (Iowa)  6-3

    Turner Ross (Minnesota) over Christopher Swann (Georgia)  7-4

    Emilio Albanese (Pennsylvania) over Hayden Schwab (Iowa)  2-2

    Jarrett Smith (Michigan) over Kellen Downing (Montana)  10-0


    100 lbs

    Case Bell (Indiana) over Mac Crosson (Iowa)  5-2

    Shamus Regan (Tennessee) over Jordan Segal (New Jersey)  11-0

    Cameron Sontz (New Jersey) over Caden Correll (Illinois)  10-3

    Caleb Noble (Illinois) over Gavin Landers (Iowa)  13-2


    106 lbs

    Grey Burnett (Ohio) over Nicholas Garcia (Illinois)  12-4

    Rocco Cassioppi (Illinois) over Michael Batista (New Jersey)  15-4

    Bruno Cassioppi (Illinois) over Zaiyahn Ornelas (Nebraska)  7-0

    Wyatt Lees (Michigan) over Isaac Wignall (Iowa)  10-1


    113 lbs

    Landon Sidun (Pennsylvania) over Abdirahman Unle (Nebraska)  6-4

    Joe Uhorchuk (Tennessee) over Chase Walker (Tennessee)  6-3

    Konner Larkin (Arizona) over Dale Gant III (Michigan)  10-0

    Isaiah Harrison (Colorado) over Lincoln Sledzianowski (Pennsylvania)  11-7


    120 lbs

    Michael Romero (California) over Jason Hampton (Illinois)  12-2

    Karson Brown (Ohio) over Justyce Zuniga (Washington)  8-4

    Evan Sanati (Virginia) over Slater Hicks (California)  3-2

    Jayden Raney (Kentucky) over Devon Miller (Oklahoma)  4-2


    126 lbs

    Clinton Shepherd (Indiana) over Chris Dennis (Pennsylvania)  10-0

    Leo Maestas (California) over Austin Ellis (Utah)  Fall 3:16

    Travis Cardenas (Arizona) over Gavin Rangel (Oregon)  10-0

    Timothy Koester (Iowa) over Nikade Zinkin (California)  6-0


    132 lbs

    Dean Anderson (Arizona) over Jesse Grajeda (California)  10-5

    Jayden James (New Jersey) over Hayden Andrus (Pennsylvania)  15-4

    Joshua Requena (California) over Yandro Soto (Florida)  3-2

    Manuel Saldate (Nevada) over Chancellor Matthews (Colorado)  10-0


    138 lbs

    Blue Stiffler (Georgia) over Thomas Verrette (Colorado)  3-3

    Mason Wagner (Pennsylvania) over Tre Haines (Washington)  5-2

    Arment Waltenbaugh (Pennsylvania) over Tyler Harrill (Nebraska)  14-13

    David Gleason (Missouri) over Derek Barrows (Colorado)  11-0


    145 lbs

    Nolan Fellers (Iowa) over Trevor Jones (New Jersey)  3-1

    Daniel Heiser (Wisconsin) over Owen McMullen (Pennsylvania)  12-2

    Jason Kwaak (New York) over Gabriel Logan (New Jersey)  10-0

    Melvin Miller (Pennsylvania) over Zeno Moore (Florida)  9-6


    152 lbs

    Kyler Kwaak (Iowa) over Jimmy Mastny (Illinois)  11-0

    Nicholas Singer (Pennsylvania) over Jayden Williams (Michigan)  11-0

    Joseph Jeter (Oklahoma) over Brandon Dean (New Jersey)  10-0

    Grayson Woodcock (Ohio) over Cooper Rowe (Minnesota)  6-2


    160 lbs

    Maximus Norman (Tennessee) over Keenan Sheridan (South Dakota)  15-8

    Bradley Rodriguez-Little (Minnesota) over Carl Betz III (New Jersey)  2-2

    Aaron Stewart (Illinois) over Liam Crook (Wisconsin)  10-0

    Emmitt Sherlock (Maryland) over Cael Weidemoyer (Pennsylvania)  7-4


    170 lbs

    Adrien Reys (California) over Christopher Maloney (Ohio)  8-2

    Gavin Craner (Michigan) over Carter Brown (Missouri)  13-4

    Carson Thomas (Ohio) over Kaleb Jackson (New Jersey)  8-2

    Hunter Snyder (Pennsylvania) over Luke Spoor (Delaware)  10-7

    182 lbs

    Ryder Wilder (Georgia) over Adonis Bonar II (Nebraska)  8-4

    Preston Marchesseault (Rhode Island) over Brayden Koester (Iowa)  3-1

    Aiden Peterson (Ohio) over Ty Carman (Utah)  4-0

    Elijah Diakomihalis (New York) over Evan Perez (Colorado)  10-0


    195 lbs

    Dreshaun Ross (Iowa) over Jaxon Penovich (Illinois)  11-0

    David Calkins (California) over Danny Zmorowski (Ohio)  10-0

    Denarii Mickel (Iowa) over Isaac Ward (Missouri)  10-0

    Jake Conroy (Pennsylvania) over Tyson Martin (Wisconsin)  18-11


    220 lbs

    Kai Calcutt (Illinois) over Jackson Phillips (Ohio)  12-4

    Alex Taylor (Ohio) over Joseph Favia (Illinois)  4-0

    Dean Bechtold (Pennsylvania) over Ashton Honnold (Iowa)  13-2

    Michael Mocco (Florida) over Caleb Kurtti (Minnesota)  11-0


    285 lbs

    Jacob Levy (Georgia) over Landon Morris (Michigan)  11-0

    Brayden Hill (Kansas) over Trayvn Boger (Utah)  4-4

    Milan Colvin (Kansas) over Zayne Candelaria (Arizona)  13-0

    Cooper Martinson (Iowa) over Mark Effendian (Pennsylvania)  6-3

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