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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    2023 Women's Nationals U17 and U23 Final Results

    U23 Outstanding Wrestler Xochitl Mota-Pettis (photo courtesy of Tony Rotundo; WrestlersAreWarriors.com)

    U17 Women’s Final Results

    40 kg

    1st Place - Jaclyn Bouzakis (PA) over Francesca Gusfa (NJ) Fall 2:39, 10-0
    3rd Place - Abigail Mendoza (TX)
    4th Place - Sophie Booe (FL)
    5th Place - Annalise Maralit (SC)

    43 kg

    1st Place - Morgan Turner (IL) over Katey Valdez (CO) 12-2, 10-0
    3rd Place - Kendall Moe (IN) over Katie Biscoglia (IA) Fall 2:25
    5th Place - Elizabeth Brunson (NV) over Khyla Lipumano (AZ) 5-4
    7th Place - Bertha Cabrera (NV) over Lyla Stafford (IN) 10-0

    46 kg

    1st Place - Rianne Murphy (IN) over Caley Graber (MN) 6-4, 2-6, 10-0
    3rd Place - Nakayla Dawson (MI) over Charlie Wylie (NJ) FFT
    5th Place - Monee Cordero (CA) over Joely Slyter (IN) 10-6
    7th Place - Elizabeth Valenzuela Smith (AZ) over Brooke Corrigan (WI) 9-0

    49 kg

    1st Place - Heather Crull (IN) over Harlee Hiller (IL) 10-0, 10-0
    3rd Place - Kayla Batres (CT) over Libby Roberts (WA) 10-0
    5th Place - Emma Bacon (PA) over Avy Perez (CA) Fall 1:27
    7th Place - Deandra Meza (CA) over Taylor Whiting (WI) Fall 1:05

    53 kg

    1st Place - Karlee Brooks (AZ) over Isabella Marie Gonzales (CA) 4-4, 0-2, 4-0
    3rd Place - Ava Ward (MO) over Angelina Vargas (MO) 6-0
    5th Place - Alexis Lazar (MI) over Gabriella Gomez (IL) FFT
    7th Place - Milana Borrelli (FL) over Angelina Cassioppi (IL) FFT

    57 kg

    1st Place - Everest Leydecker (AZ) over Carley Ceshker (WI) 5-3, 7-0
    3rd Place - Bella Williams (OK) over Alejandra Valdziviezo (CA) 4-2
    5th Place - Samantha Sachs (CA) over Persaeus Gomez (CO) FFT
    7th Place - Zorina Johnson (OR) over Jax Realin (HI) InjDef

    61 kg

    1st Place - Haylie Jaffe (PA) over Cadence Diduch (IL) 4-2, 8-2
    3rd Place - Jordyn Fouse (PA) over Alicen Dillard (TX) 10-0
    5th Place - Janiah Jones (MO) over Lauren Walton (KY) InjDef
    7th Place - Jayci Shelton (MO) over Taydem Bylin (WA) Fall 2:00

    65 kg

    1st Place - May Prado (GA) over Belicia Manuel (MI) 10-0, 0-9, 2-1
    3rd Place - Skylar Little Soldier (MN) over Skylar Slade (IA) 10-0
    5th Place - Morgan Lucio (AZ) over Sydney Perry (IL) FFT
    7th Place - Gianna DiBenedetto (CA) over Adelaida Fernandez (CA) 6-0

    69 kg

    1st Place - Jasmine Robinson (TX) over Sarah Henckel (CT) 10-0, Fall 2:32
    3rd Place - Jahzara O’Neil (AK) over Elly Janovsky (IN) 8-2
    5th Place - Millie Azlin (OK) over Skylur Lewis (AR) 4-1
    7th Place - Zoe Fries (ID) over Sadie Evans (WA) 10-0

    73 kg

    1st Place - Piper Fowler (TN) over Mishell Rebisch (MI) 5-1, 10-2
    3rd Place - Alexandria Alli (OH) over Grace Leota (FL) 8-0
    5th Place - Genevieve An (GA) over Emma Villa (WA) FFT
    7th Place - Billie Bonwell (NV) over Autumne Williams (IL) Fall 1:38

    U23 Women’s Final Results

    50 kg

    1st Place - Emily Shilson (MN) over Sage Mortimer (UT) Disq
    3rd Place - Anaya Falcon (CA) over Kaelani Shufeldt (CA) 13-2
    5th Place - Kendra Ryan (IL) over Emma Jones (IN) 10-0
    7th Place - Elizabeth Dosado (VA) over Aliyah Rollins (CA) FFT

    53 kg

    1st Place - Felicity Taylor (IA) over Estrella Dorado Marin (CO) 13-0, 10-0
    3rd Place - Alex Szkotnicki (MD) over Kiely Tabaldo (CA) Fall 4:24
    5th Place - Jaslynn Gallegos (CO)/Samara Chavez (TX) FFT
    7th Place - Josie Bartishofski (WI) over Katherine Heath (TX) Fall 2:29

    55 kg

    1st Place - Alisha Howk (WI) over Elena Ivaldi (CA) 13-2, 11-1
    3rd Place - Gabrielle Skidmore (WI) over Mia Macaluso (NY) 10-1
    5th Place - Alana Vivas (CA) over Vayle Baker (PA) Disq
    7th Place - Danielle Garcia (CA) over Melanie Mendoza (CA) Fall 5:16

    57 kg

    1st Place - Montana DeLawder (PA) over Payton Stroud (WA) 9-2, 13-7
    3rd Place - Ngao Shoua Whitethorn (MN) over Katring Kling (NJ) 14-3
    5th Place - Jasmine Hernandez (TX) over Tess Barnett (OR) 10-0
    7th Place - Presley Anderson (CA) over Trynadii Rocha (OR) 10-0

    59 kg

    1st Place - Xochitil Mota-Pettis (TX) over Nichole Moore (KS) 10-0, 12-2
    3rd Place - Salome Walker (IN) over Piper Cadden (AZ) 11-8
    5th Place - Hailey Chapman (CA)/Lily Sherer (PA) DB FFT
    7th Place - Ashley Whetzel (MO) over Araya Boday (WA) Fall 3:37

    62 kg

    1st Place - Adaugo Nwachukwu (CA) over Marisol Nugent (MA) 10-0, 10-0
    3rd Place - Yele Adcock (NM) over Paige Wehrmeister (MO) Fall 4:04
    5th Place - Waipuilani Estrealla-Beauchamp (HI) over Louisa Schwab (IL) 6-4
    7th Place - Taylor Colangelo (AZ) over Viveca Pannell (CA) 10-0

    65 kg

    1st Place - Macey Kilty (WI) over Maya Letona (CA) 10-0, 11-0
    3rd Place - Grace Stem (PA) over Viktorya Torres (WA) 14-4
    5th Place - Kendall Bostelman (OH)/Riley Aarnold (WA) DB FFT
    7th Place - Desinee Lopez (CA) over Bridgette Sotomayor (AZ) InjDef

    68 kg

    1st Place - Katerina Lange (MN) over Nina Makem (MN) 4-2, 2-2
    3rd Place - Tiera Jimerson (CA) over Anastasia Hardin (KY) 6-0
    5th Place - Aspen Barber (CO) over Chloe Ogden (FL) FFT
    7th Place - Eleni Fakaosi (CA) over Celina Cooke (NV) 9-5

    72 kg

    1st Place - Kaylynn Albrecht (TX) over Cheyenne Bowman (CA) FFT
    3rd Place - Noelle Gaffeny (NJ) over Cara Broadus (CT) InjDef
    5th Place - Marissa Porsch (KS) over Katelyn Lewis (WI) Fall 3:59
    7th Place - Alexandria Hernandez (WA) over Hailey Jo Ahsmuhs (OR) 12-2

    76 kg

    1st Place - Ashley Lekas (TX) over Joye Levendusky (NY) 2-0, 5-0
    3rd Place - Brooklyn Hays (UT) over Tristan Kelly (CO) FFT
    5th Place - Flor Parker Borrero (WA) over Marlynne Deede (UT) FFT
    7th Place - Bo Geibe (MI) over Kamilla Montenegro (NV) 6-4

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