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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    MatScouts Dynasty Fantasy Wrestling Pre-Draft Preview (Dan Seifring)

    2021 NCAA All-American Korbin Myers (Photo/Tony Rotundo; WrestlersAreWarriors.com)

    If you think back hard enough, you may remember that your timeline was blowing up with random wrestler names and the hashtag #MatScoutsDynasty just over a year ago. That was the inaugural draft of the MatScouts Dynasty Fantasy League.

    Since then, deals were made, duals were waged, and teams were sent to a grand National Tournament in March vying to be the Top Fantasy Wrestling Team in the Dynasty League. We now enter Season 2 of the #MatScoutsDynasty League, so let's catch you up to where all the teams stand.

    As a refresher, here is the basic point scoring rules:

  • For wrestlers competing in dual meets, Standard Dual Team Scoring is used (win by Dec +3, loss by Dec -6, etc).

  • Bonus Points are given when your wrestler beats a ranked wrestler OR if your wrestler loses to a ranked wrestler

    ex: if your wrestler beats Spencer Lee by Dec, your wrestler would get +3 for the Dec and another +6 for beating the #1 ranked wrestler.

    If your wrestler loses by Dec to Spencer Lee, your wrestler is penalized only for -1 pt.

  • One starter per weight with two Flex classes.

  • Two in-season competitions of Head-to-Head Duals and Cumulative Total Points. Each competition brought with it the prize of earning additional team points for the National Tournament. 1st place = +9 team points for Nationals, 2nd place = +8, etc (if you win 1st in the Duals and Total Points, you earn +18 team points for Nationals, etc)

    Danny B Mobbin'

    Team Manager: Dan Seifring (@OBRATS)

    How It Started:

    Dan Seifring, of WrestleStat fame and who partnered in bringing you the first consumer ready and "real time" Fantasy College Wrestling Program, joins our Dynasty League and was the #2 pick.

    For Dan's full draft recap, see the full draft board HERE

    Hindsight Draft Review:

    First Round Pick (#1 Overall): When you have the chance to draft a two-time, basically undefeated (see Jaydin Eierman), National Champion… you don't think twice. As such, Danny B Mobbin selected Yianni Diakomihalis, but with the pick came some uncertainty. First, what weight? Rumor had been that Yianni would go 141 or 149 and Josh Saunders (COR) would take the other. Second, he took an Olympic Redshirt last season and, per the 2021 Cornell roster, was not listed making one wonder if he was taking yet another Olympic Redshirt given the unusual circumstances about the Summer Games. The concerns became moot though, with the Ivy League cancelling Winter Sports. Looks like the Elf goes back on the shelf as there wasn't going to be a Christmas in Diakomi-Hollis. (Ha, get it?!)

    Great Picks: Towards the end of the draft, with the #199 overall pick out of 250 (end of 20th Round), 174 Demetrius Romero (Utah Valley) was selected with the thought he would be at 165. He wrestled most of his career at 165, but per the Utah Valley roster it seemed as though Demetrius Romero was slated to be 174 for the season. His 2020 season was cut short with injury, only wrestling 2 matches, but the year prior he made the bloodround after a 28-5 season. From his two years at Boise State (RIP) to 2021, he has been pretty consistent in the bonus department, winning an average of almost 25% of his matches by bonus. Last season in WrestleStat leagues, he finished as the #1 Fantasy Wrestler at 174 and the #5 overall in Fpts with a bonus rate of 75% in the regular season.

    Under The Radar Pick: To start the season, the only listed 184 on Rutgers roster was the #16 overall recruit by MatScouts, John Poznanski. The New Jersey 2020 Champ (and three-time NJ State placer), won all 43 of his Senior year matches, 30 of them by Fall and five by Tech. Coming into the starting role for the Scarlet Knights, he entered the Big Ten Championships as the #5 seed and ended with avenging his regular season loss to Owen Webster and beating Iowa's Nelson Brands for 3rd Place honors.

    A Miss For This Season: Not really his fault, but Dan's roster may have been the hardest hit with the the Ivy League cancelling the 2021 season as eight of his wrestlers were suddenly moved to the bench. Three or four were probably slated to be on the NCAA roster for March. Outside of that, Sammy Alvarez (RUT) was unfortunately sidelined from conferences with weight issues

    How The Season Played Out:

    Despite the lack of participation from the Ivys, Danny B Mobbin' rattled off seven straight dual wins before falling in the last dual to Cael Chips. He was able to secure the #2 spot in Dual and Total Points standings, which gave him a bonus 16 team points towards his NCAA total.

    See the full Dual and Total Points Standings HERE

    Despite weight changes and some season cancellations (and NCAA imposed suspensions), Team JHagger only had to dip into the Transfer Portal a couple of times for some plug-n'-plays in the regular season:

    Because of the Ivy and PSAC season cancellations, the Transfer Portal was hit often by Danny B Mobbin:

    - Drop 285 Yaraslau Slavikouski (Harvard), adds 184 David Key (Navy)

    - Drop 125 Luke Werner (Lock Haven), adds 125 Connor Brown (Missouri)

    - Drop 285 Boone McDermott (Rutgers), adds 285 Ethan Laird (Rider)
    - Drop 149 Ryan Vulakh (Rutgers), adds 149 Job Chishko (VMI)
    - Drop 165 Phillip Conigliaro (Harvard), adds 165 William Formato
    - Drop 157 Colton Yapoujian (Cornell), adds 174 Thomas Flitz (Appalachian State)

    - Drop 141 Cole Matthews (Pittsburgh), adds 149 Legend Lamer (Cal Poly)

    - Drop 165 Ed Ruth (Lehigh), adds 184 Brit Wilson (Northern Illinois)

    - Drop 184 David Key (Navy), adds 125 Jackson DiSario (Stanford)

    - Drop 157 Markus Hartman (Army), adds 285 Michael McAleavey (The Citadel)

    - Drop 149 Job Chishko (VMI), adds 149 Mike Van Brill (Rutgers)

    - Drop 125 Jackson DiSario (Stanford), adds 285 Boone McDermott (Rutgers)

    - Drop 149 Mike Van Brill (Rutgers), adds 125 Liam Cronin (Nebraska)

    - Drop 285 Boone McDermott (Rutgers), adds 149 John Millner (Appalachian State)

    - Drop 125 Connor Brown (Missouri), adds 125 Noah Surtin (Mizzouri)

    - Drop 174 Thomas Flitz (Appalachian State), adds 149 Kyle Parco (Fresno State)

    Danny B'Mobin was also involved in a few trades during the season:

    - 1/13/2021: Traded 165 Tommy Bullard (NC State) to Team Gould for 174 Chris Foca (Cornell)

    - 1/13/2021: Traded 157 Kendall Coleman (Purdue) & 149 Brock Hardy (Nebraska) to Brain Power for 165 Shane Griffith (Stanford) & 157 Markus Hartman (Army)
    - 3/6/2021: Tradeed 174 Kaleb Romero (Ohio State) to Murder Hornets for 133 Korbin Myers (Virginia Tech)

    2021 NCAA Tournament

    Danny B' Mobbin' approached the 2021 NCAA Tournament with this End-of-Season Roster:

    And this is the lineup Dan entered for Nationals:

    Finishing with 114 points, Dan hit the middle of the pack with 5th Place in the Final #MatScoutsDynasty League Standings for the inaugural season.

    Danny B Mobbin' Entering the 2022 Season Draft

    If you didn't know better, you'd think this was a chart for the local heat index. Danny B Mobbin' falls on the older side of rosters within the league and in the next two years, half the team will have graduated. There are severe depth issues for 133, 157, and 174, while an over abundance of talent at 149, 165, 197, and 285. Dan will have to use the upcoming draft building for the next generation of the Mobbin' Empire, and probably would be good to start where he's at his thinnest.

    Danny B Mobbin' is the #5 pick in the draft this season on October 18, 2021. Who should he target? Should he drop anyone before the draft? What weights need depth? Should he look to trade? who?

    Let us know!
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