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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    FCW's Week 3 Fantasy Outlook (11/17 -11/20)

    Minnesota's NCAA qualifier Michael Blockhus (photo courtesy of Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    Week 2 continued the trend of great matchups and surprising upsets. Here is your Fantasy Roundup for Week 2:

    For the week itself though, that honor goes to 149 Michael Blockhus (Minn). Blockhus recorded two pins and two techs at the Bison Open. This was his first competition of the season though, so despite being #1 for Week 2, he's only ranked tied for #35 overall (with a 5.5 PPM).

    285 Mason Parris (Mich) added a pin and decision over the weekend to bring his overall Fantasy Point Total to 35, and retaining his #1 standing. Moving into the #2 spot is Ohio's 157 Peyten Keller who wrestled six matches, going 5-1.

    Check out the Full Week 2 and Overall Fantasy Point Standings HERE.

    On to Week 3

    Quite possibly, the most active of any week we will see this season, 78 of the 80 D1 teams have at least one competition on their official schedules, with Gardner-Webb and Clarion the only outliers. All 20 of last season's Top-20 teams from the NCAA tournament are scheduled for action as well.

    Lots of opportunities for tri-meets this week with the Arm Bar at the Armory, Boilermaker Duals, and Mountaineer Duals, but some great tournaments as well with the Black Knight Invite, Daktronics Open, Keystone Classic, Navy Classic, and Roadrunner Open all looking like there will be ample D1 competition. Some Tournaments to keep an eye on, as D1 competition will be more scarce, include the Shorty Hitchcock Open and Lindenwood Open.

    See all upcoming tournaments HERE on WrestleStat.

    Tournament entries continue to update the closer to registration cut-off/day of the event, and we don't want to make an "ass out of u and me" with teams and entries, so be sure to check back and turn those notifications "ON" for our updates and news.

    A reminder of some important rules:

  • Wrestlers entered at a weight must compete at that weight or else their results will not be counted. Wrestlers in the "Floater" spots can compete at ANY weight and accumulate Fantasy points.
  • A wrestler will LOCK on your roster at 12pm ET on the day of their first competition for the week. (refer to the Master Team Schedule, Week 2 Visual, or SHP's Weekly Preview)
  • Only results against D1 competition (starters, backups, and redshirts) will count towards Fantasy Points.
  • Check your league settings to know how many add/drops are permitted per week.

    Have a question, concern, suggestions, or just want to chat about Fantasy Wrestling? Hit us up on Twitter or head over to the InterMat Forums where we have a Fantasy Wrestling dedicated Forum page!

    Wrestlers I Like This Week

    Wrestler (School)- competition for the week [Proj Score]
    *organized by tournament name first, then by school name*


    Caleb Smith (APP)- Keystone Classic

    Eddie Ventresca (VT)- Keystone Classic

    Cooper Flynn (VT)- Keystone Classic

    Anthony Noto (LHU)- Navy Classic

    Jake Ferri (KENT)- Navy Classic

    Ethan Berginc (ARMY)- Vs Iowa, Black Knight Invite [+3]

    Matt Ramos (PUR)- Boilermaker Duals [+11]

    Tristan Daugherty (BUFF)- Arm Bar at the Armory [+7]

    Malik Heinselman (OHST)- Vs Columbia , @ North Carolina [+7]

    Jarrett Trombley (NCST)- Arm Bar at the Armory [+6]

    Pat Glory (PRIN)- @ Indiana [+5]

    Pat McKee (MINN)- Vs Binghamton [+4]

    Brandon Courtney (ASU)- Vs Missouri , Keystone Classic [+3] **

    Braxton Brown (MD)- @ Pittsburgh [+3]

    Kurt McHenry (MICH)- Vs Columbia [+3]

    Joey Prata (OU)- Vs Little Rock [+3]

    Trevor Mastrogiovanni (OKST)- Vs Wyoming [+3]

    Eric Barnett (WISC)- @ Cornell [+3]


    Sean Carter (APP)- Keystone Classic

    Sam Latona (VT)- Keystone Classic

    Chance Rich (CSUB)- Roadrunner Open

    Michael McGee (ASU)- Vs Missouri , Keystone Classic [+4]

    Henry Porter (IND)- Vs Princeton, Black Knight Invite [+3]

    Brayden Palmer (CHAT)- Boilermaker Duals [+9]

    Lucas Byrd (ILL)- Arm Bar at the Armory [+8]

    Micky Phillippi (PITT)- Vs Maryland, Vs Lehigh [+7]

    Jesse Mendez (OHST)- Vs Columbia , @ North Carolina [+6]

    Dylan Ragusin (MICH)- Vs Columbia [+5]

    Vito Arujau (COR)- Vs Wisconsin [+4]

    Rayvon Foley (MSU)- @ American [+4]

    Wyatt Henson (OU)- Vs Little Rock [+4]

    Daton Fix (OKST)- Vs Wyoming [+4]


    Shannon Hanna (CAMP)- Black Knight Invite

    Clay Carlson (SDSU)- Daktronics Open

    McKenzie Bell (RID)- Keystone Classic

    Darren Miller (BUCK)- Navy Classic

    Joshua Koderhandt (NAVY)- Navy Classic

    Brock Hardy (NEB)- Navy Classic

    Dylan Droegemuller (NDSU)- Vs Binghamton, Daktronics Open [+4]

    Sammy Alvarez (RUT)- @ Stanford, Roadrunner Open [+3]

    Parker Filius (PUR)- Boilermaker Duals [+10]

    Ryan Jack (NCST)- Arm Bar at the Armory [+7]

    Andrew Alirez (UNCO)- @ West Virginia, Vs Edinboro [+7]

    Cole Matthews (PITT)- Vs Maryland, Vs Lehigh [+6]

    Jake Bergeland (MINN)- Vs Binghamton [+4]

    Mosha Schwartz (OU)- Vs Little Rock [+4]

    Vince Cornella (COR)- Vs Wisconsin [+3]

    Carter Young (OKST)- Vs Wyoming [+3]


    Johnny Lovett (CMU)- Black Knight Invite

    Jonathan Millner (APP)- Keystone Classic

    Quinn Kinner (RID)- Keystone Classic

    Caleb Henson (VT)- Keystone Classic

    Michael Weber (NDSU)- Vs Binghamton, Daktronics Open [+3]

    Max Murin (IOWA)- @ Army, Arm Bar at the Armory [+11]

    Noah Castillo (CHAT)- Boilermaker Duals [+9]

    Michael Blockhus (MINN)- Vs Binghamton [+4]

    Yianni Diakomihalis (COR)- Vs Wisconsin [+3]

    Chance Lamer (MICH)- Vs Columbia [+3]

    Yahya Thomas (NW)- @ Virginia [+3]

    Mitch Moore (OU)- Vs Little Rock [+3]

    Victor Voinovich (OKST)- Vs Wyoming [+3]


    Troy Nation (CAMP)- Black Knight Invite

    Andrew Cerniglia (NAVY)- Navy Classic

    Peyton Robb (NEB)- Navy Classic

    Case Saldate (MSU)- @ American, Navy Classic [+4]

    Jarrett Jacques (MIZZ)- @ Arizona State , Lindenwood Open [ +4]

    Jared Franek (NDSU)- Vs Binghamton, Daktronics Open [+4]

    Daniel Cardenas (STAN)- Vs Rutgers, Roadrunner Open [+4]

    Kendall Coleman (PUR)- Boilermaker Duals [+10]

    Ed Scott (NCST)- Arm Bar at the Armory [+8]

    Quincy Monday (PRIN)- @ Indiana [+5]

    Brayton Lee (MINN)- Vs Binghamton [+4]

    Josh Humphreys (LEH)- @ Pittsburgh [+3]

    Will Lewan (MICH)- Vs Columbia [+3]

    Jacob Butler (OU)- Vs Little Rock [+3]


    Tanner Cook (SDSU)- Daktronics Open

    William Formato (APP)- Keystone Classic

    Connor Brady (VT)- Keystone Classic

    Hunter Garvin (STAN)- Roadrunner Open

    Keegan O'Toole (MIZZ)- @ Arizona State , Lindenwood Open [+5]

    Caleb Fish (MSU)- @ American, Navy Classic [+4]

    Michael Caliendo (NDSU)- Vs Binghamton, Daktronics Open [+4]

    Shane Griffith (STAN)- Vs Rutgers , Roadrunner Open

    Patrick Kennedy (IOWA)- @ Army, Arm Bar at the Armory [+12]

    Izzak Olejnik (NIU)- Boilermaker Duals [+11]

    Peyton Hall (WVU)- Vs Edinboro, Vs Northern Colorado [+9]

    Danny Braunagel (ILL)- Arm Bar at the Armory [+7]

    Carson Kharchla (OHST)- Vs Columbia , @ North Carolina [+7]

    Andrew Sparks (MINN)- Vs Binghamton [+4]

    Dean Hamiti (WISC)- @ Cornell [+4]

    Brian Meyer (LEH)- @ Pittsburgh [+3]

    Cam Amine (MICH)- Vs Columbia [+3]

    Gerrit Nijenhuis (OU)- Vs Little Rock [+3]

    Justin McCoy (UVA)- Vs Northwestern [+3]


    Cade DeVos (SDSU)- Daktronics Open

    Logan Messer (GMU)- Keystone Classic

    Michael Labriola (NEB)- Navy Classic

    Rocky Jordan (CHAT)- Boilermaker Duals [+11]

    Edmond Ruth (ILL)- Arm Bar at the Armory [+6]

    Donnell Washington (IND)- Vs Princeton, Black Knight Invite [+4]

    Peyton Mocco (MIZZ)- @ Arizona State , Lindenwood Open [+4]

    Chris Foca (COR)- Vs Wisconsin [+3]

    Bailee O'Reilly (MINN)- Vs Binghamton [+3]

    Troy Fisher (NW)- @ Virginia [+3]

    Darrien Roberts (OU)- Vs Little Rock [+3]


    Bennett Berge (SDSU)- Daktronics Open

    Anthony Montalvo (ASU)- Keystone Classic

    Hunter Bolen (VT)- Keystone Classic

    Colton Hawks (MIZZ)- Lindenwood Open

    Lenny Pinto (NEB)- Navy Classic

    David Key (NAVY)- Navy Classic

    Nathan Haas (NEB)- Navy Classic

    Brian Soldano (RUT)- @ Stanford, Roadrunner Open [+5]

    Layne Malczewski (MSU)- @ American, Navy Classic [+4]

    Abe Assad (IOWA)- Arm Bar at the Armory [+11]

    Trent Hidlay (NCST)- Arm Bar at the Armory [+10]

    Kaleb Romero (OHST)- Vs Columbia , @ North Carolina [+7]

    Jonathan Loew (COR)- Vs Wisconsin [+4]

    Matt Finesilver (MICH)- Vs Columbia [+4]

    Grayden Penner (OU)- Vs Little Rock [+4]

    Travis Wittlake (OKST)- Vs Wyoming [+4]

    Nate Duggan (PRIN)- @ Indiana [+4]

    Isaiah Salazar (MINN)- Vs Binghamton [+3]

    Neil Antrassian (UVA)- Vs Northwestern [+3]


    Kordell Norfleet (ASU)- Keystone Classic

    Ethan Laird (RID)- Keystone Classic

    Jake Koser (NAVY)- Navy Classic

    Silas Allred (NEB)- Navy Classic

    Tyler Mousaw (VMI)- Navy Classic

    Jacob Warner (IOWA)- Arm Bar at the Armory [+13]

    Thomas Penola (PUR)- Boilermaker Duals [+10]

    Issac Trumble (NCST)- Arm Bar at the Armory [+7]

    Lou DePrez (BING)- @ North Dakota State, @ Minnesota [+6]

    Cam Caffey (MSU)- @ American [+5]

    Luke Stout (PRIN)- @ Indiana [+4]

    Seth Seago (OU)- Vs Little Rock [+3]


    Taye Ghadiali (CAMP)- Black Knight Invite

    AJ Nevills (SDSU)- Daktronics Open

    Hunter Catka (VT)- Keystone Classic

    Ryan Vasbinder (MSU)- Navy Classic

    Grady Greiss (NAVY)- Navy Classic

    Harley Andrews (NEB)- Navy Classic

    Boone McDermott (RUT)- @ Stanford, Roadrunner Open [+4]

    Cohlton Schultz (ASU)- Vs Missouri , Keystone Classic [+3]

    Anthony Cassioppi (IOWA)- Arm Bar at the Armory [+17]

    Hayden Copass (PUR)- Boilermaker Duals [+9]

    Mason Parris (MICH)- Vs Columbia [+6]

    Owen Trephan (NCST)- Arm Bar at the Armory [+6]

    Tate Orndorff (OHST)- Vs Columbia , @ North Carolina [+6]

    Lucas Davison (NW)- @ Virginia [+4]

    Josh Heindselman (OU)- Vs Little Rock [+3]

    Konnor Doucet (OKST)- Vs Wyoming [+3]
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