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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    2022 MatScouts Dynasty Fantasy Wrestling Pre-Draft Preview (Earl Smith)

    2022 NCAA Finalist Quincy Monday (photo courtesy of Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    The #MatScoutsDynasty League Draft is set for Wednesday October 12, 2022. To get not only the 10 members of this Dynasty League set for the draft, we thought we would share some insights to our rosters for the general public.

    Assessments, Critiques, and Opinions welcomed.

    Next Up- The Ninnie's Propaganda

    Team Manager: Earl Smith (@EarlBSmith20)

    2022 Regular Season Standings:

    Dual Record: 9-6
    Points For: 999 ,
    Points Against: 809.5 (+189.5 Difference)

    Total Points: 999

    NCAA Championship:
    115 Team Points (7th Place)

    Earl's Propaganda Machine was able to string together a four dual win streak, but was up and down for the rest of the season. His wins came when they mattered against just the right competition which helped propel him to fourth place in the dual standings.

    Unlike the other teams to this point, The Ninnie's Propaganda has decided to stay put with the #4 Overall Pick.

    As it currently sits, The Ninnie's Propaganda has 4 (maybe 5, depending on if Gable Steveson decides to return) open roster spots (30 max per team).

    Roster Analysis

    Here Earl thought that last season was the final ride with his star heavyweight as he left his shoes in the center of the NCAA Championship mat, despite the additional year of eligibility Steveson had left. It was clear, since ESPN used 5-10 minutes of airtime to film those white Nikes, that this was the end.

    But hold up now, all is not lost for the Ninnie's Propaganda. Rumor is that maybe the big man will/might/possibly be returning. I guess we shall see, but that puts Earl in a draft time bind. Does he look for a heavyweight or take his chances?

    A chain reaction of weight changes actually helps Earl's team this year spread out the talent as Brock Mauller moves back down to 149, Bryce Andonian moves up to 157, and National Finalist Quincy Monday moves up to 165.

    The lower weights at 125 and 133 look set for the foreseeable future with more than capable youth to take over after next season in the middle weights.

    141 could be a concern for the postseason, and same goes for the upper weights with 197 and 285 if Steveson does not return.

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