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  • Photo: Photo/Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Photo/Tony Rotundo

    Top-ranked Iowa off to strong start, No. 2 Schultz upset by NDSU's Pentz

    Jacob Warner celebrates after getting a come-from-behind victory at 197 pounds (Photo/Tony Rotundo, WrestlersAreWarriors.com)

    ST. LOUIS -- The Iowa Hawkeyes' quest to get back on the top of the podium got off to a strong start. In the first round of the 2021 NCAA Division I wrestling tournament, Iowa won all 10 of their matches and picked up bonus points in seven of those bouts.

    Spencer Lee (125), Austin DeSanto (133), Jaydin Eierman (141), Kaleb Young (157), Alex Marinelli (165), Michael Kemerer (174) and Anthony Cassioppi (285) all picked up bonus-point victories, and the squad finished with 19 team points.

    Following in the top five were Penn State (17), Missouri (14) and Arizona State and North Carolina State tied at fourth with 13 points.

    The Hawkeyes experienced the most trouble at 197 pounds. No. 28 Nick Reenan (North Carolina State), a Final X veteran, caught No. 5 Jacob Warner early with a headlock. Warner fought hard to avoid the fall but still ended up down 6-0. He fought hard to get back in the match, but still trailed 7-4 late in the third period. With about 10 seconds left in the bout, Warner got in on a takedown attempt. As he finished the takedown, the referee hit Reenan for stalling. Those scores tied the match, and Warner went on to win the bout with a takedown in sudden victory.

    Eight of the nine Penn State wrestlers advanced with only 165 pounder No. 23 Joe Lee coming up short against No. 10 Travis Wittlake (Oklahoma State).

    Penn State's Robert Howard knocked off Ohio State's Malik Heinselman at 125 (Photo/Tony Rotundo, WrestlersAreWarriors.com)

    The signature victory of the round came from true freshman No. 23 Robert Howard at 125 pounds. He had previously wrestled his first-round opponent, No. 10 Malik Heinselman (Ohio State) twice on the season and dropped a pair of 5-2 decisions. Howard was able to reverse that result on Thursday. He caught his opponent on his back and nearly scored the fall. The fall did not materialize, but he held on for the 6-4 victory.

    Another highlight match of the round came at 165 pounds. No. 3 Jake Wentzel (Pittsburgh) held on for a 1-0 victory against Drexel's Evan Barczak. Barczak appeared to finish at takedown as time expired. The points went up on the board, and he appeared to have pulled off the upset. However, after video review, the takedown was finished after the clock expired, and Wentzel advanced to the next round.

    NDSU's Owen Pentz pinned No. 2 Eric Schultz of Nebraska (Photo/Tony Rotundo, WrestlersAreWarriors.com)

    The biggest upset of the season came at 197 pounds. No. 2 Eric Schultz (Nebraska) finished second in the Big Ten and entered the tournament with a 10-1 record. In the first round on Thursday, he faced off against Owen Pentz (North Dakota State). Schultz held a 2-0 lead in the second period. However, Pentz hit a roll from the bottom, caught Schultz on his back and collected the fall.

    In addition to that upset, there were three wrestlers seeded seventh suffered upsets in the round. At 141, No. 26 Colin Valdiviez (Northwestern) knocked off Ian Parker (Iowa State) via 8-5 decision. Also in the morning session, No. 26 Johnny Lovett (Central Michigan) took a 3-2 decision over Jarrett Jacques (Missouri) at 157. Finally, at 197 No. 26 Jake Woodley (Oklahoma) defeated Rocky Elam (Missouri).

    Tonight's second session is scheduled to begin at 5 p.m. CT.

    Round 1 Results

    No. 1 Spencer Lee (Iowa) tech. fall No. 32 Patrick McCormick (Virginia), 17-1
    No. 17 Killian Cardinale (West Virginia) dec. No. 16 Codi Russell (Appalachian State), 7-6 SV2
    No. 9 Devin Schroder (Purdue) dec. No. 24 Fabian Gutierrez (Chattanooga), 5-1
    No. 8 RayVon Foley (Michigan State) maj. dec. No. 25 Logan Treaster (Navy), 14-0
    No. 5 Brody Teske (Northern Iowa) pinned No. 28 Brandon Kaylor (Oregon State), 2:40
    No. 12 Michael DeAugustino (Northwestern) dec. No. 21 Trevor Mastrogiovanni (Oklahoma State), 4-3
    No. 13 Liam Cronin (Nebraska) pinned No. 20 Jake Ferri (Kent State), 6:29
    No. 4 Drew Hildebrandt (Central Michigan) dec. No. 29 Zurich Storm (Campbell), 3-0
    No. 3 Brandon Courtney (Arizona State) maj. dec. No. 30 Micah Roes (Binghamton), 18-7
    No. 19 Eric Barnett (Wisconsin) dec. No. 14 Jaret Lane (Lehigh), 6-3
    No. 11 Dylan Ragusin (Michigan) dec. No. 22 Daniel Vega (South Dakota State), 13-10
    No. 6 Jakob Camacho (NC State) maj. dec. No. 27 Gage Curry (American), 21-9
    No. 7 Taylor LaMont (Utah Valley) tech. fall No. 26 Jackson DiSario (Stanford), 19-1 (5:37)
    No. 23 Robert Howard (Penn State) dec. No. 10 Malik Heinselman (Ohio State), 6-4
    No. 15 Patrick McKee (Minnesota) dec. No. 18 Noah Surtin (Missouri), 15-8
    No. 2 Sam Latona (Virginia Tech) 10-0 vs. No. 31 Jonathan Tropea (Rider) 6-4
    Pigtail: No. 32 Patrick McCormick (Virginia) dec. No. 33 Kysen Terukina (Iowa State), 6-2

    No. 1 Daton Fix (Oklahoma State) maj. dec. No. 32 Cole Rhone (Bloomsburg), 16-3
    No. 17 Malyke Hines (Lehigh) maj. dec. No. 16 Devan Turner (Oregon State), 8-0
    No. 9 Michael McGee (Arizona State) maj. dec. No. 24 Richie Koehler (Rider), 13-4
    No. 8 Chris Cannon (Northwestern) maj. dec. No. 25 Jacob Rundell (Purdue), 10-1
    No. 5 Micky Phillippi (Pittsburgh) maj. dec. No. 28 Ty Smith (Utah Valley), 14-3
    No. 12 Jarrett Trombley (NC State) dec. No. 21 Jared Van Vleet (Air Force), 3-2
    No. 20 Ryan Sullivan (West Virginia) dec. No. 13 Zach Redding (Iowa State), 4-3 TB1
    No. 4 Austin DeSanto (Iowa) tech. fall No. 29 Paul Bianchi (Little Rock), 19-4 (4:34)
    No. 3 Korbin Myers (Virginia Tech) maj. dec. No. 30 Jordan Hamdan (Michigan State), 13-4
    No. 14 Zach Price (South Dakota State) dec. No. 19 Chance Rich (CSU Bakersfield), 4-2 SV
    No. 22 Mario Guillen (Ohio) dec. No. 11 Anthony Madrigal (Oklahoma), 4-2 SV2
    No. 6 Matt Schmitt (Missouri) dec. No. 27 Jacob Allen (Navy), 4-1
    No. 7 Lucas Byrd (Illinois) dec. No. 26 Darren Miller (Bucknell), 8-3
    No. 10 Louie Hayes (Virginia) dec. No. 23 Boo Dryden (Minnesota), 5-2
    No. 18 Kyle Burwick (Wisconsin) pinned No. 15 Mosha Schwartz (Northern Colorado), 4:38
    No. 2 Roman Bravo-Young (Penn State) tech. fall No. 31 Sean Carter (Appalachian State), 20-5 (7:00)
    No. 32 Cole Rhone (Bloomsburg) dec. No. 33 Bryce West (Northern Illinois), 13-10

    No. 1 Jaydin Eierman (Iowa) tech. fall No. 32 Cayden Rooks (Indiana), 20-5 (6:19)
    No. 16 Cole Matthews (Pittsburgh) maj. dec. No. 17 McKenzie Bell (Rider), 17-3
    No. 9 Dresden Simon (Central Michigan) maj. dec. No. 24 Connor McGonagle (Lehigh), 18-6
    No. 8 Chad Red (Nebraska) dec. No. 25 Drew Mattin (Michigan), 8-6
    No. 5 Dom Demas (Oklahoma) dec. No. 28 Marcos Polanco (Minnesota), 6-2
    No. 21 Real Woods (Stanford) dec. No. 12 Grant Willits (Oregon State), 6-3
    No. 20 Brian Courtney (Virginia) dec. No. 13 D.J. Lloren (Fresno State), 10-5
    No. 4 Tariq Wilson (NC State) tech. fall No. 29 Chase Zollmann (Wyoming), 17-0 (4:28)
    No. 3 Sebastian Rivera (Rutgers) dec. No. 30 Dylan D'Emilio (Ohio State), 8-1
    No. 14 Dylan Duncan (Illinois) maj. dec. No. 19 Lane Peters (Army West Point), 13-2
    No. 11 Cody Trybus (Navy) maj. dec. No. 22 Anthony Brito (Appalachian State), 10-1
    No. 6 Allan Hart (Missouri) dec. No. 27 Angelo Martinoni (CSU Bakersfield), 9-2
    No. 26 Colin Valdiviez (Northwestern) dec. No. 7 Ian Parker (Iowa State), 8-5
    No. 10 Zachary Sherman (North Carolina) dec. No. 23 Saul Ervin (SIU Edwardsville), 2-0
    No. 15 Clay Carlson (South Dakota State) dec. No. 18 Parker Filius (Purdue), 7-6
    No. 2 Nick Lee (Penn State) tech. fall No. 31 Julian Flores (Drexel), 18-0 (2:33)
    Pigtail: No. 32 Cayden Rooks (Indiana) maj. dec. No. 33 Vinny Vespa (Hofstra), 10-1

    No. 1 Sammy Sasso (Ohio State) pinned No. 33 Cameron Hunsaker (Utah Valley), 6:34
    No. 17 Kyle Parco (Fresno State) dec. No. 16 P.J. Ogunsanya (Army West Point), 7-5 SV1
    No. 9 Legend Lamer (Cal Poly) maj. dec. No. 24 Luke Nichter (Drexel), 16-2
    No. 25 Yahya Thomas (Northwestern) dec. No. 8 Jaden Abas (Stanford), 6-2
    No. 5 Ridge Lovett (Nebraska) dec. No. 28 Peyton Omania (Michigan State), 6-4 SV1
    No. 12 Max Murin (Iowa) dec. No. 21 Graham Rooks (Indiana), 8-7
    No. 20 Joshua Heil (Campbell) dec. No. 13 Mitch Moore (Oklahoma), 2-1
    No. 4 Boo Lewallen (Oklahoma State) pinned No. 29 Kody Komara (Kent State), 1:26
    No. 3 Brock Mauller (Missouri) vs. No. 30 Marcus Robinson (Cleveland State)
    No. 14 Michael Blockhus (Minnesota) maj. dec. No. 19 Casey Cobb (Navy), 10-0
    No. 11 Kanen Storr (Michigan) dec. No. 22 Jimmy Hoffman (Lehigh), 3-2
    No. 6 Bryce Andonian (Virginia Tech) pinned No. 27 Josh Finesilver (Duke), 3:17
    No. 7 Jonathan Millner (Appalachian State) dec. No. 26 Anthony Cheloni (Northern Illinois), 7-3
    No. 23 Tristan Lara (Northern Iowa) dec. No. 10 Mike Van Brill (Rutgers), 12-7
    No. 15 Griffin Parriott (Purdue) dec. No. 18 Jarrett Degen (Iowa State), 10-7
    No. 2 Austin O`Connor (North Carolina) maj. dec. No. 31 Cory Crooks (Arizona State), 12-4
    Pigtail: No. 33 Cameron Hunsaker (Utah Valley) dec. No. 32 Greg Gaxiola (Hofstra), 5-1

    No. 1 Ryan Deakin (Northwestern) dec. No. 33 Wyatt Sheets (Oklahoma State), 10-3
    No. 17 Requir van der Merwe (Stanford) dec. No. 16 Justin McCoy (Virginia), 3-2
    No. 9 Kendall Coleman (Purdue) maj. dec. No. 24 Nicholas Palumbo (Sacred Heart), 15-5
    No. 8 Jared Franek (North Dakota State) dec. No. 25 Parker Kropman (Drexel), 5-2
    No. 5 Kaleb Young (Iowa) maj. dec. No. 28 Caleb Licking (Nebraska), 10-2
    No. 12 Brady Berge (Penn State) maj. dec. No. 21 Andrew Cerniglia (Navy), 12-4
    No. 13 Hunter Willits (Oregon State) dec. No. 20 Cody Bond (Appalachian State), 11-5
    No. 4 Jesse Dellavecchia (Rider) dec. No. 29 Joshua McClure (North Carolina), 5-0
    No. 3 David Carr (Iowa State) maj. dec. No. 30 Markus Hartman (Army West Point), 16-2
    No. 14 Will Lewan (Michigan) dec. No. 19 Holden Heller (Hofstra), 3-1 SV1
    No. 11 Jacori Teemer (Arizona State) maj. dec. No. 22 Benjamin Barton (Campbell), 12-4
    No. 6 Brayton Lee (Minnesota) dec. No. 27 Connor Brady (Virginia Tech), 2-0
    No. 26 Johnny Lovett (Central Michigan) dec. No. 7 Jarrett Jacques (Missouri), 3-2
    No. 23 Jacob Wright (Wyoming) dec. No. 10 Justin Thomas (Oklahoma), 5-4 TB2
    No. 18 Cade DeVos (South Dakota State) dec. No. 15 Chase Saldate (Michigan State), 3-1
    No. 2 Hayden Hidlay (NC State) maj. dec. No. 31 Michael Petite (Buffalo), 14-5
    Pigtail: No. 33 Wyatt Sheets (Oklahoma State) dec. No. 32 Luca Frinzi (Lehigh), 8-2

    No. 1 Alex Marinelli (Iowa) maj. dec. No. 33 Austin Yant (Northern Iowa), 19-6
    No. 17 Thomas Bullard (NC State) dec. No. 16 William Formato (Appalachian State), 3-2
    No. 9 Luke Weber (North Dakota State) dec. No. 24 Andrew Sparks (Minnesota), 8-5
    No. 8 Shane Griffith (Stanford) dec. No. 25 Jake Tucker (Michigan State), 5-2
    No. 5 Zach Hartman (Bucknell) dec. No. 28 Rodrick Mosley (Gardner-Webb), 8-6
    No. 21 Peyton Hall (West Virginia) maj. dec. No. 12 Jake Keating (Virginia), 14-4
    No. 13 Tanner Skidgel (Navy) dec. No. 20 Cole Moody (Wyoming), 3-2
    No. 4 Mekhi Lewis (Virginia Tech) dec. No. 29 Brian Meyer (Lehigh), 8-3
    No. 3 Jake Wentzel (Pittsburgh) dec. No. 30 Evan Barczak (Drexel), 1-0
    No. 14 Peyton Robb (Nebraska) dec. No. 19 Gerrit Nijenhuis (Purdue), 4-1
    No. 11 Cameron Amine (Michigan) dec. No. 22 Kennedy Monday (North Carolina), 5-3 SV
    No. 6 Keegan O`Toole (Missouri) pinned No. 27 Jake Silverstein (Rider), 4:10
    No. 7 Ethan Smith (Ohio State) dec. No. 26 Andrew Nicholson (Chattanooga), 12-5
    No. 10 Travis Wittlake (Oklahoma State) dec. No. 23 Joe Lee (Penn State), 8-1
    No. 18 Izzak Olejnik (Northern Illinois) dec. No. 15 Dan Braunagel (Illinois), 6-1
    No. 2 Anthony Valencia (Arizona State) maj. dec. No. 31 David Ferrante (Northwestern), 14-4
    Pigtail: No. 33 Austin Yant (Northern Iowa) maj. dec. No. 32 Ricky Stamm (Hofstra), 12-4

    No. 1 Michael Kemerer (Iowa) tech. fall No. 32 Drew Hughes (Michigan State), 23-8 (4:07)
    No. 17 Benjamin Pasiuk (Army West Point) dec. No. 16 Clay Lautt (North Carolina), 8-3
    No. 9 Donnell Washington (Indiana) dec. No. 24 Jake Allar (Minnesota), 5-3
    No. 8 Daniel Bullard (NC State) dec. No. 25 Cody Surratt (Air Force), 4-0
    No. 5 Logan Massa (Michigan) pinned No. 28 Timothy Fitzpatrick (American), 4:56
    No. 12 Bernie Truax (Cal Poly) tech. fall No. 21 Jacob Oliver (Edinboro), 19-3 (3:19)
    No. 20 Trey Munoz (Arizona State) dec. No. 13 Jackson Hemauer (Northern Colorado), 6-2
    No. 4 Mikey Labriola (Nebraska) by medical forfeit over No. 29 Lance Runyon (Northern Iowa)
    No. 3 Carter Starocci (Penn State) maj. dec. No. 30 Victor Marcelli (Virginia), 10-2
    No. 14 Hayden Hastings (Wyoming) dec. No. 19 Michael O`Malley (Drexel), 4-2
    No. 11 Austin Murphy (Campbell) dec. No. 22 Mason Kauffman (Northern Illinois), 3-2
    No. 6 Andrew McNally (Kent State) pinned No. 27 Cody Howard (Virginia Tech), 5:36
    No. 7 Kaleb Romero (Ohio State) dec. No. 26 Jackson Turley (Rutgers), 7-2
    No. 10 Peyton Mocco (Missouri) maj. dec. No. 23 Anthony Mantanona (Oklahoma), 12-2
    No. 18 Dustin Plott (Oklahoma State) dec. No. 15 Thomas Flitz (Appalachian State), 7-5
    No. 2 Demetrius Romero (Utah Valley) dec. No. 31 Jake Logan (Lehigh), 9-6
    Pigtail: No. 32 Drew Hughes (Michigan State) dec. No. 33 Jacob Nolan (Binghamton), 7-0

    No. 1 Aaron Brooks (Penn State) tech. fall No. 32 Jhaquan Anderson (Gardner-Webb), 17-1 (5:26)
    No. 17 Owen Webster (Minnesota) dec. No. 16 Max Lyon (Purdue), 5-3
    No. 9 Jeremiah Kent (Missouri) pinned No. 24 Rocky Jordan (Ohio State), 2:15
    No. 8 Taylor Venz (Nebraska) tech. fall No. 25 Matthew Waddell (Chattanooga), 19-0 (5:15)
    No. 5 Hunter Bolen (Virginia Tech) maj. dec. No. 28 Dylan Ammerman (Lehigh), 15-3
    No. 12 Nelson Brands (Iowa) dec. No. 21 Dominic Ducharme (CSU Bakersfield), 8-6
    No. 20 David Key (Navy) pinne dNo. 13 Christopher Weiler (Wisconsin), 5:48
    No. 4 Parker Keckeisen (Northern Iowa) dec. No. 29 Samuel Colbray (Iowa State), 2-1
    No. 3 Lou DePrez (Binghamton) dec. No. 30 Gregg Harvey (Pittsburgh), 6-4
    No. 14 Caleb Hopkins (Campbell) dec. No. 19 Zach Braunagel (Illinois), 7-6
    No. 11 Dakota Geer (Oklahoma State) maj. dec. No. 22 Devin Kane (North Carolina), 10-0
    No. 6 John Poznanski (Rutgers) maj. dec. No. 27 Taylor Brown (Army West Point), 14-2
    No. 7 Brit Wilson (Northern Illinois) dec. No. 26 DeAndre Nassar (Cleveland State), 10-3
    No. 23 Charles Small (Hofstra) dec. No. 10 Tate Samuelson (Wyoming), 3-2 TB1
    No. 18 Alan Clothier (Northern Colorado) dec. No. 15 Layne Malczewski (Michigan State), 8-3
    No. 2 Trent Hidlay (NC State) tech. fall No. 31 Ryan Reyes (Oregon State), 17-2 (7:00)
    Pigtail: No. 32 Jhaquan Anderson (Gardner-Webb) dec. No. 33 Joe Accousti (Sacred Heart), 3-1 SV1

    No. 1 Myles Amine (Michigan) maj. dec. No. 33 Billy Janzer (Rutgers), 8-0
    No. 16 Jake Jakobsen (Lehigh) pinned No. 17 J.T. Brown (Army West Point), 7:50
    No. 9 Noah Adams (West Virginia) dec. No. 24 Benjamin Smith (Cleveland State), 6-0
    No. 8 Stephen Buchanan (Wyoming) pinned No. 25 J.J Dixon (Oregon State), 3:34
    No. 5 Jacob Warner (Iowa) dec. No. 28 Nick Reenan (NC State), 9-7 SV1
    No. 12 Lucas Davison (Northwestern) dec. No. 21 Marcus Coleman (Iowa State), 8-3
    No. 13 Tanner Sloan (South Dakota State) dec. No. 20 Max Shaw (North Carolina), 4-2
    No. 4 A.J. Ferrari (Oklahoma State) tech. fall No. 29 Colin McCracken (Kent State), 18-2 (4:52)
    No. 3 Kordell Norfleet (Arizona State) maj. dec. No. 30 Trey Rogers (Hofstra), 12-3
    No. 19 Thomas Penola (Purdue) dec. No. 14 Greg Bulsak (Clarion), 6-4
    No. 11 Jay Aiello (Virginia) maj. dec. No. 22 Chris Kober (Campbell), 10-2
    No. 6 Nino Bonaccorsi (Pittsburgh) maj. dec. No. 27 Nick Stemmet (Stanford), 15-2
    No. 26 Jake Woodley (Oklahoma) dec. No. 7 Rocky Elam (Missouri), 4-1
    No. 10 Cameron Caffey (Michigan State) maj. dec. No. 23 Bryan McLaughlin (Drexel), 14-6
    No. 15 Michael Beard (Penn State) maj. dec. No. 18 Jacob Koser (Navy), 14-4
    No. 31 Owen Pentz (North Dakota State) pinned No. 2 Eric Schultz (Nebraska), 4:51
    Pigtail: . No. 33 Billy Janzer (Rutgers) dec. No. 32 Logan Andrew (Chattanooga), 8-6

    No. 1 Gable Steveson (Minnesota) pinned No. 32 Taye Ghadiali (Campbell), 1:27
    No. 17 Wyatt Hendrickson (Air Force) pinned No. 16 Luke Luffman (Illinois), 2:12
    No. 9 Greg Kerkvliet (Penn State) tech. fall No. 24 Johnathan Birchmeier (Navy), 18-0 (2:18)
    No. 8 Jordan Wood (Lehigh) dec. No. 25 Nathan Traxler (Stanford), 6-1
    No. 5 Tony Cassioppi (Iowa) maj. dec. No. 28 Jon Spaulding (Edinboro), 9-1
    No. 21 Tate Orndorff (Ohio State) dec. No. 12 Christian Lance (Nebraska), 2-1
    No. 13 Brian Andrews (Wyoming) dec. No. 20 Quinn Miller (Virginia), 6-4
    No. 4 Cohlton Schultz (Arizona State) maj. dec. No. 29 Austin Harris (Oklahoma State), 9-0
    No. 3 Matt Stencel (Central Michigan) pinned No. 30 Joe Doyle (Binghamton), 6:31
    No. 14 Trent Hillger (Wisconsin) dec. No. 19 Josh Heindselman (Oklahoma), 5-1
    No. 11 Zach Elam (Missouri) maj. dec. No. 22 Brandon Metz (North Dakota State), 11-0
    No. 6 Gannon Gremmel (Iowa State) dec. No. 27 Zachary Knighton-Ward (Hofstra), 5-2
    No. 7 Ethan Laird (Rider) dec. No. 26 Sam Schuyler (Buffalo), 3-2
    No. 10 Deonte Wilson (NC State) dec. No. 23 Michael McAleavey (The Citadel), 4-1
    No. 15 Carter Isley (Northern Iowa) dec. No. 18 Hunter Catka (Virginia Tech), 3-1
    No. 2 Mason Parris (Michigan) pinned No. 31 Andrew Gunning (North Carolina), 4:43

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