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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    Team Performance in the NCAA Quarters/Semis/Finals (2017-22)

    2x NCAA champion Aaron Brooks of Penn State (Photo/Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    Last week we looked at the bloodround., its importance, and which teams have found the most success in the NCAA Round of 12. Today, we're examining the top-half of the NCAA bracket and the money rounds. The quarterfinals, the semis, and the finals. As one may expect, Penn State dominates all three of those rounds. But to the extent in which they dominate is difficult to fathom. For instance, the Nittany Lions are 24-2 in the NCAA semifinals over the last five NCAA Tournaments (2017-22). For perspective's sake, the team with the second-most wins during that span is Ohio State, who is 8-11.

    Below we have the records of each DI team during the last five NCAA tournaments in these extremely important rounds, starting with the finals and working our way down to the quarters.


    Penn State: 21-3

    Iowa: 4-3

    Cornell: 3-2

    Rutgers: 2-1

    Arizona State, Minnesota, Missouri: 2-2

    Oklahoma State: 2-4

    Ohio State: 2-6

    Iowa State, Lehigh, Northern Iowa, Northwestern: 1-0

    North Carolina, South Dakota State, Stanford: 1-1

    NC State, Virginia Tech: 1-2

    Michigan: 1-4

    Lock Haven, Rider, Wisconsin, Wyoming: 0-1

    Illinois, Nebraska, Pittsburgh, Princeton, Virginia: 0-2


    Penn State: 24-2

    Ohio State: 8-11

    Iowa: 7-8

    Oklahoma State: 6-5

    Michigan: 5-10

    Cornell: 5-4

    Minnesota: 4-1

    Arizona State, Missouri: 4-5

    Rutgers: 3-3

    NC State, Virginia Tech: 3-6

    Illinois, South Dakota State: 2-0

    Nebraska, Pittsburgh, Stanford, Virginia: 2-1

    North Carolina, Princeton: 2-3

    Lock Haven, Rider: 2-1

    Iowa State: 1-1

    Northern Iowa, Northwestern, Wisconsin, Wyoming: 1-2

    Lehigh: 1-3

    Bucknell, Central Michigan, Kent State, Oklahoma, Oregon State: 0-1

    Duke, Utah Valley: 0-2

    Cal Poly: 0-3


    Penn State: 26-7

    Ohio State: 19-7

    Michigan: 15-5

    Iowa: 15-15

    Oklahoma State: 11-10

    Cornell: 9-2

    NC State: 9-7

    Arizona State: 9-8

    Missouri: 9-10

    Virginia Tech: 9-11

    Rutgers: 6-3

    Princeton: 5-2

    North Carolina: 5-3

    Minnesota: 5-7

    Lehigh: 4-7

    Cal Poly: 3-1

    Pittsburgh, Virginia, Wyoming: 3-3

    Stanford: 3-4

    Wisconsin: 3-5

    Northern Iowa: 3-6

    Northwestern: 3-7

    Nebraska: 3-11

    Duke, Utah Valley: 2-1

    Iowa State, South Dakota State: 2-2

    Illinois: 2-4

    Bucknell, Kent State: 1-1

    Central Michigan, Oklahoma: 1-2

    Lock Haven: 1-3

    Rider: 1-5

    Oregon State: 1-7

    Appalachian State, Army West Point, Buffalo, Clarion, Drexel, Eastern Michigan, Maryland, Navy, Northern Illinois, Penn, SIU Edwardsville: 0-1

    Binghamton, North Dakota State, Purdue: West Virginia: 0-2

    Old Dominion: 0-3

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