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    Riordan's Roundup: Dec. 17 - Dec. 23

    This week's roundup is, to say the least, puny. But let us take this time of joy and cheer to remember that the holiday season is the very thing which makes wrestling, particularly college wrestling, so intensely challenging. While the rest of the country is engaged in light-hearted and joyful festivities, often nestled deeply within the cushy inner sanctums of family, wrestlers are only afforded but the most meager respite. Many are allowed only the briefest visits back home, to be snatched away indifferently by the callous hand of their wrestling obligations.

    Christmas parties are fun, sleeping late is nice, and eggnog (properly mixed) makes you feel so warm and delightful on the inside. College wrestlers must sacrifice these pleasures to a great degree, and often times denying oneself during the holidays proves unbearable. Do not forget that the vast majority of college wrestlers do forgo all this in spite of the fact that they won't ever be an All-American and that they receive little to no scholarship money. Nothing keeps these wrestlers in competition save their love for the sport. All they must do is say, "I quit" and they can return to a normal and comfortable existence; nobody should think less of any of them for taking this route. However, many trudge on with their mouths shut, backs bent against their burden. Writers and fans rarely pay attention to these brave souls, and it is to them that I would most whole heartedly wish a Merry Christmas, may the joy of this holiday find them despite all the pleasures they have had to spurn.

    Dual Meets

    Friday, Dec. 21:

    Old Dominion 23, American 9

    Pitt 26, Clarion 15

    Thursday, Dec. 20:

    American 23, George Mason 9

    Pittsburgh 38, Cleveland State 6
    By the way, I think I should point out that Pitt is an awfully good wrestling team. Coach Stottlemyer has been producing standout individuals for some time, but now he has developed a very impressive lineup, top to bottom.

    Tuesday, Dec. 18:

    Bloomsburg 18, Buffalo 15
    At 133, Nick Wilcox of Bloomsburg knocks off 18th-ranked Erik Galloway. At 165, Bloomsburg's Josh Veltre continues to quietly excel, beating 17th-ranked Mark Lewandowski, 3-2. I bet readers are sick of me crowing about how impressed I am with Bloomsburg, so I'll stay silent on that account.

    Kent State 29, Northern Illinois 9

    Tuesday, Dec. 17:

    Iowa 39, Buffalo 3
    Mark Lewandowski, ranked 17th at 165, beats Iowa's 19th-ranked Nick Moore. But there is good news for Hawk fans as Mike Evans looks like a terror at 174. Evans, ranked seventh, puts it on 17th-ranked John-Martin Cannon, 14-1.

    Corey Lear
    Oklahoma State 37, Bucknell 6
    Super-duper deluxe upset here as Bucknell's Corey Lear (then-No. 16) sends shockwaves with his victory over then-third-ranked Tyler Caldwell.

    Here's wishing a wonderful holiday to all of my readers, I have appreciated the wonderful feedback. Now, on to that eggnog ...

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