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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Ranked Wrestlers Who Did Not Earn NCAA Allocations

    NCAA DI Conference allocations have been released! As soon as they were posted by the NCAA wrestling coaches, fans, media members and everyone else in between frantically scrolled through them to see which weight classes had earned “how many” allocations for the 2024 NCAA Championships. 

    The way that these were generated, there will always be room left over for at-large bids. All ten weight classes had between four and six berths reserved for at-larges. Some basic math skills will show that there will always be a few ranked wrestlers who do not earn automatic qualifying bids for their respective conference. 

    So who are they? We’ve gone through and noted the wrestlers who are currently in InterMat’s top-33, yet did not earn bids for their conference. This doesn’t mean they can’t wrestle in Kansas City, they just need to place within the number of berths given to their weight class - or rely on a at-large. 

    For each weight class, we’ve noted the at-large’s available, as well. For some weights, the at-large number matches the number of ranked wrestlers who didn’t earn bids. 

    Other weights are where it gets dicey. For example, 133 lbs has five at-large berths available, but six ranked wrestlers who didn’t earn bids. That means, in a best case scenario, one ranked wrestler will miss out on the trip to Kansas City. That is only if everything goes as expected. What’s more likely is there will be some unranked wrestlers that steal slots at the national tournament and push even more ranked wrestlers out. 

    133, 141, 149, 157, 174, and 184 all have negative deficits between the at-larges and ranked wrestlers. 

    If you’re looking for the wrestlers who actually did earn allocations, the Seton Hall Pirate has made an Allocation List , which is extremely helpful for these exercises. 


    125 lbs

    At-Large: 6

    125: ACC (2) - #28 Spencer Moore: (North Carolina)

    125: Big 12 (6) - #26 Trever Anderson (Northern Iowa), #27 Kysen Terukina: (Iowa State), #32 Eli Griffin (California Baptist)

    125: Big Ten (9)

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