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  • Photo: Nick Zeller-Singh

    Photo: Nick Zeller-Singh

    2023 Pac-12 Championships Final Results and NCAA Qualifiers

    2022 Pac-12 Champion Brandon Kaylor at Oregon State (photo courtesy of Nick Zeller-Singh)

    2023 Pac-12 Championships

    Final Results

    Team Scores

    1st) Oregon State 123.5
    2nd) Stanford 113.5
    3rd) Cal Poly 112
    4th) Arizona State 110.5
    5th) Little Rock 82
    6th) CSU Bakersfield 58

    Championship Finals

    125 lbs - Brandon Kaylor (Oregon State) dec Brandon Courtney (Arizona State) 2-2RTTB
    133 lbs - Michael McGee (Arizona State) dec Jason Shaner (Oregon State) 6-1
    141 lbs - Cleveland Belton (Oregon State) fall Emilio Ysaguirre (Arizona State) 6:05
    149 lbs - Kyle Parco (Arizona State) dec Jaden Abas (Stanford) 2-1
    157 lbs - Daniel Cardenas (Stanford) maj Luka Wick (Cal Poly) 13-4
    165 lbs - Matthew Olguin (Oregon State) dec Shane Griffith (Stanford) 2-2RTTB
    174 lbs - Aaron Olmos (Oregon State) dec Tyler Eischens (Stanford) 3-1
    184 lbs - Trent Munoz (Oregon State) dec Anthony Montalvo (Arizona State) 5-2
    197 lbs - Bernie Truax (Cal Poly) dec Nick Stemmet (Stanford) 7-6
    285 lbs - Cohlton Schultz (Arizona State) fall Trevor Tinker (Cal Poly) 2:47

    Third Place Bouts

    125 lbs - Antonio Lorenzo (Cal Poly) dec Nico Provo (Stanford) 7-4
    133 lbs - Ethan Rotondo (Cal Poly) dec Jackson DiSaro (Stanford) 6-1
    141 lbs - Lawrence Saenz (Cal Poly) dec Jason Miranda (Stanford) 3-2
    149 lbs - Dom Demas (Cal Poly) dec Joey Bianchi (Little Rock) 7-3
    157 lbs - Isaiah Crosby (Oregon State) maj Matt Bianchi (Little Rock) 16-7
    165 lbs - Legend Lamer (Cal Poly) maj Tyler Brennan (Little Rock) 9-0
    174 lbs - Cael Valencia (Arizona State) dec Brawley Lamer (Cal Poly) 6-4
    184 lbs - Brook Byers (Stanford) dec Jarad Priest (Cal Poly) 6-5
    197 lbs - Tanner Harvey (Oregon State) maj Matt Weinert (Little Rock) 15-4
    285 lbs - Josiah Hill (Little Rock) dec JJ Dixon (Oregon State)

    True Second Place Bout

    174 lbs - Cael Valencia (Arizona State) dec Tyler Eischens (Stanford) 6-5

    Automatic Qualifiers

    Arizona State: Brandon Courtney (125), Michael McGee (133), Kyle Parco (149), Cael Valencia (174), Cohlton Schultz (285)

    Cal Poly: Antonio Lorenzo (125), Ethan Rotondo (133), Bernie Truax (197)

    Oregon State: Brandon Kaylor (125), Jason Shaner (133), Cleveland Belton (141), Matthew Olguin (165), Aaron Olmos (174), Trent Munoz (184), Tanner Harvey (197)

    Stanford: Jadon Abas (149), Daniel Cardenas (157), Shane Griffith (165), Nick Stemmet (197)

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