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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    NCAA DI Rankings Updated (2/6/2024)

    We've got a new number one at 141 lbs! After Beau Bartlett's big win over Jesse Mendez, coupled with the previous number one Real Woods losing via major decision to Sergio Lemley, Bartlett has ascended to number one. Yesterday on The First Word, Willie Saylor, speculated that this was probably happening, but also mentioned the possibility of a "mulligan." In this case, I don't think a mulligan is warranted as you have an undefeated Bartlett who just beat Lemley last week. Also, a major decision is much different than a loss in tiebreakers, for instance. Whether or not a mulligan is used also depends on the weight class around the wrestler who potentially drops. We saw this last week at 141 lbs, when Jack/McNeil were both upset, but sat in front of some quality wrestlers who they've beaten head-to-head. 

    Amazingly, this is the first new number one at the final eight weights. 125 lbs has been crazy and went through a handful of top-ranked wrestlers, while there's also been some upheaval at 133, as well. The other weight classes have seen their number one's maintain that ranking throughout the entire year. This also could be a moot point as Bartlett/Woods clash this Friday night. 

    For the full rankings: Click Here

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