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  • Photo: Photo/Sam Janicki

    Photo: Photo/Sam Janicki

    Matside Recap: Who's Number One

    Drake Ayala gets his hand raised after beating Richard Figueroa (Photo/Sam Janicki, SJanickiPhoto.com)

    The high schoolers took the spotlight this weekend in the wrestling world as some of the top prospects in the country took to the mats at Who's Number One. The event featured several top recruits headed to schools such as Penn State, Iowa, Oklahoma State and Nebraska. The card also featured an upset of No. 1-ranked wrestler in InterMat's top-100 seniors ranking. As always Richard Mann and Clay Sauertieg cover every minute of action.

    0:00 - Open and overall impression
    3:05 - Jesse Mendez vs. Jordan Williams
    6:08 - Kylie Welker vs. Skylar Hattendorf
    8:45 - Lenny Pinto vs. Rylan Rogers
    12:33 - Dean Peterson vs. Jordan Titus (Match of the Night)
    16:50 - Victor Voinovich vs. Jagger Condomitti
    19:10 - Chase Horne vs. Kyonte Hamilton
    24:12 - Nick Feldman vs. Kyle Haas (Performance of the Night)
    27:23 - Cody Chittum vs. Wyatt Henson
    30:26 - Tate Picklo vs. Seth Shumate
    32:48 - Mia Palumbo vs. Sage Mortimer
    35:11 - Paddy Gallagher vs. Travis Mastrogiovanni
    37:35 - Jesse Mendez vs. Joel Vandervere
    41:02 Drake Ayala vs. Richard Figueroa (Upset of the Night)
    45:26 - Alex Facundo vs. Cael Valencia
    49:54 - Plugs and closing

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