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  • Photo: Photo/Sam Janicki

    Photo: Photo/Sam Janicki

    Matside Recap: Senior Nationals

    Benji Peak celebrates after beating Calvin Germinaro in the Senior Nationals Greco-Roman finals (Photo/Sam Janicki, SJanickiPhoto.com)

    The Matside is back to discuss the finals of the 2020 Senior Nationals in all three styles. Richard Mann and Clay Sauertieg break down the 16 Senior Nationals finals matches in Greco Roman, women's wrestling and freestyle. The two touch on a variety of topics including the offensive dynamo that is Benji Peak, a shootout between Lauren Louive and Xochitl Mota-Pettis as well as the continuation of Logan Massa's freestyle hot streak.

    0:00 - Open
    1:09 - Alex Thomsen vs. Mosha Schwartz
    4:30 - Benji Peak vs. Calvin Germinaro
    7:08 - Kendrick Sanders vs. Patrick Smith
    8:26 - Alan Vera vs. Joe Rau
    11:13 - Nicholas Boykin vs. Chad Porter
    12:36 - Cohlton Schultz vs. West Cathcart
    15:54 - Sarah Hildebrandt vs. Amy Fearnside
    18:38 - Katherine Shai vs. Ronna Heaton
    20:39 - Lauren Louive vs. Xochitl Mota-Pettis (Match of the Finals)
    24:58 - Jennifer Page vs. Macey Kilty
    29:13 - Forrest Molinari vs. Skylar Grote
    30:38 - Adeline Gray vs. Victoria Francis
    32:52 - Vito Arujau vs. Dylan Ragusin
    38:29 - Andrew Alirez vs. Evan Henderson
    41:31 - Logan Massa vs. Anthony Valencia
    45:26 - Gabe Dean vs. Nathan Jackson
    47:58 - Kollin Moore vs. Kyven Gadson
    51:20 - Mason Parris vs. Tanner Hall
    55:50 - Plugs and closing

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