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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    Every EIWA Head Coaching Hire Since 2000

    Cary Kolat (right) was hired by Navy following the 2019-20 season (Photo/Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)
    Last week, American University announced the hiring of Jason Borrelli as their new head coach for the 2021-22 campaign. With the EIWA head coaching carousel finished spinning (for new), we at InterMat have decided to look at all of the coaching hires by conference schools since 2000. American, like a handful of others, has not been in the EIWA for that entire time period, but for intents and purposes of this article, we will document all the schools currently in the league.

    American (Joined EIWA in 2002-03; previously in CAA)

    Jason Borrelli (2021-22) replaced Interim HC Jason Grimes (2021)

    Jason Grimes (2021) replaced Teague Moore (2011-21)

    Teague Moore (2011-21) replaced Mark Cody (2002-03)

    Mark Cody (2002-03) replaced Rob Puzio (2000-02)

    Army West Point

    Kevin Ward (2014-15) replaced Joe Heskett (2010-14)

    Joe Heskett (2010-14) replaced Chuck Barbee (2000-10)

    Binghamton (Joined EIWA in 2013-14; previously in CAA)

    Kyle Borshoff (2017-18) replaced Matt Dernlan (2012-17)

    Matt Dernlan (2012-17) replaced Pat Popolizio (2007-12)

    Pat Popolizio (2007-12) replaced Tony Robie (2005-06)

    Tony Robie (2005-06) hired as program was reinstated


    Todd Beckerman (2013-14) replaced Dave Amato (1983-2013)


    Dan Wirnsberger (2005-06) hired as program was reinstated

    Tim Wittman (2000-02) replaced John Hangey (1997-2000)


    Zach Tanelli (2016-17) replaced Carl Fronhofer (2011-16)

    Carl Fronhofer (2011-16) replaced Brendan Buckley (2000-11)


    Rob Koll (1993-2021)

    Drexel (Joined EIWA in 2013-14; previously in CAA)

    Matt Azevedo (2011-21) replaced Jack Childs (1976-2011)

    Franklin & Marshall

    Mike Rogers (2010-21) replaced Pete Schuyler (1998-2010)


    Jay Weiss (1995-2021)

    Hofstra (Joined EIWA in 2013-14; previously in CAA)

    Dennis Papadatos (2014-21) replaced Rob Anspach (2011-14)

    Rob Anspach (2011-14) replaced Tom Shifflett (2006-11)

    Tom Shifflett (2006-11) replaced Tom Ryan (1997-06)


    Pat Santoro (2008-21) replaced Greg Strobel (1996-08)

    Long Island (Joined EIWA in 2019-20; previously known as LIU Post in Division II)

    Joe Patrovich (2014-21) hired as program was reinstated


    Cary Kolat (2020-21) replaced Joel Sharratt (2014-20)

    Joel Sharratt (2014-20) replaced Brian Antonelli (2013-14)

    Brian Antonelli (2013-14) replace Bruce Burnett (2000-13)


    Roger Reina (2017-21) replaced Alex Tirapelle (2014-17)

    Alex Tirapelle (2014-17) replaced Rob Eiter (2008-14)

    Zeke Jones (2005-08) replaced Roger Reina (1986-2005)


    Chris Ayres (2006-21) replaced Michael New (1998-2006)

    Sacred Heart (Joined EIWA in 2011-12; previously in East Region 2010-11; previously in CAA)

    John Clark (2017-21) replaced Andy Lausier (2011-17)

    Andy Lausier (2011-17) replaced Casey Brewster (2007-11)

    Casey Brewster (2007-11) replace Andy Seras (2002-07)

    Andy Seras (2002-07) replaced Brian Reardon (1999-02)

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