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  • Photo: Hofstra Athletics

    Photo: Hofstra Athletics

    EIWA Weekly Recap (12/26/2023)

    Below is a recap of last week’s EIWA action, with individual news and highlights worth noting.

    Key Takeaways 

    • Navy shuts out American to remain undefeated
    • Binghamton wrestlers claim 5 titles between the Sheridan Tournament and Wilkes Open
    • Lehigh claims 3 champs at Sheridan Tournament 
    • Hofstra goes undefeated 3-0 on the weekend


    American faced off against EIWA foe Navy at home. Although American did not win any matches, they almost pulled out three wins – two of them would have been potential upsets. We did not see #15 Jack Maida compete in the match. Leete lost in overtime to #22 Ferretti at 133 lbs while Bourne lost to #27 Key at 184 lbs. 

    #16 Navy 38 – American 0 

    125 - Dayton DelViscio (Navy) dec. Shamil Kalmatov (AU), 11-10 (Navy 3-0)

    133 - #22 Brendan Ferretti (Navy) dec. Maximilian Leete (AU), 4-1 SV (Navy 6-0)

    141 - #19 Josh Koderhandt (Navy) major dec. Raymond Lopez (AU), 14-5 (Navy 10-0)

    149 - Luke Lucerne (Navy) dec. Ryan Zimmerman (AU), 13-7 (Navy 13-0)

    157 - Jonathan Lay (Navy) dec. Jack Nies (AU), 7-3 (Navy 16-0)

    165 - #20 Andrew Cerniglia (Navy) tech. fall Breon Phifer (AU), 16-0 (4:17) (Navy 21-0)

    174 - #19 Danny Wask (Navy) major dec. Lucas White (AU), 9-0 (Navy 25-0)

    184 - #27 David Key (Navy) dec. Connor Bourne (AU), 2-0 (Navy 28-0)

    197 - Jacob Lucas (Navy) major dec. Liam Volk-Klos (AU), 16-4 (Navy 32-0)

    285 - #14 Grady Griess (Navy) pinned Emmanuel Ulrich (AU), 2:35 (Navy 38-0)

    The Eagles will be on the road after the New Year with a dual at Michigan State. There will be some wrestlers at the F&M Open as well. 


    The Black Knights were in Pennsylvania this weekend – represented at two events. The Sheridan Tournament was hosted by Lehigh and Army had five place winners of the seven competing. Leading the way were Ben Pasiuk (174 lbs) and Gunner Filipowicz (165 lbs). They were both competing to get matches at their new weight classes after dropping down from the beginning of the season. At 285 lbs, Austin Kohlhofer was 3rd place. Dakota Morris and Wolfgang Frable were both 4th place at 165 lbs and 197 lbs, respectively. 

    At the Wilkes Open, they had 11 placewinners. Andrew Christie led the team with a runner-up finish at 165 lbs. In 3rd were Conor Collins (133 lbs), Joe Couch (125 lbs), and Shane Percelay (141 lbs). Wrestling unattached for Army was Tanner Craig at 165lbs. We dominated the day winning four pins and one tech fall. 

    The next event for Army is after the New Year at the F&M Open. 


    Binghamton was also at the Sheridan and Wilkes Open. They had a few champs in both events. At Wilkes, Carson Wagner (125 lbs), Micah Roes (133 lbs) and Michael Zarif (149 lbs) were all champs. Zarif had a notable win over 2022 NCAA Qualifier, Farber from Lock Haven. Ivan Garcia (141 lbs) and William Ebert (174 lbs) were runners-up.   

    They claimed two champs at the Sheridan. Jacob Nolan (#20 @ 184 lbs). He had a win over #32 Rogotzke of Indiana. #14 Lou DePrez (197 lbs) has returned for another semester, and cruised to a title with three of four wins coming via bonus. At 141 lbs, Nate Lucier walked away with 4th. 

    The Bearcats will be in action at the F&M Open the first week of January. 


    The Bears were in Bethlehem for the Sheridan Tournament. Hunter Adrian was the lone placer He ended the day in 3rd place at 133lbs. Interestingly, this was only the 3rd event for Brown this season thus far. They will have some wrestlers in the lineup this upcoming semester who were not on the roster the first half of the year. Once this squad gets mat time, be prepared to see much improvement. 


    The Bison were off from competition for the holiday break. Bucknell will be on the mats for the Southern Scuffle on New Year’s Day. 


    Columbia will be back in Iowa during the holidays when they compete at the Soldier Salute. 

    Cornell (#8)

    Cornell had a single competitor at the Sheridan Tournament. Nick Wade placed 4th at 149 lbs. He outplaced Josh Saunders, wrestling unattached. 

    The Big Red will be in action with competitive duals at #12 Ohio State and hosting #8 Virginia Tech the first weekend back after the new year. 


    The Dragons were enjoying the break. Drexel will return to action on New Year’s Day at the Southern Scuffle. 

    Franklin & Marshall 

    The Diplomats had a handful of competitors at the Sheridan Tournament. Jackson Parker (125 lbs) placed 4th, as did Drew Currier at 133 lbs. F&M had several starters taking this event off, as they will be at the Midlands next week. 


    Harvard was also off this weekend. The Crimson will be off until the holiday break when they compete at the Midlands. 


    Hofstra ended the first semester on a high note, earning 3 wins over Morgan State, Bloomsburg, and Edinboro. We saw Dylan Ryder up at 133 lbs where he secured three wins – two by bonus points. He will eventually be back down to 125 lbs. Jurius Clark was 3-0 on the week at 157 lbs. Ross McFarland was dominant in his 3-0 week. Hofstra saw Will Conlon go 3-0 at 184 lbs. #21 Keaton Kluever had two falls and a major decision. He remains the only ranked wrestler for Hofstra at the moment. 

    Hofstra 37, Morgan State 3

    125 - Dylan Acevedo (HOF) over Julian Dawson (MSU): 16-6 MD

    133 - Dylan Ryder (HOF) over Kevin Lopez (MSU): 15-0 TF

    141 - Alex Turley (HOF) over Tommy Fiero (MSU): 11-3 Dec

    149 - Noah Tapia (HOF) over Aaron Turner (MSU): 11-1 MD

    157 - Jurius Clark (HOF) over Josh Greenwood (MSU): 14-1 MD

    165 - Jake Marsh (MSU) over Joe McGinty (HOF): 7-3 Dec

    174 - Ross McFarland (HOF) over Kyle Grey (MSU): 6-0 Dec

    184 - Will Conlon (HOF) over Kingsley Menifee (MSU): 6-4 Dec

    197 - Nikolas Miller (HOF) over Nathanic Kendricks (MSU): 13-2 MD

    285 - #21 Keaton Kluever (HOF) over Tyler Stewart (MSU): Fall

    165 (ex): Greyson Harris (HOF) over Shaymus MacIntosh (MSU): Fall

    Hofstra 27, Bloomsburg 14

    125 - Bronson Garber (BLOOM) over Dylan Acevedo (HOF): 4-1 Dec               

    133: Dylan Ryder (HOF) over Major Lewis (BLOOM): Fall                  

    141: Alex Turley (HOF) over Michael Cassidy (BLOOM): 2-1 Dec

    149: Cade Balestrini (BLOOM) over Noah Tapia (HOF): 5-2 (ot) Dec

    157: Jurius Clark (HOF) over William Morrow (BLOOM): 5-1 Dec

    165: Caden Dobbins (BLOOM) over Joe McGinty (HOF): 15-0 TF

    174: Ross McFarland (HOF) over Josh Bonomo (BLOOM): Fall  

    184: Will Conlon (HOF) over Tanner Culver (BLOOM): 6-2 Dec

    197: David Tuttle (BLOOM) over Nikolas Miller (HOF): 11-8 Dec

    285: Keaton Kluever (HOF) over Tyler McCatharn (BLOOM): Fall

    Hofstra 27, Edinboro 9

    125: Caleb Edwards (EU) dec. Dylan Acevedo (HU), 7-1 (3-0)

    133: Dylan Ryder (HU) dec. Jacob Brenneman (EU), 9-3 (3-3)

    141: Anthony Ferraro (EU) dec. Alex Turley (HU), 8-1 (6-3)

    149: Noah Tapia (HU) dec. Colin Roberts (EU), 6-2 (6-6)

    157: Jurius Clark (HU) major dec. Steffan Lynch (EU), 10-1 (6-10)

    165: Jake Slotnick (HU) major dec. Max Kirby (EU), 17-7 (6-14)

    174: Ross McFarland (HU) wbf. Joey Arnold (EU), 0:57 (6-20)

    184: Will Conlon (HU) dec. Brody Evans (EU), 7-2 (6-23)

    197: Jack Kilner (EU) dec. Nikolas Miller (HU), 4-1 (sv-1), (9-23)

    285: #21 Keaton Kluever major dec. Jack Lodato (EU), 15-4 (9-27)

    Lehigh #28

    The Mountain Hawks hosted the Sheridan Tournament. They had a plethora of placewinners. Sheldon Seymour (125 lbs), #26 Max Brignola (157 lbs), and #10 Nathan Taylor (285 lbs) were crowned winners. JT Davis was in 2nd place at 197 lbs, as was Malyke Hines at 141 lbs. #11 Hines lost to #15 Moore of Rutgers in the final. At 149 lbs, Lehigh had Drew Munch finish runner-up, Kelvin Griffin 4th, as Owen Reinsel was forced to medically forfeit out. The three of them are still in the mix to be named the starter. At 184 lbs, Jack Wilt was 3rd. The Mountain Hawks have a logjam at 141 and 149 lbs. There is a ton of talent in these two weights, but only two will be the guy come March. 

    Lehigh will be in action with a dual vs Binghamton and Cornell the second weekend in January. 

    Long Island 

    The Sharks added another win to their season total. This win was a dominant one over Edinboro. The team won nine of ten bouts, two of them by bonus points. They now have four wins this season in their six dual meets. Last year’s win total was three wins. The Sharks are a team showing exponential improvement. 

    LIU 29 - Edinboro 3

    125: Robbie Sagaris (LIU) won by decision over Caleb Edwards (Edinboro), 4-0. LIU leads 3-0.

    133: Jacob Brenneman (Edinboro) won by decision over Christopher Betancourt (LIU), 8-6.

    Teams Tied 3-3.

    141: Devin Mathews (LIU) won by decision over Anthony Ferraro (Edinboro), 6-1. LIU leads 6-3.

    149: Drew Witham (LIU) won by major decision over Colin Roberts (Edinboro), 11-2. Lead leads


    157: Rhise Royster (LIU) won by decision over Luke Kemerer (Edinboro), 4-1. LIU leads 13-3.

    165: James Johnston (LIU) won by decision over Max Kirby (Edinboro), 8-2. LIU leads 16-3.

    174: Blake Bahna (LIU) won by decision over Joey Arnold (Edinboro), 7-6. LIU leads 19-3.

    184: Anthony D’Alesio (LIU) won by decision over Brody Evans (Edinboro), 4-1 in OT. LIU leads


    197: John Dusza (LIU) won by major decision over Nick Lodato (Edinboro), 14-2. LIU leads 26-3.

    285: Aeden Begue (LIU) won by decision over Jack Kilner (Edinboro), 6-0. LIU wins 29-3. 

    LIU will be back to competing at the F&M Open. 

    Navy #15

    The Midshipmen remained undefeated on the year with a shutout win over American in an EIWA matchup. They used four bonus point victories to end the first half of the season. 

    #16 Navy 38 – American 0 

    125 - Dayton DelViscio (Navy) dec. Shamil Kalmatov (AU), 11-10 (Navy 3-0)

    133 - #22 Brendan Ferretti (Navy) dec. Maximilian Leete (AU), 4-1 SV (Navy 6-0)

    141 - #19 Josh Koderhandt (Navy) major dec. Raymond Lopez (AU), 14-5 (Navy 10-0)

    149 - Luke Lucerne (Navy) dec. Ryan Zimmerman (AU), 13-7 (Navy 13-0)

    157 - Jonathan Lay (Navy) dec. Jack Nies (AU), 7-3 (Navy 16-0)

    165 - #20 Andrew Cerniglia (Navy) tech. fall Breon Phifer (AU), 16-0 (4:17) (Navy 21-0)

    174 - #19 Danny Wask (Navy) major dec. Lucas White (AU), 9-0 (Navy 25-0)

    184 - #27 David Key (Navy) dec. Connor Bourne (AU), 2-0 (Navy 28-0)

    197 - Jacob Lucas (Navy) major dec. Liam Volk-Klos (AU), 16-4 (Navy 32-0)

    285 - #14 Grady Griess (Navy) pinned Emmanuel Ulrich (AU), 2:35 (Navy 38-0)

    Navy is the last remaining undefeated team in the conference. They have wins over ranked teams in Pitt and Illinois. The remaining ranked teams on the schedule are #13 South Dakota State, #30 Wisconsin, #28 Lehigh, and #27 North Carolina. Plus, a slate of EIWA matches – it is very well possible Navy will end the season with an undefeated dual record. 

    Penn #20

    The Quakers will head into the break with plenty of rest. They will pick back up at The Midlands just before the new year.


    The Tigers were another team not competing this past weekend. Next on the agenda for Princeton is The Midlands between Christmas and New Year’s. 

    Sacred Heart 

    Sacred Heart’s home opener occurred just before the break. They hosted Edinboro, but fell 27-14. At 165lbs, Scott Jarosz won by major. Jake Ice was a winner by major decision at 125lbs. Andrew Fallon earned a forfeit for the final win. 

    Edinboro 27 – Sacred Heart 14

    141 – Anthony Ferraro (EU) def. Chris Naegele (SHU) by Decision, 6-3

    149 – Colin Roberts (EU) def. Mike McGhee (SHU) by Major Decision, 11-2

    157 – Luke Kemerer (EU) def. Brandon Teresa (SHU) by Decision, 6-1

    165 – Scott Jarosz (SHU) def. Max Kirby (EU) by Major Decision, 11-1

    174 – Joey Arnold (EU) def. Owen Ayotte (SHU) by Major Decision, 15-2

    184 – Brody Evans (EU) def. Logan Michael (SHU) by Tech Fall, 20-3

    197 – Jack Kilner (EU) def. Jake Trovato (SHU) by Tech Fall, 19-3

    285 – Nick Lodato (EU) def. Marc Berisha (SHU) by Decision, 4-1

    125 – Jake Ice (SHU) def. Eamonn Jimenez (EU) by Major Decision, 10-2

    133 – Andrew Fallon (SHU) won by forfeit (EU)

    The Pioneers will return to competition with a tri-meet against Queens University of Charlotte and VMI. 

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