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    Conference Crossover Conversation (2/22/2024)

    Ryan Holmes is joined by ACC correspondent Robbie Wendell and EIWA correspondent Austin Sommer to discuss all of the latest happenings in the collegiate wrestling world. They recap the top-ten dual between Cornell and NC State, along with the rest of the ACC. Austin talks Army/Navy from the EIWA. Also discussed are Minnesota's winning streak, Penn State/Nebraska and some of the week's upcoming duals.

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    Cardenas was a U23 Bronze this year, and U23 Silver last year..never won a Gold. 

    Cornella was really hurt, had to be carried off the mat vs Mizzou cause of Knee. I was at the match and I’m honestly surprised that he’s gonna be back for Binghamton tomorrow so the only other guy missing from Cornell is Vito. I know a lot of people act as if Cornell’s  was missing half their line up, but thats not the case. One could argue that really, it was just Vito missing because I’m not sure Cornella  would’ve done much better than Saunders did against Jack. But Cornell had 8 starters in 

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    Vito missing always stings. Cornell is 11-4 on the year and Vito missing all 4 losses.  The difference with this door was had Vito been in Cornell. Still loses the match if Vito is in against Ohio State and Lehigh, they only lost two by one point each, and clearly Cornell wins. Those two is him being out in those two matches were at the very least of nine point swing had Vito been in against Iowa State along with having Meyer and Ramirez and then Cornell Wednesday match to when you do the math on it, this one, not a chance 

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