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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    2023 Big 12 Semifinal Results

    Top-seeded 165 lber David Carr (photo courtesy of Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    Day One Team Scores

    1st) Missouri 135
    2nd) Iowa State 112
    3rd) Oklahoma State 102.5
    4th) Oklahoma 78
    5th) South Dakota State 69.5
    6th) North Dakota State 67.5
    7th) Air Force 57.5
    8th) Northern Iowa 57
    9th) Northern Colorado 42
    10th) West Virginia 31.5
    11th) Wyoming 30
    12th) Utah Valley 26
    13th) California Baptist 1

    Championship Semifinal Results

    125 lbs - Stevo Poulin (Northern Colorado) dec Reece Witcraft (Oklahoma State) 8-6SV
    125 lbs - Noah Surtin (Missouri) dec Joey Prata (Oklahoma) 5-3

    133 lbs - Daton Fix (Oklahoma State) maj Connor Brown (Missouri) 11-3
    133 lbs - Zach Redding (Iowa State) dec Kyle Biscoglia (Northern Iowa) 4-1

    141 lbs - Andrew Alirez (Northern Colorado) InjDef Carter Young (Oklahoma State)
    141 lbs - Allan Hart (Missouri) fall Mosha Schwartz (Oklahoma) 6:09

    149 lbs - Brock Mauller (Missouri) dec Victor Voinovich (Oklahoma State) 7-1
    149 lbs - Paniro Johnson (Iowa State) dec Colin Realbuto (Northern Iowa) 3-2

    157 lbs - Jared Franek (North Dakota State) dec Cael Swensen (South Dakota State) 3-2
    157 lbs - Kaden Gfeller (Oklahoma State) dec Jacob Wright (Wyoming) 5-2TB

    165 lbs - David Carr (Iowa State) dec Peyton Hall (West Virginia) 3-1
    165 lbs - Keegan O'Toole (Missouri) dec Michael Caliendo (North Dakota State) 8-3

    174 lbs - Peyton Mocco (Missouri) dec Tate Picklo (Oklahoma) 6-5
    174 lbs - Dustin Plott (Oklahoma State) fall Sam Wolf (Air Force) 2:17

    184 lbs - Parker Keckeisen (Northern Iowa) dec Colton Hawks (Air Force) 7-5
    184 lbs - Marcus Coleman (Iowa State) dec Travis Wittlake (Oklahoma State) 5-3

    197 lbs - Tanner Sloan (South Dakota State) maj Luke Surber (Oklahoma State) 12-1
    197 lbs - Rocky Elam (Missouri) dec Yonger Bastida (Iowa State) 6-0

    285 lbs - Wyatt Hendrickson (Air Force) tech AJ Nevills (South Dakota State) 16-1
    285 lbs - Sam Schuyler (Iowa State) dec Zach Elam (Missouri) 3-2

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