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  • Photo: Richard Immel

    Photo: Richard Immel

    American Junior World Medalists Across All Three Styles Since 2010

    Daton Fix (left), Maya Nelson (center), Kamal Bey (right) at the 2017 Junior World Championships (Photo courtesy of Richard Immel; RImmelPics.com)

    We're only days away from the start of the Junior World Championships in Ufa, Russia. This will be the first time since 2019 that this tournament will be held. In the past, it has been a window to see some of the future stars domestically and around the world. Five (Gilman, Snyder, Steveson, Maroulis, Gray) of our nine Olympic medalists from 2020 earned Junior World medals at some point during their illustrious careers.

    Below are lists of Americans that have earned Junior World medals since 2010. Hopefully in over a week from now we can add a handful of new names to these lists.

    Men's Freestyle (2015-2019)

    Men's Freestyle (2010-14)

    Women's Freestyle

    Men's Greco-Roman

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