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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    2023 Midlands Men's and Women's Final Results

    Midlands Men’s Final Results

    Team Scores

    1) Penn  127.5

    2) Wisconsin  104.5

    3) West Virginia  100.5

    4) Michigan State  84.5

    5) Illinois  82


    125 lbs

    Championship - Luke Stanich (Lehigh) dec Eli Griffin (California Baptist)  8-7TB

    Third Place - Eric Barnett (Wisconsin) dec Cooper Flynn (Virginia Tech)  1-0

    Fifth Place - Diego Sotelo (Harvard) dec Blake West (Northern Illinois)  11-8

    Seventh Place - Vinny Kilkeary (Ohio State) dec Tristan Lujan (Michigan State)  4-1SV


    133 lbs

    Championship - Dylan Ragusin (Michigan) dec Dylan Shawver (Rutgers)  4-1

    Third Place - Zeth Romney (Cal Poly) maj Michael Colaiocco (Penn)  16-3

    Fifth Place - Sam Latona (Virginia Tech) dec Mason Leiphart (Franklin & Marshall)  6-2

    Seventh Place - Julian Chlebove (Arizona State) MedFFT Marlon Yarbrough (Virginia)


    141 lbs

    Championship - Jordan Titus (West Virginia) tech CJ Composto (Penn)  18-3

    Third Place - Tom Crook (Virginia Tech) dec Danny Pucino (Illinois)  8-4

    Fifth Place - Jordan Hamdan (Michigan State) MedFFT Jimmy Nugent (Central Michigan)

    Seventh Place - Brandon Cannon (Ohio State) dec Dylan Layton (Cleveland State)  9-3


    149 lbs

    Championship - Ty Whalen (Princeton - Unattached) dec Ty Watters (West Virginia)  5-1

    Third Place - Kannon Webster (Illinois) dec Corbyn Munson (Central Michigan)  6-2

    Fifth Place - Cross Wasilewski (Penn RTC) dec Kaleb Burgess (Buffalo)  13-6

    Seventh Place - Caleb Tyus (SIU Edwardsville) dec Sam Cartella (Northwestern)  4-1


    157 lbs

    Championship - Jacori Teemer (Arizona State) dec Trevor Chumbley (Northwestern)  11-6

    Third Place - Lucas Revano (Penn) dec DJ McGee (George Mason)  4-2

    Fifth Place - Johnny Lovett (Central Michigan) dec Colton Washleski (Rider)  10-7

    Seventh Place - Chase Saldate (Michigan State) fall Jimmy Harrington (Harvard)  1:07


    165 lbs

    Championship - Dean Hamiti (Wisconsin) maj Peyton Hall (West Virginia)  11-0

    Third Place - Beau Mantanona (Michigan) dec Maxx Mayfield (Northwestern)  4-1SV

    Fifth Place - Caleb Fish (Michigan State) dec Chris Moore (Illinois)  1-0

    Seventh Place - Luke Gayer (Rutgers) dec Tate Geiser (Cleveland State)  12-6


    174 lbs

    Championship - Edmond Ruth (Illinois) maj Phil Conigliaro (Harvard)  13-4

    Third Place - Nick Incontrera (Penn) dec Max Maylor (Wisconsin)  5-1

    Fifth Place - Brody Conley (West Virginia) MedFFT Justin McCoy (Virginia)

    Seventh Place - Alex Cramer (Central Michigan) MedFFT Adam Kemp (Cal Poly)


    184 lbs

    Championship - Shane Liegel (Wisconsin) dec Max Hale (Penn)  9-6SV

    Third Place - Neil Antrassian (Penn RTC) MedFFT Cody Howard (Virginia Tech)

    Fifth Place - James Conway (Franklin & Marshall) MedFFT Nate Dugan (Princeton)

    Seventh Place - Troy Fisher (Northwestern) dec Hayden Filipovich (Purdue)  7-3


    197 lbs

    Championship - Michael Beard (Lehigh) tech Luke Stout (Princeton)  15-0

    Third Place - Cole Urbas (Penn) dec JT Davis (Lehigh)  1-0

    Fifth Place - Andy Smith (Virginia Tech) MedFFT Cam Caffey (Unattached)

    Seventh Place - Aidan Conner (Princeton) dec Kael Wisler (Michigan State)  8-1


    285 lbs

    Championship - Isaac Trumble (NC State) dec Luke Luffman (Illinois)  2-1

    Third Place - Jim Mullen (Virginia Tech) dec Jacob Bullock (Indiana)  9-6

    Fifth Place - Daulton Mayer (Thomas More) MedFFT Trevor Tinker (Cal Poly)

    Seventh Place - Josh Terrill (Michigan State) fall John Stout (Penn)  :28


    Midlands Women’s Final Results

    Team Scores

    1) North Central  148

    2) McKendree  95.5

    3) Aurora  64.5

    4) Presbyterian  63

    5) Wyoming Seminary  59.5

    101 lbs

    Championship - Madison Nieuwenhuis (Unattached) over Madison Avila (North Central)  Fall 5:20

    Third Place - Lizette Rodriguez (Mckendree) over Genesis Ramirez (Aurora)  9-0

    Fifth Place - Lisa Pastoriza (Wyoming Seminary) over Emma Heslin (Lock Haven)  7-0


    109 lbs

    Championship - Kayla Batres (Unattached) over Kaelani Shufeldt (Lock Haven)  4-2

    Third Place - Rianne Murphy (Wyoming Seminary) over Taylor Whiting (Team Nazar)  10-0

    Fifth Place - Natalie Majer (Unattached) over Alexis Winecke (UW Stevens Point)  14-4


    116 lbs

    Championship - Sydney Petzinger (North Central) over Clare Booe (Wyoming Seminary)  Fall 1:13

    Third Place - Janessa George (North Central) over Julia Vidallon (McKendree)  Fall 1:48

    Fifth Place - Salyna Shotwell (McKendree) over Chloe Ayres (Princeton)  1:46


    123 lbs

    Championship - Amani Jones (North Central) over Carissa Qureshi (Unattached)  2:04

    Third Place - Shelby Moore (McKendree) over Alyssa Mahan (Presbyterian)  10-0

    Fifth Place - Emma Bacon (Wyoming Seminary) over Zhivanna Magdaleno (Northern Michigan)  10-0


    130 lbs

    Championship - Taina Fernandez (Unattached) over Salome Walker (North Central)  10-0

    Third Place - Alexis Janiak (Aurora) over Nichole Moore (McKendree)  10-0

    Fifth Place - Haley Vann (North Central) over Cassia Zammit (Presbyterian)  MedFFT


    136 lbs

    Championship - Marisol Nugent (Sunkist Kids) over Taylor Graveman (North Central)  2:29

    Third Place - Alondra Morales (North Central) over Niya Gaines (North Central)  7-0

    Fifth Place - Sydney Park (North Central) over Amor Tuttle (UW Stevens Point)  7-6


    143 lbs

    Championship - Viktorya Torres (McKendree) over Alexis Gomez (Gomez RTC)  7-4

    Third Place - Alissa Caltagirone (Northern Michigan) over Kendall Bostelman (North Central)  Fall 4:40

    Fifth Place - Maddie Kubicki (Presbyterian) over Lillian Frietas (Unattached)  MedFFT


    155 lbs

    Championship - Tiera Jimerson (North Central) over Noelle Gaffney (Northern Michigan)  3-2

    Third Place - Maddie Hayden (Unattached) over Sarina Bertram (North Central)  8-3

    Fifth Place - Antonia Phillips (Aurora) over Caroline Gilstrap (McKendree)  11-0


    170 lbs

    Championship - Yelena Makoyed (North Central) over Henlee Haynes (Presbyterian)  10-0

    Third Place - Jade Herzer (UW Stevens Point) over Fiona McConnell (North Central)  12-0

    Fifth Place - Tabitha Breitrick (UW Stevens Point) over Ruby Joseph (Northern Michigan)  8-5


    191 lbs

    Championship - Traeh Haynes (North Central) over Caroline Ward (North Central)  10-2

    Third Place - Sydney Manos (Aurora) over Brooke Huffman (Team Nazar)  14-11

    Fifth Place - Logan Ryan (Albion) over Ella Beam (Presbyterian)  MedFFT

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