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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    2022 Last Chance Qualifier Men's Freestyle Placewinners

    79 kg champion Isaiah Martinez (photos courtesy of Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    All of the winners at the ten men's freestyle weight classes will qualify for the World Team Trials next week in Coralville, Iowa.

    Men's Freestyle

    57 kg

    1st - Timothy Levine over Nick Babin 10-0

    3rd - Dalton Henderson over Antonio Mininno 13-9

    61 kg

    1st - Shelton Mack over Nasir Bailey 3-3

    3rd - Christian Gannone over Peter Hammer 14-1

    65 kg

    1st - Joshua Saunders over Brock Zacherl 7-6

    3rd - Dylan Cedeno over Kyle Hauserman 13-6

    70 kg

    1st - Jarod Verkleeren over Christian Monserrat 10-1

    3rd - Ryan Anderson over Jonathan Ross 6-1

    74 kg

    1st - Joey Lavallee over Elroy Perkin 11-0

    3rd - Michael Petite over Shawn Marchesano 10-0

    79 kg

    1st - Isaiah Martinez over Devin Skatzka 13-3

    3rd - Muhamed McBryde over Mickey O'Malley 6-5

    86 kg

    1st - Andrew Morgan over Jonathan Loew 9-8

    3rd - Chris Foca over Connor Strong Fall 5:51

    92 kg

    1st - Nate Jackson over Patrick Davis 10-0

    3rd - Jacob Cardenas FFT Eli Sheeren

    97 kg

    1st - Jason Carter over Jaden Sonner 15-5

    125 kg

    1st - Derek White over Lewis Fernandes 4-1

    3rd - Jake Fernicola over Ryan Higgins 5-1

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