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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    2022-23 DI Wrestling All-Name Team

    Cal Poly's 2x national qualifier Legend Lamer (photos courtesy of Tony Rotundo; WrestlersAreWarriors.com)

    In the midst of all of our season preview-type articles, we decided to take a bit of a more lighthearted look at some of our collegiate wrestlers for the 2022-23 season. Mainly, ones with really cool and perhaps unusual names.

    As someone with the last name Smith, I appreciate someone with a distinct first or last name. While being a Smith in the wrestling world is pretty cool (thanks John and family), outside of wrestling it doesn't carry the same weight and is extremely common.

    Below is a weight-by-weight look at some of the active wrestlers with the best names on the DI level. After that there are some additional categories that other names fit into as well.

    If there are some we missed, please leave them in the comments section!

    Have fun!

    125 lbs

    Patrick Glory (Princeton)

    Kase Mauger (Utah Valley)

    133 lbs

    Krayle Stormer (Oregon State)

    D'Amani Almodovar (Rider)

    141 lbs

    Ryker Johnecheck (Air Force)

    Vince Cornella (Cornell)

    149 lbs

    Brock Mauller (Missouri)

    Cutter Sheets (Oklahoma State)

    157 lbs

    Tyten Volk (Oklahoma)

    Tayten Gillette (Northern Colorado)

    165 lbs

    Legend Lamer (Cal Poly)

    Stoney Buell (Purdue)

    174 lbs

    Brawley Lamer (Cal Poly)

    Orion Thivierge (Navy)

    184 lbs

    Chopper Mordecai (Appalachian State)

    Cameo Blankenship (Davidson)

    197 lbs

    Wolfgang Frable (Army West Point)

    Lathan Duda (North Dakota State)

    285 lbs

    Seamus O'Malley (Stanford)

    Terren Swartz (Wyoming)

    Animal Kingdom

    Terrell Barraclough (Penn State)

    Carter Baer (Binghamton)

    Kodiak Stephens (Oregon State)

    Kodiak Cannedy (Little Rock)

    Caleb Fish (Michigan State)

    Dylan Fishback (NC State)

    Cameron Haddock (Utah Valley)

    Nick Coy (Virginia)

    Dylan Coy (Wisconsin)

    Coy Bastian (Bucknell)

    Sebas Swiggum (Minnesota)

    Gable Fox (Northern Iowa)

    Noah Fox (Franklin & Marshall)

    Wyatt Fox (Lock Haven)

    Tiger Ortiz (Cal Poly)

    Lucas Byrd (Illinois)

    Cooper Birdwell (Oklahoma State)

    Ethan Finch (Pittsburgh)

    Derrick Cardinal (South Dakota State)

    Khristian Dove (CSU Bakersfield)

    Colton Hawks (Missouri)

    Hayden Horsey (Rider)

    Hogan Horsey (Rider)

    Hunter Horsey (Rider)

    Michael Wolfgram (West Virginia)

    Sam Wolf (Air Force)

    Other Professional Sports

    Ryan Zimmerman (American) - Former Washington National All-Star

    Paul Pierce (George Mason) - Hall of Fame Boston Celtic

    Joe Kelly (Iowa) - MLB Pitcher

    Tyler Johnson (Kent State) - Stanley Cup Winner for Tampa Bay Lightning

    Josh Johnson (NC State) - Former NFL QB

    Zak Taylor (Nebraska) - Zac current Cincinnati Bengals head coach

    Ryan Miller (Penn) - Former Vezina Trophy-winning NHL goalie

    Aaron Brooks (Penn State) - Former NFL QB

    Matthew Williams (Army West Point and Chattanooga) - Former All-Star Third Baseman

    Sam Mitchell (Buffalo) - 2007 NBA Coach of the Year

    Reese Davis (Nebraska) - ESPN broadcaster

    Pro Wrestling/Sports Entertainment Category

    Cory "New" Day (Binghamton)

    Tate "Mr. Wonderful" Orndorff (Ohio State)

    Nate "Hacksaw Jim" Dugan (Princeton)/Francis Duggan (Iowa State)

    Colton (Pittsburgh)/Jakob Camacho "Man" (NC State)

    Declan Neville (Buffalo)

    Spencer Steiner "Brothers" (Central Michigan)

    Elias Smith (Clarion)

    Jonathan "Just Made the" List (George Mason)

    Jacob "Ember" Moon (Hofstra)

    Santino "Morella" Morina (Drexel)

    Zach Karagias (NC State) - Father is Evan of WCW fame; also NC State wrestler

    Jagger's Mailbag Category

    Jagger Condomitti (Nebraska)

    Jager Eisch (Minnesota)

    J Jaggers (Ohio State)

    Colin Jagielski (Northern Illinois)

    Joe Metz (Army West Point)

    Mark Metz (Army West Point)

    Brandon Metz (North Dakota State)

    Adult Beverages

    Brian Beers (Illinois)

    Suds Dubler (Clarion)

    Natty Lapinski (Drexel)

    Mac Stout (Pittsburgh)

    Luke Stout (Princeton)

    Colt Barley (Cornell)

    Khyler Brewer (Little Rock)

    Carson Brewer (Ohio)

    Chris Merlo (Edinboro)

    Ethan Barr (Kent State)

    Miller (Many)


    Zach Brown (VMI)

    Drake (Many)

    Sean Carter (Appalachian State)

    Ian Bush (West Virginia)

    Mason Bush (Buffalo)

    Brock Hardy (Nebraska)

    Chris Bono (Wisconsin)

    Willie Saylor's Hometown

    Easton Fleshman (Iowa)

    Easton Tobia (Bellarmine)

    Easton Toth (Clarion)

    Easton Hilton (Missouri)

    Rocky Characters

    Hunter Adrian (Brown)

    Rocky Jordan (Chattanooga)

    Rocky Elam (Missouri)

    Apollo Gothard (Little Rock)

    Mickey O'Malley (Drexel)

    Micky Phillippi (Pittsburgh)

    Ivan Morris ((Northern Colorado)

    Ivan Garcia (Binghamton)

    JB Dragovich (George Mason)

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