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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    2021 Pan-American Championships (Day Four Results)

    Kyle Snyder 2021 Olympic Trials (Photo/Tony Rotundo; WrestlersAreWarriors.com)

    2021 Pan-American Championships (Men's Freestyle)

    Gold Medal Matches

    57 kg - Vito Arujau (USA) over Robert Alejandro Blanco (Mexico) 10-0

    61 kg - Shelton Mack (USA) over Juan Ramirez Beltre (Dominican Republic) 2-0

    65 kg - Joey McKenna (USA) over Marcos de Brito Siqueira (Brazil) 10-0

    70 kg - Alec Pantaleo (USA) over Carlos Romero Millaqueo (Chile) 12-0

    74 kg - Kyle Dake (USA) over Victor Hernandez Luna (Mexico) 10-0

    86 kg - David Taylor (USA) over Clayton Pye (Canada) 10-0

    97 kg - Kyle Snyder (USA) over Luis Perez Sosa (Dominican Republic) 11-0

    125 kg - Gable Steveson (USA) over Aly Barghout (Canada) 10-0

    Bronze Medal Matches

    57 kg - Alexander Fernandez Pena (Dominican Republic) over Bryan de Oliveira Pereira (Brazil) 9-1

    57 kg - Samuel Alva Pedragas (Peru) over Edwin Segura Guerra (Guatemala) 5-3

    61 kg - Jorge Olvera Rodriguez (Mexico) over Esteban Perez Castellanos (Guatemala) 3-1

    65 kg - Albaro Rudecindo Camacho (Dominician Republic) over Sebastian Rivera (Puerto Rico) 10-0

    65 kg - Jonnathan Perez Castellanos (Guatemala) over David Pinilla Rodriguez (Panama) 3-1

    70 kg - Vincent DeMarinis (Canada) over Joao Dos Santos Silva (Brazil) Fall

    70 kg - Enrique Perez Castellanos (Guatemala) over Sebastian Sosa Sanchez (Paraguay) 12-0

    74 kg - Julio Rodriguez Romero (Dominican Republic) over Jasmit Phulka (Canada) 4-0

    74 kg - Jonathan Parrilla Ramos (Puerto Rico) over Leon Peralta Lanas (Chile) 4-4

    86 kg - Noel Torres Chacon (Mexico) over Juan Rivera Garcia (Colombia) 10-0

    86 kg - Thales Reis Alves (Brazil) over Emanuel Chamorro (Argentina) Fall

    97 kg - Maxwell Lacey Garita (Costa Rica) over Marcos Carrozzino (Brazil) Fall

    125 kg - Catriel Muriel (Argentina) over Eduardo Garcia Betanzos (Mexico) 5-1

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