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Male performers with wrestling, martial arts or even street fighting experience

Posted about 8 and a half years ago by lovinthegladiators

You can be one of the original stars of this ultimate wrestling organization by recognizing the opportunity presented during these developmental stages of the franchise. Prospective performers should be well built and physically fit, be proud of their physical appearance and comfortable exhibiting their physical development and performing their athletic abilities before an audience. Performers should also be open-minded with an appreciation of theater and the performing arts and be comfortable with erotic expression in its many varied forms. As a performer you will be guaranteed compensation based on a percentage of net profit from each event, which is projected to be considerable, with a predetermined and consensually agreed upon minimum draw. During the first 3 months after your acceptance you will engage in a program of substantial training and practice, scheduled to commence in January 2010, in our well appointed training facility in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, PA area. If you are unable to commute to the training facility on a daily basis, residential accommodations and meals will be provided. Training and development staff consists of professionals in the fields of athletic coaching, contact sports, personal training, exercise and fitness, choreography and theater.

Our team of performers has been evolving very nicely and we have discovered a great deal of raw talent to develop. It will be a considerable team and to accommodate its size weekday training sessions will be staggered between daytime and evening assemblies. This allows us to consider prospective performers with ďday jobsĒ and this schedule provides a level of flexibility. Donít let a prior obligation stop you from applying. You may be missing the opportunity of a lifetime! Weekend training meets will consist of a demanding 2 day schedule of activities and attendance will be required by all.

You must be able to accompany the troupe during its production tour from approximately April 2010 through August 2010. We will be producing performance events in various metropolitan areas with a tentative performance schedule of 3 events per week in a given location. During the performance period your compensation will be substantial.

Donít pass up this opportunity, it may be your road to that 15 minutes of fame, or several years of fame it you can deliver. If not accepted as a performer you will be considered for one of many support positions and possibly service and training as an alternate performer. To initiate the process for consideration please respond by email with a brief written submission to explain why you should be considered as a prospective performer. Include your name, date of birth, city of residency, height, weight and as many contact methods and details as you can provide. Also include two digital photos: one should be a clear face shot with the other being a full body shot at least displaying your chest, but preferably a full body photo of you wearing in shorts, to fully exhibit your level of fitness and physical development. If accepted for the next level of consideration you will be asked to submit a video displaying your personality as well as a demonstration of your physical and athletic abilities. Do not submit a video with your initial email, it will be deleted. Respond to: