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High School Assistant Coach Needed - Valrico/Tampa Florida

Posted about 4 years ago by BdaleWrestling

Bloomingdale High School in Valrico, FL (10-15 minutes from downtown Tampa) is seeking an assistant coach. Last season and currently the team has no assistant coaches. Despite having no assistant coaches, this is a program on the rise.

Our numbers are up greatly mostly underclassmen who are ready to be coached but are raw. Last season the team finished in the bottom 1/3 of Hillsborough County and sent 3 wrestlers to regionals.

When Coach Olive took over this team they had never had off-season workouts and had not participated in club wrestling. Now we have our own wrestling club, we have bought and improved almost all of our equipment, and we currently have 75% attendance for off-season workouts. We are currently working 3 days a week, both on the mats and off with battle ropes, tires and sledgehammers, sandbags, and traditional weights.

The school administration is extremely supportive and all of the elements needed for a powerhouse program are available, including a massive student population.

There is a stipend provided ($1,306.50) for anyone that would be hired, whether they are a teacher as well or not, as long as they fulfill all of the necessary requirements. Keep in mind that all district rules and policies have to be followed and fulfilled and anything advertised in this post is not binding and is subject to change and error. There may be teaching openings at Bloomingdale High School; check this site throughout the summer for information -

If interested or for more information please contact Coach Olive at