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Keller Central in Keller, Texas looking for a science teacher/wrestling/football

Posted about 5 years ago by cwilson

Keller Central is in Keller, Texas which is in one of the greatest places to live in the USA! I am an Iowa Boy, and I absolutely love it here. I admit it. I moved here so I could make more money as a teacher, but the Keller area is absolutely booming and is a great place to live. The position is high paying compared to many other states. Teaching salaries start in the the mid 40's, and that doesn't include the coaching stipend.

This position is for a science teacher that can coach wrestling and freshman football. This is a great position with a program that has had a lot of recent success. We have some great young kids right now. This program is ready to explode with kids just starting to enter our program from our very successful youth program. We just need a great assistant coach to complete our coaching staff. This is a place you come and stay. Once you get here, you won't want to leave.

If interested, email Coach Bill Wilson at