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THE BEST "PART-TIME" JOB 1 WILL EVER LOVE, remain local, keep current job, class schedule, etc., & come in only about 3 hours/day (2-5pm), 1 day on weekend, to train an already established college wrestling program.

Supplement current income doing what you love. Help others stay in school and get off the streets to get an education, and do such for only a few hours a day at the program's off-site, 7,400 square foot, private facility.

This position includes various ammenties including some such as the following during the months in question (October - March, annually):

*Company car - provided & access to
*Stipend - monthly gas allowance
*50% commission of membership dues collected, monthly
*Lodging/room - provided, at facility
*Own training facility - provided, access/use + mats

The Head Resident Assistant Coach is the "on-site" authority living at Camp Tisdale Community Center. They, the coach, are responsible for executing all team training, & filling in as Head Coach in his/her absence.

Additionally, the Resident Head Assistant Coach has various other weekly duties, including the following below:

*Recruit - attract & retain group minimum numbers
*Competitions - coordination, attendance, coaching
*Administrative duties - conduct as needed/directed
*Roll - conduct daily at practices & competitions
*Roll up's - team/individual record upkeep, statistics
*Inventory/purchase - team uniforms, supply, equipment
*Staying in shape - able to lead practices/training
*Sharp appearance - Clean shaved & dressed for matches
*Writing/design time - new lesson plan recommendations
*Research/know - the competition, sport rules, policy
*Learn - Head Coach position to do or take, as needed
*Communication - Constanty by email, cell to all
*Mentor & supervise - program participants all times
*Events/meetings - Plan, host, organize, & attend
*Schedule - review practice/competition calendar year
*Fundraisers - conduct, lead/attend, upon need/ability
*Transport - Coordinate all team travel, carpools, etc
*Press Release - all program stories/success to media
*Network - with all other brother & Michigan teams
*Responsive - daily talk with Head Coach/Coordinator
*Professional - act & look classy, good sportsmanship
*Internet savy - Social media, Paypal, email, the Web
*Paperwork - disseminate, submit, copy, review, file
*Monitor progress - athlete nutrition, wt, grades, etc
*Manage facility - clean, mop, lock up, & organize all
*Lobby - future, for return of campus "varsity status"
*Evaluations - attend for self, conduct for athletes
*Other activity - encourage camps, clinics, FS/Greco
*Goodwill - get to know/get along w/other staff/coach
*Safety/Security - monitor at all times, inside & out
*Annual banquet - plan & host annually, & awards data
*Team pictures - schedule & coordinate for all
*Tardiness/absenteeism - strive against, self & kids
*Oversee - club board, fill slots, communicate with
*Unify - entire team TOGETHER, teambuild all, motivate
*Booth Mgt - setup on campus & all state/nat. finals
*Disseminate - team promotional materials everywhere
*Present - annually, to Advisory Panel, Advisor, MWA
*Discipline - athletes as needed or warranted
*Praise - athletes all the time, verbal & in writing
*Collect - acquire, record/store monthly athlete dues
*Attract - guest coach, volunteers, unpaid assistants
*Follow - rules always (society, NCWA, LCC, facility)
*Apply - make recomendation - annual LCC Student Grant
*Other – duties and responsibilities assigned, as needed
*Successful - attain program goal, objectives, results

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS (i.e. frequent travel, etc.)
Preferably looking for the following additional requirements in most qualified candidate:

*Degreed - Associates or above (prefer bachelors min.)
*Coaching certified - Bronze or above (FS/Greco.)
*All-State/All-American wrestler - previous, any style
*Coaching success/experience - HS or college, > 1 year
*Ability to pass APFT annually, like kids/wrestlers (Army Physical Fitness Test, for respective age/wt.)

To for more information, and or to apply, please see LCC Wrestling Club’s website, or contact them at any time at the following below, and thank you.

C/O Shane Tisdale, Coordinator
Camp Tisdale Community Center
1200 Marquette Street
Lansing, MI. 48906

Email: or preferred
Fax: (866) 859-5544
Web: Http://