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Beat the Streets Training Centers

Posted about 6 and a half years ago by billcrum

Request for Proposal
Beat the Streets Wrestling, Inc.
Training Center Management Contract

Beat the Streets Wrestling, Inc. requests proposals from reputable companies and/or individuals to manage its Training Centers in Lower Manhattan and one to be opened in Upper Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens at a site to be determined.
Each center will be open a minimum of 2 evenings each week with the Lower Manhattan Training Center being open Sundays as well. The Training Centers will operate in March, April, May, June, (Focus on the international styles of wrestling) and September and October (Focus on preparing for the season) each year. During the High School wrestling season, only the Manhattan Center will be open and only one night each week and Sunday. The company or individual selected has the option to run at other times at their own expense (Summer, for example) and to offer private or small group lessons at our facility during available times. Specifics will be worked out with the contracted individual or company. Please include your request for other time in your proposal.

The successful candidate will be required to submit accurate attendance records for every session conducted.

The goal of the Training Center program is to provide the traditional “club” experience for wrestlers in the Beat the Streets Program who typically can not afford the fees normally associated with joining the traditional club.

The company or individual selected will be expected to provide consistent instruction to any and all Beat the Streets members who participate.

All BTS members will be USA Wrestling members as well and each Center will be USAW chartered. The cost of the charter will be the responsibility of BTSW.

The Centers will be open to wrestlers of all skill and age levels from 4th through 12th grades. The company or individual selected will have the prerogative to schedule sessions to accommodate this requirement.

Please answer the following questions that will enable us to make an informed decision as to whom we select to run the Centers.

1. Please give us a brief history of your experience in training young wrestlers in a club or training center environment.
2. How would you characterize the relationship between the club coach and the training center coach(es)?
3. How do you envision staffing the training centers?
4. Assuming that there is no overhead cost to you, how would you structure the fee that Beat the Streets would pay you for this service?
a. You can list this as a lump sum, monthly or hourly.
5. For how long would you be willing to sign a management service agreement?
6. How much lead time would you need to take over management of the centers?
7. Please feel free to add anything else you wish to tell us.

Please submit your proposal as an attachment and e-mail to: