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Beat the Streets Area Service Manager - Part Time

Posted about 6 and a half years ago by billcrum

Area Service Manager – Part Time

Reports to: Chief Operating Officer
Oversees: Coaches and other Program staff in the designated Service Area

Overview: The Area Service Manager is responsible for the implementation of programs and events within a given service area.

Job Functions and Expectations:

 Administration. Area Service Manager assists in the overall Administration of the BTSW program.
o Assists in the management of the BTS Junior Wrestling League for the teams within his service area.
o Organizes BTS trips to college wrestling matches, camps, tournaments
o Assists in the management of city wide events and takes a lead role in events that take place in his service area.
o Participates in Staff meetings as required and makes suggestions for design and implementation of programs.
 Coaches Education. The Area Service Manager conducts a Coaches’ Education system for all coaches utilizing the USAW Coaches Education model and other tools at his disposal.
o USA Wrestling Coaches’ Certification
 There are a minimum of 2 Bronze Level coaches clinics conducted in the service area each year.
 Coaches at all levels are made aware of the opportunities to achieve Silver level certificaton.
 All coaches in the BTS Junior Wrestling League, Clubs and PSAL are made aware of coaches’ education opportunities.
o Other Coaches’ Education requirements
 The Area Service Manager is responsible for facilitating a “Coaches as adminstrators” seminar at in the early fall each year. (Curriculum to be developed by BTSW)
o Communicates with all coaches in furthering their knowledge of the sport by recommending to them practice plans and instructional videos, and consulting with them about issues they may be having with their teams.
o Available to coaches within his service area to conduct or help conduct practices during the season.
o Assists coaches in the development of International Style and Fall “season prep” clubs (as defined by BTSW)
o Responsible for recruiting athletes for summer camp opportunities.
 International Style Season. The Area Service Manager designs a method for identifying any wrestlers in his/her service area who wish to participate in a comprehensive freestyle and Greco Roman program in the months of March through July (Cadet and Jr Nationals).
o Identifies events in which athletes will participate and insures that they have access to these events with proper supervision.
o Makes arrangements for travel to competition.

 Oversight of program supplies, equipment and mats. The Area Service Manager is responsible for oversight of all materials needed for leagues and events that are held within his service area.
o Maintains an inventory list of the location of all mats owned by BTSW.
o Makes recommendations for purchase of replacement supplies and equipment.
o Makes arrangements for all mats to be moved to and from schools as needed
 Other functions. The Area Service Manager, as needed, helps with events and activities that require staff participation.


 Available in the after school and early evening hours in the assigned service area of NYC. Must possess a current Driver’s license.
 Familiarity with the various styles of wrestling, namely Folkstyle, Freestyle and Greco Roman.
 Willingness to foster the growth of the sport in non-traditional markets, with a particular emphasis on Girls Wrestling
 Knowledge of the NYC Mass Transit system and an ability to navigate the city utilizing both Mass transit and other means.
 Ability to communicate using phone, cell phone, e-mail and social media outlets and the ability to navigate the Internet.
 Demonstrated knowledge of basics of coaching youth sports.

To apply: E-mail cover letter, resume and salary requirements to