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Coaching Position at Overtime School of Wrestling

Posted about 7 years ago by koykosek

The Overtime School of Wrestling is seeking a coach to contribute to the implementation of a proven system of instruction. We have practice locations set up in both Naperville, IL and Crystal Lake, IL. While we are looking for at least one full-time staff member, we will also consider candidates for a part-time, coaching-only role. Our coaches are all qualified to coach at an NCAA Division 1 level, and they all have an extensive freestyle background as well.

We are looking for a person who is strong in both folkstyle and at least one international style of wrestling, preferably freestyle. The coach will work with families and wrestlers of high school age and younger in folkstyle wrestling throughout the fall, and in freestyle wrestling throughout the spring and much of the summer. Some work may be done with University and Senior wrestlers as well. In addition, Overtime coaches are present at tournaments most weekends from December through July, including multi-night trips for major tournaments. Recruiting and sales experience are very helpful. Applicants must pass a thorough background check. Solid office skills are a must. Strong coaching credentials and a desire to work with Junior and Cadet wrestlers at a world class standard will be important considerations. We are looking to hire someone immediately to begin coaching in September, but the right candidate could wait until spring to start. Please send resume via e-mail to Koy Kosek, Manager,