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NYC PSAL Wrestling Supervisor

Posted about 7 years ago by billcrum

Application: Complete application and send it with resume by July 8, 2011, to PSAL Office, Attention to Lance Hermus, 44-36 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City, New York, 11101.

The Supervisor of Wrestling serves under the direction of the Executive Director of the PSAL and is responsible for the organization, administration and implementation of the PSAL Wrestling Program.

Salary: $50K

• Bachelor’s Degree
• Minimum of at least five years of wrestling experience
• Minimum of at least two years of administrative experience

Duties include working with PSAL staff to:
• Organize, administer, coordinate and oversee the activities and actions of wrestling coaches.
• Maintain a service oriented relationship with coaches.
• Work with the Beat the Streets staff in the development of a “coaching mentorship” program.
• Work with Beat the Streets to find strategies to encourage principals who have wrestling coaching openings in their schools to hire teachers who have wrestling backgrounds as wrestling coaches.
• Administer and conduct training and orientation workshops for coaches.
• Mediate protests and render decisions.
• Encourage the utilization of all tools available to coaches to improve programs.
• Communicate policies and procedures clearly to coaches.
• Implement policies, rules and regulations pertaining to PSAL Wrestling.
• Assist in assigning, rating and recruiting officials.
• Organize, administer and supervise championship events.
• Perform site and program visits as required.
• Establish and maintain liaison with allied athletic associations with interscholastic athletics.
• Report to the Executive Director of the PSAL on the status of rules and recommended rule changes.
• Recommend wrestling “best practices” to PSAL for implementation.
• Responsible for the completion of the End of Season Wrestling Supervisor’s Review report.
• Liaison to the NYC Beat the Streets Program.
• With the assistance of Beat the Streets Wrestling, design and implement a comprehensive coaches’ education program concentrating on:
• Technique
• Tactics and Strategy
• Intangibles that go to program building (as opposed to team building)
• Serve as an ex-officio member of the Beat the Streets staff and attend Beat the Streets weekly staff meeting.
• Work with Beat the Streets staff to develop and implement strategies to promote “connectivity” between middle school wrestling programs and high school wrestling programs.
• Meet with principals and athletic directors to review coaches’ performance and make recommendations as to retention.
• Make recommendations on startup, retention and/or dissolution of programs.
• Procure and maintain proscribed metrics regarding wrestling athlete’s academic and extra-curricular performance to be used in wrestling program evaluation.
• Act as liaison between PSAL athletes and external program activities and opportunities such as summer camps and training centers.