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Teaching and Coaching - Jeffersonville, IN

Posted about 8 years ago by dstruck

Jeffersonville High School Spanish Teacher - CONTACT PERSON: Principal, Jeffersonville High at (812) 282-6601

Jeffersonville High School - AP Geography, Journalism, Psychology - Principal, Jeffersonville High at (812) 282-6601

Parkview Middle School - Language Arts (6th grade) - CONTACT PERSON: Mark Laughner, (812) 288-4844

Coaching positions open at all levels - Assistant high School, head and assistant middle school, with paid coaching opportunities in our wrestling club too!

Also Contact - head Wrestling Coach - Danny Struck - 812-786-2308 or

and our Human Resources director - Donna Mullins

Come be a part of our program! We have won 3 of the last 4 sectional titles, back to back conference titles, we had 123 members in our USAW club, and over 300 in our elementary league - we need your help with these kids!