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Assistant Wrestling Coach and Associate in Physical Education

Posted about 7 months ago by mm5099

Columbia University Athletics
The Assistant Coach provides administrative, instructional, and
recruiting support services under the direction and supervision
of the Head Coach.
Responsibilities include;
-Achieving a high level of competency in sport skill instruction, motivation, and tactical strategies under the direction of the Head Coach
-Recruiting student-athletes effectively under the direction of the Head Coach
-Assist in achieving competitive results that demonstrate athletic excellence
-Demonstrating a sincere interest in the social, emotional, and academic development, as well as the athletic welfare, of student-athletes
-Demonstrating excellent writing, speaking and listening abilities
-Exhibiting supportive and cooperative behavior in pursuing sport program goals established by the Head Coach
-Exhibiting leadership and professional behavior in dealing with student-athletes
-Completing all assignments made by the Head Coach including but not limited to budget management, practice planning, event planning, and fundraising
-Exhibiting ownership, initiative, and follow-through on administrative work, including, but not limited to, recruiting of prospective student-athletes
-Participate in friend-, fan-, and fund-raising activities
-Participating in continuing education conferences, workshops, or meetings to increase professional skills and knowledge
-Exhibiting the highest professional standards and ethical behavior with adherence to NCAA, Council of Ivy League Presidents, University, and the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and Physical Education rules and regulations
-Contributing to the maintenance of good working relationships with all members of the Department
-Performing duties as assigned by the Director, Intercollegiate Athletics and Physical Education
IMPORTANT: Applicants must apply to the following link
Internal job Number:0008819