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Marysville (Central Ohio D1)

Posted about 8 years ago by Shawn Andrews

Marysville is a highly competitive wrestling team in Central Ohio approx. 35 min. to down town columbus. Marysville finished 4th in the state this past year with 8 state qualifiers. Below are the listed teaching positions.

Marysville is always looking for quality coaches for both the Middle School and High School levels. The District recently posted the following positions for the 2010-2011 school year. Please contact Shawn Andrews or 937.243.1911 if you are interested

High School Intervention Specialist - Inclusion - Mild/Moderate
High School Integrated Math Teacher
Middle School Intervention Specialist - Multiple Disabilities - Moderate/Intensive
Special Education Aide - Middle School
Gifted Coordinator/Gifted Teacher
High School Integrated Science Teacher
High School Language Arts Teacher
Middle School Family and Consumer Science Teacher