2011 Junior & Cadet Nationals Day 5 Recap

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FARGO, N.D. -- Day 5 of the 2011 Junior & Cadet Nationals, which included the first day of the Cadet freestyle competition, started with a lot wrestlers having All-American aspirations. However, when the day was done, it was down to a select few. Day 5 standouts included Colin Holler (Illinois), who won arguably the biggest match of the day in the opening round and then pinned or tech falled four consecutive opponents. InterMat breaks down all 17 weight classes.

Four wrestlers remain in Pool A, each is undefeated at 2-0, and each will be an All-American. Nick Lukanich (Illinois) will face Luke Karam (Pennsylvania), while Brandon Paetzell (New Jersey) faces Christopher Cuccolo (New York).

Six wrestlers remain in Pool B after the second round. Greco-Roman champion Jabari Moody (Illinois) and Jordan Reich (Illinois) remain in the tournament without a loss. Moody faces Bradon Staley (Florida) in round three, Reich faces Shane Ross (Texas) in round three, while Sean Nickell (California) faces Hayden Karren (Colorado).

Seven wrestlers remain alive in Pool A after three rounds, led by Gannon Volk (Minnesota), who is seeking a Cadet triple crown. Volk is one of four undefeated wrestlers with a 3-0 record, and faces Nicholas Koch (Illinois) in the fourth round. Two of the others face each other, Isaac Jimenez (Texas) and Danny Boychuck (New Jersey). Carlos Fuentez (Illinois) is also undefeated, and he will face Kaid Brock (Oklahoma). With the bye to start tomorrow morning is Lincoln Olson (Michigan).

Eight wrestlers remain in Pool B after the third round, and three are undefeated. The first of those undefeated is Trevor Murano (Iowa), with a 2-0 record, and he wrestles Adam Whitesell (Maryland). Miguel Silva (Illinois) is undefeated with a 3-0 record, and he'll face Tyler Casamenti (New Jersey). Last among the undefeated is the 3-0 Andrew North (New York), who will face Darek Huff (Colorado). In an elimination match, returning All-Americans Sam Phillips (Iowa) and Hunter Wright (Virginia) will do battle.

One of the big upsets of the day was pulled off by Austin Assad (Ohio), when he beat returning All-American Davion Jeffries (Oklahoma) in the third round 8-1, 6-3. After those three rounds, Assad is one of five undefeated left in Pool A -- nine remain in all. His reward for that result is a fourth round collision with fellow undefeated Dante Rodriguez (Nebraska), who was a Junior Greco-Roman finalist and Schoolboy triple crown winner last year. Fellow undefeated wrestlers Devin Brown (Ohio) and Sean Cannon (Nevada) also wrestle each other. The other undefeated wrestler is Jacob Cottey (Indiana), and he'll be facing Brian Rossi (Illinois). Jeffries wrestles in the other match of the pool, an elimination affair against Steve Simpson (Maryland). Working with the fourth round bye is Tyrone Klump (Pennsylvania), who lost to Cottey last round.

Of twelve wrestlers remaining in Pool B, five are undefeated, and four collide in the fourth round: FILA Cadet All-American Stevan Micic (Indiana) battles Ke-Shawn Hayes (Missouri), who returning All-American Armando Torres (Ohio) wrestles A.C. Headlee (Pennsylvania). Also undefeated is defending champion Brent Fleetwood (Delaware), who faces Markus Simmons (Oklahoma) one round after Simmons kept alive in the tournament with a win over state runner-up Ethan Lizak (Pennsylvania). Lizak now wrestles an elimination match against Justyn Bostic (Ohio), while the other elimination matches feature Ryan Friedman (Maryland) against Ky Webb (Idaho) and Maolu Woiwor (Minnesota) against Bryson Beard (Washington).

After four rounds of wrestling in Pool A, four wrestlers remain undefeated with eleven still in the hunt of All-American honors. Greco-Roman champions Darian Cruz (Pennsylvania) and Ronnie Bresser (Oregon), along with FILA Cadet All-American Matthew Kolodzik (Ohio), and Jordan Northrup (Illinois) are the undefeated wrestlers. Cruz -- a runner-up last year in freestyle -- faces returning All-American Zach Siegle (Minnesota) in round five; Northrup and Bresser wrestle one another, as Bresser seeks a repeat freestyle title and a Cadet triple crown as well; and Koldozik faces Craig Delacruz (New Jersey). Two other matches in this round will be elimination matches -- David Bavery (Ohio) against Fredy Stroker (Pennsylvania), and Tommy Walton (North Dakota) against Dalton Macri (Pennsylvania). The bye in this round goes to Chaz Tucker (Massachusetts), whose loss was in the second round to Cruz by a third period fall.

Six of the ten wrestlers remaining in Pool B through four rounds ended day one undefeated. Two matches in the fifth round will feature undefeated wrestlers facing each other -- FILA Cadet champion Tommy Thorn (Minnesota) will face Cody Karstetter (Oklahoma), while Jens Lantz (Wisconsin) matches against returning All-American Zac Hall (Michigan). Also undefeated are Zeke Salvo (Maryland) and Jaydin Clayton (Missouri); Salvo faces Joseph Velliuette (Missouri), while Clayton faces Reid Lyden (Minnesota). The lone true elimination match features Dominic Florys (Pennsylvania) against Kyle Sether (Oregon).

Eight wrestlers remain in Pool A after five rounds of wrestling, four of them are undefeated. That group is led by two-time Cadet Greco-Roman champion Joey McKenna (New Jersey), who will be facing fellow undefeated Seth Gross (Minnesota) in round six. Also undefeated are returning All-American Barlow McGhee (Illinois) and Josh Alber (Illinois); McGhee faces Josh Newberg (Washington), and Alber faces Bryce Meredith (Wyoming) in the next round. Returning All-American Mason Pengilly (California) has survived a three-period first round loss to Alber to remain in the tournament, and now faces a true elimination match against Kent Lane (Pennsylvania) -- whose loss was to McKenna in round four.

Likewise eight wrestlers remain in Pool B through five rounds of wrestling, with six of them being undefeated. Two matches feature a pair of undefeated wrestlers doing battle -- returning All-American Kyle Gliva (Minnesota) faces Andrew Crone (Wisconsin), while returning All-American Sebastian Pique (Illinois) faces Devan Richter (Missouri). The other undefeated wrestlers are Anthony Petrone (Florida) and Jordan Laster (Illinois); Petrone has a sixth round match against Cole Walter (Pennsylvania), while Laster faces Brandon James (Indiana).

Pool A has 10 wrestlers remaining, half of whom are undefeated through five rounds of competition. The lone match placing undefeated wrestlers against one another has Colton Adams (Nebraska) facing Anthony Valencia (California). Also undefeated are returning All-Americans PJ Klee (California) and Tate Robinson (Tennessee), along with Gary Wayne Harding (Oklahoma). Klee faces Luke Zilverberg (Minnesota) in the sixth round, Robinson faces Jacob Rubio (Texas), while Harding faces Michael Sepke (Illinois). The lone pure elimination match features Colton Schilling (Oregon) against Colston Diblasi (Missouri).

Only three undefeated wrestlers are left through five rounds of competition in Pool B, with eleven wrestlers in all remaining in the competition. One of the undefeated wrestlers is Cole Sladek (Minnesota), who has the sixth round bye. The other undefeated wrestlers are Greco-Roman champion Aaron Pico (California) and Cole Weaver (Michigan). Pico faces Dan Radcliffe (Illinois) in round six, while Weaver competes against Rocco Russo (New York). Three true elimination matches present themselves in this round -- Bryce Shoemaker (Kansas) against Sammy Gross (Ohio), Steve Bulzomi (New York) against James Flint (Florida), and Will Steltzen (Oklahoma) against Nicholas Gil (Illinois). A returning All-American, Steltzen has worked back from losing his opening match by fall in the third period to be in somewhat good position for a repeat All-American honor.

From one of the showcase sections of a pool for this tournament, Anthony Ashnault (New Jersey) and Edgar Bright (Ohio) have impressively started their tournaments 5-0. Both wrestlers had to navigate through a pair of tough opponents in state champion George Fisher (Illinois) and two-time state runner-up (at 130) Russell Coleman (Missouri); each of whom exited the tournament at 3-2. Ashnault and Bright are joined by Zain Retherford (Pennsylvania) as undefeated wrestlers in this pool. Ashnault will face Kurtis Loftis (Idaho), while Bright faces Sammy Ferdig (Indiana) in round six. With Retherford getting the bye, it is likely that the elimination match between Luke Wolfenberger (Oklahoma) and Martin Sandoval (California) will determine the fourth All-American position.

Seven wrestlers also remain in Pool B at this weight class, with three also being undefeated -- Jonce Blaylock (Oklahoma), Garrett Sutton (Illinois), and Renaldo Rodriguez-Spencer (New York). Blaylock has the sixth round bye, Rodriguez-Spencer faces Mason Cleaver (Michigan), and Sutton faces Brandon Brunner (Tennessee). The remaining match is an elimination match placing Nick Anderson (New Jersey) against Isaac Dulgarian (Kansas).

Nine wrestlers remain in Pool A through five rounds. The four matches in this round have a pair featuring undefeated, with the other pair being pure elimination matches. In the battles of undefeated wrestlers, Chris Wilkes (Missouri) faces Hayden Tuma (Idaho), and Brandon Arteaga (Illinois) competes against Patrick Duggan (Pennsylvania). Elimination matches feature Johnny Pellegrino (Illinois) against Weston Dobbler (North Dakota), and Sam Crane (Missouri) against Walker Dempsey (New Jersey). Working the by this round is Austin Schoen (Illinois), who lost to Tuma in round four.

Four wrestlers also remain undefeated in Pool B after five rounds, with just eight wrestlers alive for All-American status in all. The lone match placing undefeated wrestlers against one another in round six has Kevin Kinney (Missouri) against Jake Spengler (Florida). Other undefeated are Tyler Berger (Oregon) and Jonathan Crast (New York). Berger wrestlers Brogan Humphrey (Kansas) in round six, while Crast is matched up against Geo Martinez (Colorado). The lone pure elimination match has Justin Staudenmayer (Pennsylvania) against Logan Ryan (Iowa).

Just three undefeated wrestlers remain in Pool A through five rounds of wrestling -- Cadet folkstyle champion Bo Nickal (Texas), returning All-American Ryan Blees (North Dakota), and Grant Leeth (Missouri). In the sixth round, Blees faces Justin Arthur (West Virginia), Leeth wrestles Jonathan Viruet (Massachusetts), and Nickal faces Brayden Montgomery (Indiana). The lone elimination match places Markus Scheidel (Ohio) against Myles Martin (New Jersey).

Pool B also has three undefeated wrestlers remaining, with just seven left in the competition after five rounds. Those undefeated are two-time Junior Greco-Roman All-American Grant Lamont (Utah), returning All-American Mitchell Berenz (Wisconsin), and Jack Bass (Virginia). Lamont faces Berenz in round six, while Bass faces Ernest Battaglia (Illinois). The other match is an elimination affair between Connor Lapresi (New York) and Kevin Cooper (Kentucky), while Aaron Negrette (California) has the sixth round bye.

Arguably the biggest, and most anticipated match, of the tournament so far happened in the first round when Colin Holler (Illinois) beat Jack Clark (New Jersey) in three periods 0-7, 3-0, 6-0. That avenged the win by Clark at the Cadet Duals last month. After four subsequent pins or technical falls, Holler joins Niko Villareal (California) and Devin Vasquez (Texas) as undefeated wrestlers in Pool A of this weight class. In the next round, Holler faces Vasquez, and Villareal goes up against Thomas Venier (New York). After that first round loss, Clark has more or less dominated his next four opponents, and faces Tyler Cowger (Oregon) in a true elimination match -- the pool's other match, as only six remain alive for All-American honors.

As is the case in Pool A, there are three undefeated wrestlers, and six total wrestlers, left in Pool B. The matchup of undefeated wrestlers here is a rematch of the Greco-Roman final between Peter Nagy (Iowa) and Logan Marcicki (Michigan). Nagy, a foreign exchange student, won that match on Monday afternoon. The other undefeated wrestler remaining is Kenny Martin (Nebraska), who faces Colton Loganiere (Minnesota) in the sixth round. The true elimination match in this round has Alex Smith (Colorado) wrestling Matthew Moody (Georgia). In somewhat of a surprise, Fox Baldwin (Florida) was an early exiter with just a 2-2 record.

Two of the tournament's most dominating wrestlers on day one reside in Pool A of this weight class. Dylan Milonas (New Jersey) and Chandler Rogers (Washington) are two of the five undefeated wrestlers remaining, and each has yet to give up a point through four rounds -- Milonas has three first period pins and a shutout decision, while Rogers has the same three first period pins but also a second period pin. Also with undefeated records are Rodney Shepard (North Dakota), returning All-American Toby Hague (New Jersey), and Austin Culton (Illinois). In the fifth round, Milonas faces Culton in the lone matchup of undefeated wrestlers. Rogers faces Jared Scharenbrock (Wisconsin), Shepard faces Peter Renda (Pennsylvania), and Hague faces Nathan Schnell (Wisconsin).

Garrett Hammond (Pennsylvania) has steamrolled the competition in Pool B through four matches, winning all of them by fall, and giving up just a single point. He has a bye in the fifth round, and is joined by two other undefeated wrestlers still remaining -- Seth Leigel (Wisconsin) and Javaughn Perkins (Nebraska), who face each other this round. The other three matches are true elimination affairs -- Isaac Beard (Oklahoma) against Vinny Corsaro (Indiana), Bryan Salinas (California) against Aaron Hartman (Florida), and Heath Coles (Pennsylvania) against Jake Deutchlander (Minnesota).

Eight wrestlers remain alive in Pool A, including five of whom are undefeated -- and three that have absolutely steamrolled their four opponents to date. Josh Llopez (Maryland) and Kelian Torres (Oklahoma) have yet to give up a single point, while Drew Garcia (Michigan) is the slacker of the trio allowing one point against. In the fifth round, Garcia faces Torres, and another pair of undefeated wrestlers also does battle -- Jared Johnson (Kansas) and Cody Law (Pennsylvania). Llopez faces Nick Wininger (Ohio), while the lone elimination bout features Luke Kreich (Indiana) against Tiger Paasch (Oregon).

The best wrestler in this whole tournament resides in Pool B of this weight class, defending champion Chance Marsteller (Pennsylvania). He has two shutout technical falls and two pins to date, and is the lone undefeated wrestler among the 12 that remain alive for All-American honors. His next match is against Connor Kamczyc (Ohio). The other five matches are elimination affairs -- Hunter White(Florida) vs. Daniel Valles (California), Christopher Koo (New York) vs. Xavier Montalvo (Illinois), Chaeden Grace-Reyes (Hawaii) vs. Bryce Pappas (Maryland), Ricky Viruet (Massachusetts) vs. Austin Wilson (Montana), and Ryder Newman (Nevada) vs. Devonte Mahomes (Illinois).

Organized chaos is the rule of the day in Pool A, where through four rounds there are ten wrestlers remaining, but just two are without a loss. Those without a loss are Kyle Bateman (Oregon) and Louis Cosce (California).

A little more sense of order is found in Pool B, where there are eight wrestlers in the hunt for All-American honors, and half of them are undefeated. Those include returning All-American Jake Stillings (Wisconsin), Gavin Grater (Kansas), Greco-Roman champion and returning Cadet freestyle runner-up Eric Morris (Pennsylvania), as well as Cadet folkstyle champion Zach Beard (Oklahoma). The fifth round matches place Stillings against Brennan Johnson (Missouri), Grater against Morris in a battle of undefeated wrestlers, Beard against Adam Drain (Iowa) in a Cadet folkstyle championship rematch, and the elimination match pits Kayne McCallum (Illinois) against Joseph Cortese (Illinois).

Arguably the biggest upset of wrestling on day one in Cadet freestyle occurred in the fourth round of Pool A at this weight class, where Parker Vonegidy (North Carolina) stayed alive in the tournament with a three period victory over returning All-American -- and pre-tournament favorite Domenic Abounader (Ohio). Nine wrestlers remain alive in this pool through four rounds, with just two carrying an undefeated record -- Immanuel Barber (California) and Greco-Roman champion Raymond O'Donnell (Pennsylvania). Vonegidy faces Barber in the next round, Abounader faces Troy Seymour (New York) in a fifth round elimination match, O'Donnell faces Trevor Smith (California), Joey Dedick (Illinois) faces Will Balow (Minnesota) in an elimination match, while Nick Favale (Illinois) gets the bye after losing by fall last round.
Four undefeated wrestlers remain in a rather tough Pool B, which has just six wrestlers left in all through four rounds. Those without a loss are Greco-Roman fifth place finisher Troy Hembury (Pennsylvania), 160 pound Greco-Roman runner-up Ricky Robertson (Illinois), Greco-Roman fourth place finisher and Cadet folkstyle champion Aaron Rothwell (Wisconsin), and Codie Laframboise (Minnesota). Hembury and Robertson wrestle in round six, Rothwell faces Greco-Roman third place finisher Nick Corba (Ohio), while Lafromboise faces Dalton Johnson (Nevada). Life was so tough in this pool that Greco-Roman runner-up Jaeden Bernstein (New Jersey) exited the competition with a 2-2 record after losing to Hembury in three periods and Corba by fall.

Seeking a second consecutive sweep of the Cadet titles in Fargo, Mitch Sliga (Indiana) has dominated all three opponents so far in Pool A -- two pins and a shutout technical fall. Joining Sliga with an undefeated 3-0 mark are Tyler Denova (Georgia) and Brent Blacharzyk (Pennsylvania), who face either other in the fourth round. Six other wrestlers remain alive for All-American status.

Like at 140 pounds with Clark vs. Holler, one of the biggest matches of the day came in the opening round of Pool B competition as Matthew McClimmens (Missouri) upended Jordan Ellingwood (Illinois) in three periods by scores of 0-6, 2-2, 4-0. That reversed a victory by Ellingwood in the Cadet folkstyle final this past April. McClimmens is one of four undefeated wrestlers among the nine remaining this weight; his fourth match will be against fellow undefeated Jeremy Sweany (California). Ellingwood also remains in the competition, and will be facing the undefeated John Loflin (Colorado). Jadyn Wilson (Montana) is also undefeated.

Eight wrestlers remain alive in Pool A competition, three of whom are undefeated. Facing each other in the next round from those without a loss in three matches are Dane Pestano (Hawaii) and Nathan Rotert (South Dakota). Also undefeated is Brian Moran (Michigan).

Like the other pool, eight wrestlers remain in the Pool B field. However, four are without a loss through three rounds, and none face each other in the fourth round. Those undefeated are Nick Cobb (Texas), Greco-Roman runner-up Kyle Snyder (Maryland), Ryan Maas (Iowa), and Greco-Roman champion J'Den Cox (Missouri).

Nine wrestlers remain alive in Pool A after two rounds with Jake Scanlan (Iowa), Kyle Kania (New Jersey), and Chet Spears (Oregon) having no losses.

Pool B features seven wrestlers remaining in the tournament, five without a loss. Those include the Greco-Roman finalists Sam Stoll (Minnesota) and Michael Johnson, Jr. (Illinois). Others would be Shaquille Williams (New York), Aaron Rafalko (Kansas), and Wesley Bernard (Indiana).


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