2011 Junior & Cadet Nationals Day 2 Recap

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FARGO, N.D. -- The Cadet National Greco-Roman competition got underway on Sunday at the FARGODOME in Fargo, N.D. Returning Cadet National Greco-Roman champions Joey McKenna (New Jersey, 112), Hayden Tuma (Idaho, 130), and Mitch Sliga (Indiana, 189) cruised through Sunday unbeaten. Six wrestlers remain alive in the hunt for a Cadet Triple Crown. The All-Americans have already been determined in seven of the 17 weight classes.

Below is a weight-by-weight look at how things transpired on the first day of the Cadet Greco-Roman competition.

One of the favorites, Jabari Moody (Illinois), a Cadet National folkstyle champion this year, won two matches without surrendering a point. Other undefeated wrestlers in this weight class include Cody Jackson (Oregon) and Brandon Paetzell (New Jersey). Christopher Cuccolo (New York), Hayden Karren (Colorado), Jacoby Peterson (Idaho), and Alex Betteridge (Louisiana) have secured All-American status. One of the surprises was 2010 Cadet National double All-American Hunter Wright (Virginia) going 0-2.

Gannon Volk (Minnesota), a Cadet National folkstyle champion and FILA Cadet National freestyle champion this year, dominated on Sunday, going 4-0 without surrendering a point. Volk and Kamden Krum (Arizona) are the lone unbeatens in the bottom bracket. In the top bracket, Isaac Jimenez (Texas) is the lone unbeaten. Other guaranteed All-Americans include Danny Boychuck (New Jersey), Gage Currier (Montana), Joe Mondragon (Utah), Darek Huff (Colorado), and Josiah Seaton (Kansas). One of the surprises was 2010 Cadet National double All-American Sam Phillips (Iowa) failing to place.

One of the major developments was Dante Rodriguez (Nebraska), a Schoolboy Triple Crown winner last year, going 0-2. Kyle Norstrem (Florida), a nationally-ranked junior high wrestler, was very impressive in going 5-0 and winning all but one of his matches by pin or technical fall. Ronnie Bresser (Oregon), a Cadet National freestyle champion last year and Cadet National folkstyle champion this year, went 5-0 on Sunday. Tyrone Klump (Pennsylvania) and Tommy Walton (North Dakota) were also unbeaten. Walton notched a win over nationally-ranked Fredy Stroker (Pennsylvania). Stroker, though, has secured All-American honors.

Darian Cruz (Pennsylvania), a Cadet National freestyle runner-up last year, looks like the wrestler to beat in this weight class after Day 1. He went 5-0 and did not give up a point. Cruz will now face nationally-ranked Zac Hall (Michigan), who is also undefeated. Michael Cook (Idaho), Jordan Shearer (North Dakota), and Dalton Marci (Pennsylvania) finished Sunday undefeated in the bottom bracket. Other guaranteed All-Americans include Joseph Villequette (Missouri), Grant Boggs (Montana), and Jordan Laster (Illinois).

Joey McKenna (New Jersey), a returning Cadet National Greco-Roman champion, was not tested on Day 1, going 6-0 and winning all but one of his matches by pin or technical fall. Two-time FILA Cadet National Greco-Roman runner-up James Flint (Florida), also in the top bracket, was perfect on Day 1. Tristan Manderfeld (Minnesota), a 2010 InterMat JJ Classic champion, is undefeated and has not surrendered a point in five matches. Other undefeated wrestlers include Andrew Crone (Wisconsin) and Jonathon Marmolejo (Illinois). Three returning Cadet National Greco-Roman All-Americans, Bryce Meredith (Wyoming), Brendan Calas (New Jersey), and Gabe Schroeck (Montana), were eliminated on Sunday.

Aaron Pico (California), who is ranked as the No. 3 junior high wrestler in the country, and Darius Henry (Illinois), a FILA Cadet National Greco-Roman champion, entered the event as the two favorites in this weight class, and both remain undefeated after Sunday. Cole Weaver (Michigan), Tate Robinson (Tennessee), and Colton Schilling (Oregon) all went unbeaten on Day 1. Other guaranteed All-American include John Ortiz (Florida), Jared Suppes (Kansas), and Antonio Meikel (Utah.

In the top bracket, Wyatt Keck (Pennsylvania) and Al Naser (California) both remain undefeated, while Brett Stolarzyk (Minnesota) and Ellery Steffenson (Alaska) locked up All-American status. On the bottom bracket, Anthony Ashnault (New Jersey), who is undefeated through two years of high school wrestling, dropped a match to nationally-ranked Zain Retherford (Pennsyvlania), but remains alive, while Retherford was eliminated. Cadet National folkstyle champion Anthony Gonzalez (Michigan) and Jon Jay Chavez (California) are both undefeated in the bottom bracket. Blaine Invernon (Idaho) also secured All-American status.

Hayden Tuma, a Cadet National Greco-Roman champion last summer, is looking to add another stop sign to his collection. He was 5-0 on Sunday and did not surrender a point coming out of the bottom bracket. Brigg Butler (Utah) also remains undefeated in the bottom bracket. Geo Martinez (Colorado) is the lone unbeaten wrestler in the top bracket. Returning All-American Chase Call (Idaho) dropped a match to Jake O'Mara (Illinois), but remains alive.

Rich Martinez (California) knocked off one of the favorites, Bo Nickal (Texas), and remains undefeated coming out of the bottom bracket. Nickel remains alive and locked up All-American honors. Ryan Blees (North Dakota) appears to be in the driver's seat to reach the finals coming out of the top bracket after finishing the day undefeated. Other guaranteed All-Americans include Mike Longo (California), Xavier Montalvo (Illinois), Justin Arthur (West Virginia), Phil Downing (Colorado), and Alex Mossing (Ohio). Fox Baldwin (Florida), who is ranked No. 2 in the Class of 2016, failed to place.

Two nationally-ranked wrestlers in the Class of 2014, Logan Marcicki (Michigan) and Aaron Hartman (Florida), remain undefeated. Marcicki is in the top bracket, while Hartman is in the bottom bracket. Peter Nagy (Iowa) also remains unbeaten in the bottom bracket. Rodney Shepard (North Carolina) and Devin Vasquez (Texas) locked up All-American honors out of the bottom bracket.

This weight class was wide open heading into the event and remains wide open after Day 1. Javaughn Perkins (Nebraska) was expected to be the favorite in this weight class, but did not enter. Jake Deutchlander (Minnesota), Chandler Rogers (Washington), and Jared Scharenbrock (Wisconsin) are unbeaten in the top bracket. In the bottom bracket, Anthony Cimorosi (Maryland) and Garrett Hammond (Pennsylvania) are both undefeated. Hammond has three pins and a technical fall. Other guaranteed All-Americans include J.P. Newton (Ohio), Ian Thomas (Oregon), and Davonte Mahomes (Illinois).

The nation's No. 1 sophomore, Chance Marsteller (Pennsylvania), was dominant on Day 1, going 4-0 without surrendering a point in the bottom bracket. Also unbeaten in the bottom bracket are Austin Wilson (Montana) and Cadet National folkstyle champion Drew Garcia (Michigan). One of the surprises in the bottom bracket was Josh Llopez (Maryland), a nationally-ranked wrestler and state champion, losing his opening match and then defaulting out of the competition. Ryder Newman (Nevada) and Jared Johnson (Kansas) remain unbeaten in the top bracket.

Eric Morris (Pennsylvania), a two-time National Prep runner-up and Cadet National freestyle runner-up last summer, went 5-0 on Sunday and is one of two unbeaten wrestlers in the top bracket, along with Gavin Grater (Kansas). Ricky Robertson (Illinois), who went 14-1 at the Cadet National Duals, is unbeaten in the bottom bracket, as is Trey Miller (Florida).

Four wrestlers remain undefeated in the top bracket. Those wrestles include Aaron Rothwell (Wisconsin), a returning Cadet Greco-Roman All-American and 2011 Cadet National folkstyle champion, Garrett Ryan (Arizona), Tommy Longendyke (Minnesota), and Troy Hembury (Pennsylvania). One of the favorites, Jadaen Bernstein (New Jersey), fell to Hembury in his final match on Sunday. Returning All-American Raymond O'Donnell (Pennsylvania) and Nick Corba (Ohio) are unbeaten in the bottom bracket.

Mitch Sliga (Indiana), a Cadet Triple Crown winner last year, went 4-0 on Sunday in the bottom bracket. Also unbeaten in the bottom bracket is Matthew Hopkins (Washington). In the top bracket, Jeramy Sweany (California), Deon Edmond (New York), and Javon Reyes (Pennsylvania) were perfect through Sunday.

Kyle Snyder (Maryland), an undefeated state champion this past season, finished Sunday undefeated. His primary challenger out of the bottom bracket appears to be Edgar Ruano (Illinois), who is also undefeated. J'Den Cox (Missouri), who is ranked No. 28 in the Class of 2013, is undefeated in the top bracket, as is Carter Shipley (Florida).

Two nationally-ranked wrestlers, Michael Johnson Jr. (Illinois) and Sam Stoll (Minnesota), appear to be on a collision course to meet in the finals. Johnson, who trains under Israel Martinez at the Izzy Style Wrestling Club, is undefeated coming out of the top bracket and has only given up one point in four matches. Stoll, a 2010 InterMat JJ Classic champion and state runner-up as a freshman, has three pins in three matches. Also undefeated is Adarios Jones (Illinois).


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