FILA update from World Championships

Record number of participants

Early in September 2005, a total of 734 competitors in the 3 wrestling styles (freestyle, Greco-Roman, and female) from 98 countries returned their preliminary registration forms to the Organising Committee of the Senior World Championship in Budapest. If this number is confirmed, the competition, starting on 25 September 2005, will be the biggest event ever organised by FILA.

Broadcasting innovations

With its huge number of cameras at the competition, the Hungarian public television will provide the wrestling fans with services characterized by innovations. Their impact will extend far beyond the Hungarian borders, since the events will be relayed by Eurosport and various televisions from Greece, Turkey, Finland, Russia, and Germany. In addition, Canadian, Japanese, Indian, and Iranian channels will ensure a permanent coverage of the World Championship. Finally, and for the first time, FILA will broadcast the matches live on its website (

Olympic anniversary

On 10 December 2005, the Hungarian Olympic Committee (HNOC) will celebrate its 110 anniversary. However, the celebration will be anticipated in order to coincide with the World Championship. Mr. Jacques Rogge, the International Olympic Committee President, will honour us with his presence as well. He will take part in the Hungarian NOC solemn general meeting taking place on 1 October 2005 in Budapest National Theatre and then he will attend the wrestling events.

Two thousand young wrestlers

As the Freestyle European Championship in 2000, Junior Olympiads will be organised at the same time and will welcome two thousand young wrestlers. They will take place in the Syma stadium that hosted the Veterans World Championship in 2003.

Meetings and exhibition

An exhibition devoted to the roots of wrestling will be opened on 25 September 2005, a few hours before the Opening Ceremony. It will be also the opening of the 2nd Hungarian Meetings, bringing together 600 to 800 former great wrestling champions.

Anthem and pop concert

During the Opening Ceremony, the violinist Edvin Marton, who plays with a highly valuable Stradivarius, will perform the Championship anthem that was kindly composed by him. After this performance, he will stay on the stage with his guest, Lou Bega, the international pop star, for a gala concert.

Entertainments for children

Finally, the Organising Committee will put a lot of effort into entertaining children who are an integral part of their massive advertising campaign. A wide range of recreational activities, including photography contests, games, and extreme sports, will be offered between the wrestling sessions. Tamas Gaspar, the head of the Organising Committee and Secretary General of the Hungarian Wrestling Federation, explains this great involvement: "We wish that the seven days of competition will make the heart of Budapest, city of 2 millions people, beat with the Laszlo Papp Arena."


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