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Want to relive the excitement of the NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships held this past March at the Palace of Auburn Hills? Eager to see Cael Sanderson capture his four NCAA titles? Curious to catch Kurt Angle in action as a college heavyweight champ years before his gold medal performance at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics … or his turn as a professional wrestler? Wondering what college wrestling looked like back in the 1950s, 60s, 70s or 80s?

Now you can … thanks to a new service, NCAA On Demand, which now sells DVDs of men's and women's NCAA sports championships, including wrestling, via the Web site

From this website -- which describes itself as "the online store for NCAA championship DVDs" -- college wrestling fans can now purchase DVDs of the NCAA Division I Wrestling Championship finals as well as a limited number of other events right online. In-stock titles include the NCAA championship finals from 2007 back to 1990 (except for the 1994 and 1997 NCAA finals). According to Matt Winninger, Senior Marketing Manager for Thought Equity Motion, the company that has partnered with the NCAA to make these DVDs available, "The DVD titles are copies of the television broadcasts, without commercials… For titles that are in stock, the discs are shipped within 48 hours, and delivered within 2-8 days."

Wrestling fans can see Iowa State legend Cael Sanderson (pictured) win his four collegiate titles by purchasing the 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 NCAA DVDs. Sanderson defeated Lehigh's Jon Trenge to win his fourth title in Albany, N.Y.
Thanks to NCAA On Demand, wrestling fans can now own DVDs of some of the most exciting collegiate wrestling championship events of the past two decades. For example, they can see Cael Sanderson win his four collegiate titles by purchasing the 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 NCAA DVDs… or catch Kurt Angle as Clarion's heavyweight with the DVDs of the 1990, 1991 and 1992 NCAA finals. Oklahoma State fans can relive the excitement of the 2005 NCAAs, the year the Cowboys claimed five of the individual titles (and the team championships)… while Minnesota fans can thrill again to their recent team titles with the 2007, 2002 and 2001 NCAA DVDs. Iowa Hawkeye fans can experience the glory days of the Dan Gable era, and see all-time greats like Tom and Terry Brands, Joe Williams and Lincoln McIlravy in action on the mat once more.

The user-friendly NCAA On Demand website features a brief description of each of the in-stock items (including names of some of the individual champions), along with a videoclip from that event to provide fans with a "sneak peek" before purchasing.

For wrestling fans and historians who want to travel even further back in time, the NCAA On Demand collection also includes selected "old-school" NCAA wrestling championships of the 1980s, 1970s, 1960s and even the 1950s. These older events are sometimes on silent film, and their condition can vary. "We attempt to restore each championship for fans who request them," says Matt Winninger. "When you request an event, we will begin the restoration process and notify you if and when the title becomes available. There is no charge for requesting a title that hasn't been manufactured yet."

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