RPW announces change in format

RealProWrestling has announced a change in format for Season Two but has not provided much detail about this change or the reasons why. We hope this announcement will answer the frequently asked questions regarding this shift.

RPW's plans remain the same today as they have been for the last five years. We have divided the task of starting a pro league into multiple steps. The first was the research and pilot Showcase and that we have finished. The second stage was the television show. This we accomplished in Season One.

It was our desire to immediately move to the third stage for Season Two. This would be the tour where we have eight dual meets in eight different cities followed by a championship series. This is the path we pursued and came very close to launching. However, we ran into a few snags and have decided to postpone moving to this stage.

From the very beginning, we built our plan for flexibility to be able to do this. It might cause some confusion, especially when we told people we were moving to the tour. However, it is important for us not to expand to fast. This is what we were doing and is why we are now making a change.

Our production side is able to scale but our sales and business side had not kept up. The business side depends on deals with other companies and we obviously cannot always predict or control other companies. We actually have most of those pieces in place but not all. We determined it was best to hold back the fast moving areas until the others caught up.

We have shifted our resources to those areas that needed a boost and are now making excellent progress. However, we did have to move back the start of Season Two from the Spring to the Fall of 2007. We still will have the Super Pro-Am Challenge and look forward to the regional champion challengers giving it their best shot at making a team.

RPW has some exciting deals we are negotiating. However, we cannot go public with the details lest we mess up the negotiations. As soon as possible we will announce further information. Until then, be assured the same determination and hard work wrestlers use on the mat are being brought to bare in business and negotiations for the sport of wrestling.


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