NCAA administrators meet to discuss women's wrestling emerging sport status

Administrators from NCAA schools sponsoring women's wrestling met in Orlando on June 11 to discuss a plan for positioning the sport to achieve the emerging sport status that has been recommended by the NCAA Women's Committee on Athletics.

The administrators, in attendance, asked the National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA) to assist in reaching out to sponsoring NCAA schools to solicit nominations and hold an election to select administrators interested in serving on a working group that will develop a strategic plan to bring the recommendation across the goal line.

"This is an exciting time for women's wrestling and it is important that we continue the positive momentum towards NCAA emerging sport status," said Gannon University Director of Athletics, Lisa Goddard McGuirk. "As administrators, it is our intent to best support our student-athletes and their collegiate experience, while continuing to support the continued growth of the sport."

The plan calls for the working group to develop a road map that mirrors the NCAA Bylaws (compliance, eligibility, etc.) so that transitioning to an NCAA championship sport will be smooth and seamless.

The group in attendance took the time to recognize the outstanding work of the Wrestle Like a Girl organization who help spearhead the request for the NCAA Women's Committee on Athletics to support the emerging sport status for NCAA Women's Wrestling. Other groups that provided support in that effort included the National Collegiate Wrestling Association, USA Wrestling, National Wrestling Hall of Fame, USOC and the National Wrestling Coaches Association.

"The willingness of the NWCA to assist in organizing an opportunity for administrative involvement of AD's from both current programs and newer programs at NCAA institutions was very successful. There was great feedback and involvement from everyone in attendance including AD's who have experience with women's wrestling and AD's from newer programs. Everyone is on board and excited about taking the reins on the critical next steps for women's wrestling and the NCAA Emerging sport status. " said Nate Moorman, Director of Athletics at Emmanuel College.

The group also recognized the hard work of the coaches who, through the Women's Collegiate Wrestling Association (WCWA), have been providing a collegiate championship for women competing at all collegiate levels.

The administrators emphasized the need to continue to provide an opportunity for all women competing at NCAA institutions to have a collegiate national championship experience while waiting for the NCAA process to be completed.

The plan calls for the working group to be in place by the end of June.


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