Freestyle U23 World Team Trials Tournament concludes

Five of the ten spots for the U23 men's freestyle World Team were claimed Sunday afternoon in Akron. However, it is unknown which five spots they will be. Five of the trials tournament winners can still be challenged by U23 eligible wrestlers that are competing for a Senior World Team spot in Final X.

The wrestlers eligible to challenge include Daton Fix, Yianni Diakomihalis, Ryan Deakin, Bo Nickal, and Gable Steveson. While the aforementioned wrestlers are penciled in for Final X at, 57 kilograms, 65 kilograms, 70 kilograms, 92 kilograms, and 125 kilograms respectively, they have the ability to challenge whichever U23 weight they are inclined to.

The U23 World Team will compete at the U23 World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, this October.

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Finals Results

57: Gabe Townsell over Danny Vega, 2 matches to 1
Match 1: Vega tech. fall Townsell, 10-0
Match 2: Townsell tech. fall Vega, 12-2
Match 3: Townsell tech. fall Vega, 10-0

61 kg: Chas Tucker over Micky Phillippi, 2 matches to 0
Match 1: Tucker dec. Phillippi, 4-0
Match 2: Tucker tech. fall Phillippi, 10-0

65 kg: Jaydin Eierman over Luke Pletcher, 2 matches 1
Match 1: Eierman dec. Pletcher, 8-5
Match 2: Pletcher dec. Eierman, 12-11
Match 3: Eierman dec. Pletcher, 9-6

70 kg: Alec Pantaleo over Jimmy Hoffman, 2 matches to 0
Match 1: Pantaleo dec Hoffman, 7-2
Match 2: Pantaleo tech. fall Hoffman, 11-0

74 kg: Brady Berge over Philip Conigliaro, 2 matches to 0
Match 1: Berge tech. fall Conigliaro, 11-0
Match 2: Berge tech. fall Conigliaro, 16-4

79 kg: Muhamed McBryde over Anthony Mantanona, 2 matches to 0
Match 1: McBryde dec. Mantanona 6-6
Match 2: McBryde tech. fall Mantanona, 12-2

86 kg: Max Dean over Devin Skatzka, 2 matches to 0
Match 1: Dean tech. fall Skatzka, 10-0
Match 2: Dean tech. fall Skatzka, 14-2

92 kg: Jake Woodley over Christian Brunner, 2 matches to 0
Match 1: Woodley tech. fall Brunner, 10-0
Match 2: Woodley dec. Brunner, 7-4

97 kg: Chase Singletary over Michael Boykin, 2 matches to 0
Match 1: Singletary dec. Boykin, 8-5
Match 2: Singletary dec. Boykin, 10-10

125 kg: Greg Kerkvliet over Jordan Wood, 2 matches to 0
Match 1: Kerkvliet dec. Wood, 6-5
Match 2: Kerkvliet dec. Wood, 6-3


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