Best-of-three finals set in freestyle, women's wrestling at U.S. World Team Trials

Thomas Gilman advanced to the best-of-three finals at 57 kilograms (Photo/Tony Rotundo,

RALEIGH, N.C. -- On Saturday, 2017 world silver medalist Thomas Gilman moved one step closer to a return trip to Final X.

Gilman was among the 20 freestyle wrestlers to earn a spot in Sunday's best-of-three finals in freestyle.

Gilman claimed a 10-0 technical fall in the Challenge Tournament semifinals to earn a spot in the finals at 57 kilograms. He will face Darian Cruz in the finals on Sunday.

At 79 kilograms, Zahid Valencia defeated longtime rival Mark Hall 5-0 to secure his spot in Sunday's best-of-three finals. He will face Alex Dieringer in a rematch from last year, won by Valencia.

Jason Nolf moved up a weight class from the U.S. Open and reached the best-of-three finals at 74 kilograms. He topped Logan Massa 7-2 in the Challenge Tournament to set up a meeting in the best-of-three finals against U.S. Open champion Isaiah Martinez. The winner of the Martinez-Nolf match will face Olympic champion and multiple-time world champion Jordan Burroughs at Final X.

At 65 kilograms, Zain Retherford and Jordan Oliver reached the best-of-three finals. Retherford earned his spot with a victory over 2016 Olympian Frank Molinaro, while Oliver defeated Dom Demas.

2019 NCAA champion Anthony Ashnault put together an impressive run to the finals at 70 kilograms. He edged Jason Chamberlain 2-1 in the semifinals to set up a meeting on Sunday with two-time world medalist James Green. The two met at Beat the Streets earlier this year, with Green coming out on top 8-4.

Gable Steveson, a multiple-time age group world champion, advanced to Sunday's best-of-three finals at 125 kilograms by beating Tony Nelson. Steveson will now face Adam Coon on Sunday for a chance to wrestle Nick Gwiazdowski at Final X.

Freestyle best-of-three Finals matchups

57 kilograms: Thomas Gilman vs. Darian Cruz
61 kilograms: Tyler Graff vs. Cody Brewer
65 kilograms: Zain Retherford vs. Jordan Oliver
70 kilograms: James Green vs. Anthony Ashnault
74 kilograms: Jason Nolf vs. Isaiah Martinez
79 kilograms: Zahid Valencia vs. Alex Dieringer
86 kilograms: Nick Heflin vs. Pat Downey
92 kilograms: Michael Macchiavello vs. Bo Nickal
97 kilograms: Ty Walz vs. Kyven Gadson
125 kilograms: Gable Steveson vs. Adam Coon

Freestyle Challenge Tournament finals results

61 kilograms: Tyler Graff dec. Nico Megaludis, 6-4
74 kilograms: Jason Nolf dec. Logan Massa, 7-2
79 kilograms: Zahid Valencia dec. Mark Hall, 5-0
86 kilograms: Nick Heflin dec. Sammy Brooks, 9-6
92 kilograms: Michael Macchiavello dec. Hayden Zilmer, 3-0
97 kilograms: Ty Walz dec. Kevin Beazley, 11-4
125 kilograms: Gable Steveson dec. Tony Nelson, 5-1

Freestyle semifinal results

57 kilograms:
Thomas Gilman tech. fall Frank Perrelli, 10-0
Darian Cruz dec. Jack Mueller, 7-5

61 kilograms:
Nico Megaludis tech. fall Tony Ramos, 11-1
Tyler Graff dec. Joey Palmer, 4-0

65 kilograms:
Zain Retherford dec. Frank Molinaro, 6-1
Jordan Oliver dec. Dom Demas, 6-2

70 kilograms:
James Green tech. fall Brandon Sorensen, 10-0
Anthony Ashnault dec. Jason Chamberlain, 2-1

74 kilograms:
Logan Massa dec. Tommy Gantt, 5-4
Jason Nolf dec. Anthony Valencia, 7-0

79 kilograms:
Zahid Valencia tech. fall Geno Morelli, 10-0
Mark Hall dec. Nick Becker, 6-4

86 kilograms:
Nick Heflin dec. Myles Martin, 4-1
Sammy Brooks dec. Brett Pfarr, 5-3

92 kilograms:
Hayden Zilmer dec. Kollin Moore, 12-10
Michael Macchiavello dec. Tim Dudley, 5-3

97 kilograms:
Kevin Beazley dec. Ben Honis, 8-8
Ty Walz dec. Daniel Chaid, 12-8

125 kilograms:
Tony Nelson dec. Derek White, 3-0
Gable Steveson dec. Dom Bradley, 7-3

Women's wrestling best-of-three finals matchups

50 kilograms: Erin Golston vs. Victoria Anthony
53 kilograms: Tiare Ikei vs. Katherine Shai
55 kilograms: Dominique Parrish vs. Areana Villaescusa
57 kilograms: Jenna Burkert vs. Arian Carpio
59 kilograms: Lauren Louive vs. Michaela Beck
62 kilograms: Kayla Miracle vs. Desiree Zavala
65 kilograms: Maya Nelson vs. Macey Kilty
68 kilograms: Randi Beltz vs. Alex Glaude
72 kilograms: Victoria Francis vs. Iman Kazem
76 kilograms: Precious Bell vs. Hannah Gladden

Women's Wrestling Challenge Tournament finals results

53 kilograms: Katherine Shai dec. Haley Augello, 7-3
62 kilograms: Desiree Zavala dec. Alex Liles, 9-5
68 kilograms: Alex Glaude dec. Jayden Laurent, 5-2
76 kilograms: Hannah Gladden dec. Kenya-Lee Sloan, 10-2

Women's Wrestling semifinal results

50 kilograms:
Erin Golston dec. Alleida Martinez, 8-1
Victoria Anthony tech. fall Amy Fearnside, 10-0

53 kilograms:
Haley Augello dec. Shauna Kemp, 10-8
Katherine Shai tech. fall Gracie Figueroa, 14-3

55 kilograms:
Dominique Parrish received a bye
Areana Villaescusa dec. Alisha Howk, 5-0

57 kilograms:
Jenna Burkert dec. Kelsey Campbell, 8-1
Arian Carpio tech. fall Cameron Guerin, 11-1

59 kilograms:
Lauren Louive dec. Abigail Nette, 8-6
Michaela Beck dec. Lauren Mason, 5-2

62 kilograms:
Desiree Zavala tech. fall Bri Csontos, 10-0
Alex Liles pinned Alexis Porter, 1:27

65 kilograms:
Maya Nelson received a bye
Macey Kilty dec. Julia Salata, 7-2

68 kilograms:
Alex Glaude pinned Skylar Grote, 2:41
Jayden Laurent dec. Ashlynn Ortega, 4-1

72 kilograms:
Victoria Francis tech. fall Nahiela Magee, 16-5
Iman Kazem tech. fall Rachel Watters, 10-0

76 kilograms:
Hannah Gladden (Lion WC) received a bye
Kenya-Lee Sloan (Campbellsville) dec. Destane Garrick, 4-4


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