GoFundMe for Drexel wrestler Ty Smith's Recovery Fund

Ty Smith (Photo/Drexel Athletics)

A GoFundMe page has been established for Ty Smith, a four-time Nevada high school state wrestling champion who has been forced to take a medical withdrawal as a freshman from Drexel University because of a serious medical condition.

Wracked with stomach pain, Smith lost weight. In January, the 2017 national champ was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Smith spent a couple weeks in a hospital in Utah where he underwent five blood transfusions and other medical treatment. He is now recovering at home, receiving appropriate medical care.

"He is battling this disease with vigor and there is no question that he will overcome it and make a return to college and the wrestling mat," according the GoFundMe page set up on Ty Smith's behalf. "It will take some time and he will endure great pain in this process. During this time there is a financial need for both Ty and his family. As a community, let's help them out so Ty can get back to good."

Before taking his medical leave from Drexel, Ty Smith had been a freshman at the Philadelphia-based school, majoring in engineering. Prior to heading east for college, Smith had made a name for himself on the wrestling mat in Nevada and beyond. He was a four-time state champion -- only the 13th in Nevada state history -- for Virgin Valley High School in Mesquite, Nev. Smith went on to win four regional titles, and become a junior national champ at Fargo. For all his wrestling accomplishments, Ty Smith was named Male Athlete of the Year for 2018 by the Las Vegas Sun.


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WrestlingMATTers (1) about 6 months ago
Pray that he has a speedy recovery, always enjoyed watching him wrestle.