Iowa's DeSanto suspended one match

Austin DeSanto (Photo/Mark Lundy,

IOWA CITY, Iowa -- University of Iowa head wrestling coach Tom Brands announced Tuesday that Austin DeSanto will serve a one-match suspension when the Hawkeyes host Maryland on Feb. 8.

DeSanto was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct following Iowa's dual win at Nebraska on Feb. 3.

"Austin knows his behavior on and off the mat is a reflection of this university and program, and I am very pleased with his response to this matter. I know he is eager to move forward," Brands said.

"I want to apologize to my opponents and teammates for my actions on the mat. I know they are disrespectful and there is no excuse," DeSanto said. "I accept the consequences of my behavior and the decision of Coach Brands, and have assured my teammates and coaches that I will better represent our team when I return."

DeSanto is 14-1 and ranked third in the country at 133 pounds. He will return to the lineup when Iowa hosts Indiana on Feb. 15.


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The Pope (2) about 6 months ago
"I know they are disrespectful and there is no excuse." You mean to say that this is the very first time someone has told him this? If he knew they were disrespectful then why has he built his wrestling career on such antics? Sounds more like the university PR people were called in to doctor something up.
Monsieur Tarzan (2) about 6 months ago
I know a lot of people can't ever bring themselves to criticize a good wrestler, but I think DeSanto is a jackoff. There's a pattern here.
Chad0321 (2) about 6 months ago
It is pretty over the top on how many times this happened this year alone. Most people after letting there emotions get a little out of control just one time would realize that this should not happen. this is like the fifth time this year? Maybe that is why he was home schooled in high school? He can’t socialize or be arround normal society or something? His repeated actions speak for them self on what kind of individual this guy is. Remember last years ncaa national tournament. Ya that was pretty out of control also. Nice to see that he learned from that. Wait, he didn’t
mike4010 (2) about 6 months ago
One thing for sure - he is a true Hawkeye. Now if we could get the coaches to stop intimidating the refs through their temper tantrums we would be moving in the right direction. And if I could have another wish, it would be that the Hawkeye crowd would stop yelling "stalling" every second. It makes me think they have no wrestling IQ. You never see that with Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State etc. etc...
djhart69 (2) about 6 months ago
The behavior of Iowa wrestlers and coaches in the Brands era has been for the most part embarrassing. However, I've thought in the past few years it has gotten better. When Gilman graduated it looked me like the last dickhead was gone, then along comes Desanto. One step forward, 2 steps back.
hardcor_33 (2) about 6 months ago
I was actually surprised by the suspension. I had assumed that maybe Brands had encouraged him to embrace the bad guy role, especially with the recent uptick in Desanto's behaviors. As much as I hate to say it, I am enjoying having someone to really root against. I'd love to see him implode at NCAA's again this year.
Needs_said72 (1) about 6 months ago
He had some serious mental deficiencies. There is no way this kid lasts three years. This is the second time they’ve had to suspend them this year for a match. This is ridiculous the kid really needs to be kicked off the team. He does not have the character to be a division1 college wrestler. He has the talent but he seriously lacking the character that’s needed to represent Iowa.
Needs_said72 (1) about 6 months ago
DeSanto has some serious mental health deficiencies as well as character issues. I don’t see him lasting very long around normal people with character. How many times is he going to be suspended this year? How long before the university steps in and says they don’t want him representing Iowa any longer? He’s definitely a talented wrestler but he’s a complete buffoon. I wish Iowa would’ve never grabbed him he’s not worth it. After he’s disqualified potentially at the NCAA tournament, maybe Iowa will rethink how important it is to have someone with his low character on the team.
D_W (1) about 6 months ago
Seems more like he has clinical issues than just "he needs to control himself". What can you do about it? If it's really a clinical issue, it doesn't seem fair to treat him like someone who has better judgement. The coaches could accomodate him by mentioning that he's a special case in their mind, and hustling to the mat at the end of each match to pull him off before he gets wound up.

I seriously doubt he'd go through a 2 hour mental evaluation and be deemed normal.