Teasdale to leave Penn State

Gavin Teasdale battles Patrick Glory at Beat the Streets in New York (Photo/Juan Garcia)

Gavin Teasdale, Penn State 125-pound freshman who had yet to take to the mat for the defending NCAA team champions, is transferring, head coach Cael Sanderson confirmed late Tuesday afternoon.

"Gavin is not gonna be on our team, he's being removed the roster probably right now or today," Sanderson said. "So don't expect to see Gavin. We obviously wish him well and expect him to transfer."

"[Teasdale's decision] was recent, in the last couple days," Sanderson added.

"We care a lot about Gavin and wish him all the best. We'll try to help him land somewhere, whatever we can do for him. There are a lot of changes and moving parts in college athletics and this is just another example of that," according to Sanderson.

Teasdale's bio has already been removed from the official Penn State wrestling website.

A four-time Pennsylvania state champion for Jefferson-Morgan High School, Teasdale had said on Twitter last fall that he was leaving Penn State because of health issues, but that would he would be returning in January at "full capacity."

Teasdale was reinstated on the roster in late December and reportedly was going to wrestle for Penn State in the Southern Scuffle. Teasdale's entry was at the last minute; however, his much-anticipated debut was scratched just before the event. He also was on the entry list of the Shorty Hitchcock Memorial Open in January but scratched from that tournament as well.

"Those are just decisions and different things that we'll have to look at moving forward," Sanderson said. "But we have some good kids in the program and we have some good kids coming in."

Penn State has been using sophomore Devin Schrupp of Pennsylvania this season, and also has Brody Teske, a four-time Iowa state champion, on its roster. Teske wrestled for the Nittany Lions in the Southern Scuffle but did not place.


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Yes Man (1) about 7 months ago
This is a funny story and since so many top recruits choose Penn State, I predict we will see this type of story play many times in the future where recruits regret their choice of Penn State. A little of the arrogance within the Penn State wrestling culture will go a long way for many. Reminds me of the old participation dance Hokey Pokey. You put your right hand in & take your right hand out, and shake it all about.
D_W (3) about 7 months ago
Penn State arrogance? Camel probably holds wrestlers to a higher standard of conduct all the way around, and it may be too much for some. Suriano couldn't handle it, and they had bubba Jenkins find his way out. Perhaps it would be a little smarter to wait and see what the actual issue was.
dbestsport (1) about 7 months ago
I don't think anyone pays attention to the opinions of a "Yes Man", so I don't expect anyone will on this chain.
But does anyone at Intermat have any information they can share about what transpired? We have a better chance of getting government secrets leaked than we do getting wrestling news from Cael.
macman340 (1) about 7 months ago
Next play/Next man up.
A seasoned coach gave that insight when I was expressing my disappointment about a interception that shifted the outcome at the end of a football game. His answer, "Next Play" there isn't anything we can do about what has happened just move on!

Wish the kid well where ever he ends up!
tkreamer (2) about 7 months ago
"Yes Man", Cael doesn't want the guys you are describing that put their right hand in and then shake it all about. Teasdale first de-committed from Iowa and switched to PSU. Then he dropped out of PSU in the fall. Then he was going to enter the Scuffle and scratched at the last moment. Then he was going to enter the Hitchcock open and scratched. I think Cael said enough is enough and next man up. This kid does not seem committed like most PSU recruits.
aggieheaven (1) about 7 months ago
You are right on the money Yes Man. Penn State is getting a terrible reputation with regards to transfers. It is disappointing that Intermat Wrestle and other wrestling news blogs are not focusing the story around Cael given the recent track record.

My concerns with Cael is whether he is abusing he control of the scholarships. As we do know, this is how he got Bubba Jenkins to leave. Wrestling has 9.9 scholarships. If Cael is lying during recruitment process about the scholarship offering, then the NCAA needs to bring sanctions and protect the student athlete from the abuses. My gut tells me that Cael is a major liar in the recruiting process and then screws the kids upon getting them in the door when he doesn’t see then panning out as he hoped.
poliseo (1) about 7 months ago
Cael is definitely the Belichick of wrestling ... he says nothing. As a big PSU fan, it's really weird to me that two consecutive blue-chip lightweights (Suriano and Teasdale) have left the program under a cloud. However, the comment that Cael is being misleading about the scholarships is hogwash. Way more blue-chippers stay than leave.
coolbeans (1) about 7 months ago
Why would a seasoned head coach (Cael) ever try to publically defame and ridicule a young wrestler just trying to find where he fits in the best?? I smell deception.
There is no reason to make totally CLASSLESS statements like Cael did in this article about ANY wrestler no matter what happened. Grow up Coach
I would think that any wrestlers considering Penn State would think twice about joining the Penn State wrestling program in the future. Karma can be a bitch Cael !
Chaz (1) about 7 months ago
Or maybe he is extremely good at recuiting and that why there line up is crazy good. And just maybe 1 out of 15 kids he brings would never work out anywhere and it is just I numbers things. All the champs that go throw there on a regular basis since he has been there and any all can bring up is well what about Suriano, Teasdale, bubba? I love how a guy that is borderline perfect at what he does has something go a little south and some idiots what to say he is doing something wrong and should be looked at by the ncaa. A little over the top buddy. Take a deep breath or something
Elvis (1) about 7 months ago
The negative comments about Cael Sanderson is the fake news machine. Teasdale had the position but left school from his own actions, failed to wrestle in two tournaments. On top of that, commits to Iowa then reneges, is there a pattern here? Schnupp shows up and gives the effort day in day out. How is this Cael's fault. Suriano wasn't a fit with Cael's coaching style, it happens. These kids are young, and you don't know until they experience not only wrestling but college and all the temptations.
Chrisdut (2) about 7 months ago
I don’t understand why some of you are bashing Penn State and Cael on this matter. Where did Cael bash this young man in the article? What I saw was a basic statement that Gavin was no longer on the roster, that he was transferring, that they would assist in the process, and wished him well. I agree that Cael does not typically provide a wealth of information, but in this case he may be protecting the athlete. If people want to know why Gavin wants to transfer, I would suggest that they ask Gavin. In any event, he is an 18 or 19 year old kid and I join Cael in extending best wishes to this young man in his future endeavors.
Whatever2727 (2) about 7 months ago
Chrisdut...he didnt trash him in any way..they are just trolls and penn state usually doesn't give them any ammo..3 big named guys transfer in 10 years and all of sudden he has a terrible reputation and is abusing his power idk how you people come up with this stuff
poliseo (1) about 7 months ago
I love the trolls on here claiming that Cael trashed Teasdale in any way. Oh really? Can you point to one quote attributed to the coach that trashed the kid in any way? Let me answer for you ... no - because it didn't happen. Fake news.
LoneWolf (2) about 7 months ago
The transfers in the past few years are no big deal. On the other hand, the sleazy thing Cael did was offer a scholarship to Thomas Haines, then rescind it at the last minute after he recruited Nevills. That kind of Nick Saban approach to recruiting isn't normal in wrestling. And karma bit him in the backside when Bubba pinned Taylor for the national title.
Yes Man (1) about 7 months ago
Many have fond memories of Arizona State’s Bubba Jenkins, a former Penn State wrestler, pinning Penn State’s David Taylor in the 2011 NCAA Championships. Was that cool or what?
Jhon_constantine (1) about 5 months ago
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