GoFundMe for CSU wrestler Caleb Stockmaster cancer fight

A GoFundMe fundraising page has been established for Caleb Stockmaster, Cleveland State wrestler -- and former Kent State matman -- as the 22-year-old student-athlete battles esophageal cancer.

Here's how Stockmaster's GoFundMe page described his plight:

"He was pursuing his dream of a degree in Criminology and collegiate wrestling at Cleveland State University when he was faced with the greatest challenge of his life. After a back injury in July that quickly progressed to Caleb losing the ability to walk. He went to the hospital where a vertebral fracture was discovered. He underwent surgery where a multi-level spinal fusion was done. During the surgery it was discovered that a tumor was actually the cause. After his surgery he regained his ability to walk and his pain was somewhat relieved.

"After extensive medical workup the primary cancer site was found to be esophageal cancer. Caleb and his family are facing the fight of their lives. Caleb's prognosis is very grim..."

The fundraising goal for Stockmaster is $50,000.

During the 2017-18 season, Stockmaster wrestled as a redshirt sophomore at CSU, compiling a 21-13 record at 174 pounds, according to his bio at the official Viking wrestling website.

Prior to coming to Cleveland State at the beginning of 2017, Stockmaster wrestled at Kent State University in Ohio, where he went 6-6 in Fall 2016. During the 2015-16 season, he won 11 matches while competing unattached.

Before launching his collegiate career, Stockmaster wrestled at Margaretta High School in Calista in north-central Ohio, just south of Sandusky and Lake Erie. As a senior, Stockmaster placed eighth at 160 pounds in Division III at the Ohio high school state tournament, having qualified for state as a junior at 152. Stockmaster racked up 153 career victories with the Margaretta Polar Bears.


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hostcity (1) about 8 months ago
Our prayers go out for this fine young man. Unfortunately, not one word has been said about this in the Cleveland Plain Dealer about a wrestler from Cleveland State University. They're too busy kissing the rear end of THE OSU football team with their daily dosage of 10 or more articles. Such a shame. No concern about hometown athletes, but all the care in the world for a football team 125 miles away. That is what happens when the OSU boosters control your paper. It is like a mafioso. Complete and total control so Clevelanders buy OSU gear so as much as money as possible goes down to Columbus.
hostcity (1) about 8 months ago
Like I said. It is a mafioso. Just read the sports page any day of the week. Case closed.